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Three In A Bed

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A sex-craving new French partner and her gorgeous young daughter: satisfying the kinky needs of the mother, fancying the beautiful little girl too.

“I want you to masturbate into my mouth.” Those words said to me, followed by the add-on “And choke me,” were proof that Sophia meant it when she had put in her on-line dating profile: “Into kinky sex, and lots of it”.
Sophia, a French woman who dripped sex from the moment I first set eyes on her, was a twenty-eight year-old mother to her then ten year-old daughter Annette, living in the UK after a tumultuous relationship with a guy who left because, in her words, “He couldn’t give me what I needed, couldn’t keep up.” Could I? There was a challenge. On our first date, she had happily admitted that sex was a huge driver for her, that she liked all things kinky. She had worn a tight, revealing electric blue dress that barely contained her beautiful large breasts, and showed miles of her equally beautiful legs. She spoke in an alluring French accent, looked at me with deep blue eyes, and occasionally ran her hands through her thick, long auburn hair. In five seconds I was hooked. In five seconds my life changed.
Our first night together, spent at her apartment with Annette asleep in her room down the corridor, was an education. How I loved being educated. “I love fucking,” she said as she lay naked on the bed, gently running her perfectly manicured fingers through her perfectly trimmed bush of auburn cunt hair. “I love to be fucked. I love fucking. I love being naked, anywhere. I love taking risks. I love men’s cock, if it’s big enough, and yours is,” she said looking at the rigidly erect cock I was offering her. “I love cunt too. Put it all together and you know what I live for. Take me on and you’re taking on, well…” she paused, smiled and then added seductively, “A sex addict.”
“Oh fuck yes,” was about all I could mutter in reply, as she opened her legs wide, pulled her wet, silvered labia apart with well-practised fingers, and ordered: “Pound me as hard as you can. Fuck me to heaven and back.”
I duly obliged. I passed her test. The criteria were met. She dug her fingers into my skin, kissed me with ferocity, and locked her legs tightly around me. Sensing me about to come, she pulled back slightly, so that my glistening wet cock emerged from its own heaven. That’s when she gave the order to masturbate in her mouth and choke her with cum. She ran her tongue over her lips, then opened her gorgeous mouth wide to receive me: all of me. It took just ten jerks for me to spurt massively and copiously one, two then three jets of hot cum into her throat. Sophia then pushed my cock right in as deeply as it would go, which was right to the back of her throat, and then clamped her mouth tight around me. She seemed to be suffocating herself, till after a few seconds she gasped, swallowed everything, and then pulled her head back.
“Fuck, I needed that,” she said, breathing heavily.
“Fuck, I needed that too,” I replied, my heart pounding like thunder in my chest.
“So; let’s do that for the next twenty years, eh?” She winked at me.
Lying beside her, my cock slowly reducing but my head still spinning, I laughed, “Deal!”
Down the corridor, the other side of the bathroom and soundproofed from our noisy, head-spinning fucking, her beautiful young daughter Annette slept on.
And that was just the start.
Our shared attraction, and my own surging sex-drive, led me to move in within a few months. When Annette asked “Are you going to be my new daddy?” I answered “Yes,” and Sophia added “And we’re all going to be so happy together. Won’t it be lovely for you to have a daddy now?” (“Lovely for me too,” I thought.)
Annette had smiled at that, and said “That’s nice. Good, I like you.” And with that assent, the deal was done. I moved in and my life spun in a whole new direction.
For starters, Sophia rarely wore clothes in the house. It kept the heating bill high in winter, but that was money well spent. She encouraged me to do likewise. And yes, Annette too. We became like a naturist house. I was in heaven: a beautiful naked woman lounging around, and occasional encounters with her beautiful, shamelessly naked daughter. Both got used to the sight of my cock in the early stages of arousal. “Are you having a happy moment?” Annette would ask. Yes I most certainly was.
When Annette was asleep, or staying over at friends, or sometimes when she was at school and we were both working from home, Sophia would want to act out role-played sex (she still does; we both still love it). One of her favourite situations is for me to be a brutal prison officer, while she plays a vulnerable inmate. The first time she said “I want you to blindfold me, tie me up and rape me,” I could have fainted. But being simulated raped turned her on like nothing else. Blindfolded, gagged, hands tied roughly together with rope and her panties literally ripped off her, her orgasms were, well, amazing. Her order of “Rape me, you fucking prison-officer bastard. Make my cunt sore,” guaranteed that my orgasms hit new strength too. I’d never ejaculated so hard, so deeply into a woman’s cunt. Just as well I’d had the snip a few years earlier, otherwise we’d have a family of six by now. Sophia didn’t do contraception in any form.
One day (a Saturday when Annette was playing at a friend’s house),Sophia disappeared to the spare room, to return a few minutes later looking sensational. She was wearing a thin white blouse, half unbuttoned and through which her breasts were clearly visible, and her old school skirt which, amazingly, she could still get into. White ankle socks. Nothing else.
“Teacher,” she said in a little girly voice, “I’ve come for my punishment for being a naughty girl. Are you going to spank me like you said you would?”
Never having spanked anyone before in my life, and never having known she still had her old school skirt, I was well and truly taken by surprise. But only for a moment.
“Yes, you slutty little girl,” I replied. “You were caught fucking with boys behind the bike sheds, weren’t you? You are a disgrace to the school. Your punishment will hurt. Bend over.”
I lifted her skirt. She moved her legs apart for a better view.
“No knickers , I see. You really are a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” I said, gazing at her rounded bare ass, pink cunt lips, puckered pink ass-button.
“Will you spank me hard?” she pleaded in that little girl voice.
“Of course.” I drew my hand back and paused. How hard? How many times? The devil in me said “Really give it to her.” So I did: hard. Smack! A red patch formed on her ass. Sophia had her head on the desk, eyes closed in bliss. “I deserve a big spanking, don’t I?” Her clue for me to proceed.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Her body jolted with each contact, her whole ass reddening as all my reservations were lost, and I brutally continued. Harder, fater, more brutal smacks. I wanted to hurt her now. As I did so, she started moaning: not in pain, but in deep orgasmic pleasure. “Now fuck me fast!” she commanded, and pulled her ass cheeks wide open for me.
My huge, erect cock slid straight into her now soaking cunt, and I fucked her harder than ever before. She gasped, and came so hard that my cock was squeezed tight. For a moment I couldn’t withdraw even if I’d wanted to. I was locked to this naughty, fucking slutty young schoolgirl of a partner. Eventually I withdrew, wanked furiously and spurted my cum all over her red ass and up the back of her school skirt.
“Thank you teacher,” she said.
(Part Two to follow)

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  • Reply Lezz ID:1cvx2x7c3cpw

    Definitely need part 2

    • Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

      Part Two is up. Part Three, “Cosummation”, to follow shortly.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Good story, well written, enjoyable plot, great characters. Looking forward to many more parts.

    • Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

      Part Two is up. Part Three, “Cosummation”, to follow shortly.

  • Reply Jimmy ID:2nhjo7x6id

    Loving this story. Has potential! Bring on Part 2.

    • Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

      Part Two is up. Part Three, “Cosummation”, to follow shortly.

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck8ksdct85r

    Nice set up. This has the potential for an amazing series. I look forward to seeing how this develops. And to see when Anette becomes an active participant.
    Sophia is the unicorn most me dream about.

    Is there a real unicorn like Sophia out there?


    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      I agree completely with every word, BayratPirate.

    • Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

      Part Two is up. Part Three, “Consummation”, to follow shortly.