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Snow Man

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I didn’t know what I was doing, I just liked the way it felt. #Toys #Anal

I started so long ago, I can’t even remember what possessed me to try it, but I got the little toy snowman from a Happy Meal, or something. It had a face painted on it, and a sharp seam all the way around, but I scraped it off with my sharp little teeth.

I guess it looked like a white turd to me, but for some reason, I started putting it in my butt. In secret, I didn’t tell anyone about it, so I must’ve known that I wasn’t supposed to, of course it was dirty, because I pooped out of there.

I was too young to know about sex, so if I saw a movie, or dirty pictures involving butt-plugs, I don’t remember that either, nor what I got in trouble for, but one day. My mom sent me to my room, with a spanking, and I cried for a little while, but then I got bored.

So, I got it out to play with it, took off half my clothes, and masturbated anally with my shirt on, until I was satisfied. I never got orgasms from it, but I could stretch it out, all day. Starting with the head which was only about half an inch around.

Well, I spit in my hand, and wiggled a finger in to get it wet first. I didn’t suck it, but I stuck it in my mouth, and swirled it around to get it wet. Then, I swirled it around the outside of my butthole, it never occurred to check my pisser, for another hole, I just thought my pee-hole was too small, and it’s not like I could see down there.

My pee-pee was for peeing, and my pooper was for pooping, of course, but somehow, I learned how to get pleasure out of it at a very early age. Once, I stretched my tight sphincter around the little head, I moved it around, and round to get it looser, until I could stretch it around the body. That was maybe 3/4 of an inch, around, but sometimes, I sat down on my bed, and this time, the bottom popped right in.

I was scared that I lost it, and felt my soft anus with my fingers, but it had closed all the way around it. It always got soft, and warm from fucking, but it didn’t stick out. I was careful so it only stuck in, and since it was hollow. Like a whiffle bat, it also squished, and stretched in my crack. I liked that too, because it stretched the loose muscle up and down, squished sideways, but I jumped down off my bed. Holding my hand back there just in case it popped back out to catch it.

It stayed in, while I took off my top, and grabbed a night shirt. Those were just regular undershirts, my big brother grew out of, and passed down for me to wear over my underpants. Since they hung down low enough to cover my butt, and the tops of my legs, so I could go out to the bathroom, and if anybody saw me in the hall, they wouldn’t see me naked underneath. So, I didn’t have to put on any underwear.

I closed the door, but I didn’t lock it. I was in such a hurry, and scared that I would never poop again, but as soon as I got up on the toilet. Sideways, so I could put my feet up on the edge of the bath-tub, I barely had to push for it to poop right out! “Ihn!” It was such a relief, and a bunch of poop came out with it, so I pushed some more until I felt completely empty, wiped, and got down to fish it out of the toilet.

I remember the turds were like tiny little potato chips, only peanut butter tan, instead of golden brown, or even darker, but I guess I was used to the smell, since I didn’t gag, or anything. I know it was dirty, and I washed my hands real good, every time I stuck my fingers in there, and got under my nails extra good. But this time, there were rings of it, caked in around the neck, the crack between the body, and the butt, so I had to wipe it out, and scrub it with the nail brush in the sink.

I barely even got started when my brother came in, and caught me with it. “Oh, uh. I didn’t know you’re in here, you done?”

“Yeah,” I didn’t try to hide it, when he went behind me, unzipped next to me, and put the seat up to pee, but I hadn’t flushed, and when he finished, he looked at the dooky I was still cleaning out of the neck.

“Uh, is that, what I think it is?”

I just nodded, and washed out the brush. Finally finished with it, I even got more soap to make sure I got it out of the brush, before somebody else had to use it to scrub their nails. “You didn’t have that, in your.” He stopped, but I was already nodding, before he whispered, ‘where the sun don’t shine?’

‘yeah,’ I whispered back, and giggled a little, ‘in my pooper!’

He laughed with me, too. Then, he shook his head, and let me open up the door, so I could get out. He followed me to my room, though, and shut the door behind him.

“You’re not going to tell mom, are you?”

“No, but, how long have you been doing that?” I shrugged. “You like it? I mean, does it feel good?”

“Real good, it’s the best!”

“Well, why don’t you put it in your, you know.” I shook my head. “Inside you, up front? Are you worried about your cherry?”

He had to explain, a whole lot, honestly, because I was completely oblivious about sex, privates, and masturbation, even though I’d been doing it, for as long as I remember. I told him about almost losing it, the whole thing, and how I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to poop again, but it came right out!

“The whole thing?” He hesitated to touch it, but then he took it from me, and held it up by the head. “Even the big end?”

“Uh uh! All of it, all the way in, so it closed up, and everything!” I was so proud of myself, and I guess I never got to brag to anyone, even my friends. Who were all girls, so they would have been grossed out, by even the hint of fart in the air, and they liked to pretend that girls don’t. Fart, or poop, if you asked them they were just as smooth, and poreless as a barbie doll, with their cracks sealed up by a seam of unbroken plastic, or at least it wasn’t me, when someone pooted.

Of course, I was so loose from my little snowman butt-plug that I could just relax, and let it out, without even a whistle. You could tell, when a girl looked around, and lifted a cheek, to let it go, carefully so it didn’t make a sound. Then, they acted all innocent, but you couldn’t fool me. Of course girls farted, and crapped, they just wanted to hide it, like it was a big secret. We’ve got nipples, and body hair too.

We’re mammals, which are animals, but my body hairs were still so pale, and fine that you had to squint, and look real close to see them. Not Neil, he just started puberty, so he even had a few curly hairs in his butt-crack. Of course, I’d never seen them before. Even though he wasn’t in the habit of pulling down his pants, or even whipping it out, and peeing in front of me, he was my brother, and we lived together.

I guess I’m skipping ahead a little, so let me go back. To where he was holding up the big end, with the little hole in the bottom, when I told him about the whole thing going in. He tricked me, I guess he didn’t have to. I was so delighted to have somebody to talk about it, I would have showed off if he just asked me to, but he got sneaky.

He acted like he didn’t believe me, so I had to pull my shirt off, and show him. I was still dry from wiping it with the toilet paper, so I had to spit in my hands, and swirl it around in my mouth, while I stuck my fingers in to wet it inside, but I was still nice and loose. Loose enough to stick 3 fingers in, with my soft anus barely closed over the hole, and then I bend over, while he sat down on the floor.

“Here, let me try it.” He took it away, before I even got the head in, so I folded up my arms on the bed, and put my head down sideways. Relaxed, and even pushed out, so it stretched over the head, and body all in one go.

“Hn!” I closed my eyes, but then he started doing something different. He popped the body out, so I squeezed around the neck, then he pushed it back in again. I heard the word Fuck before, but only as one of the list of grown-up words, I’m not supposed to say. I didn’t even get to show him how I screwed it in, but that’s how I thought you did it, since all my friends talked about screwing, or getting nailed, not Fucking.

They were all 10 year olds, or eleven at the oldest, but only if they just had their birthdays, because we’re all in the same grade together. I just had 1 friend, with little lumps under her nipples, and if she was starting to sprout hairs, or shaving, then she didn’t share it with the rest of us.

“Oh, oh god!” I had no idea that fucking ment in, and out, but he kept at it. Fucking my butthole, instead of screwing it. “Put it in, siph!” I licked the drool out of the corner of my mouth, and wiped it on my forearm. “Push it all the way inH!” It popped right in, without even having to sit on it, and he didn’t have to push hard, either. He turned it, rubbed his fingers, up and down, then he turned his hand over, to touch me. “Oh, no.” I squirmed, but he held my back, and started rubbing my pisser even harder.

Deeper, and his fingertips hit the sensitive spot. I never heard of a clit, or clitorus either, but he found it, and then he moved back, to the hole I didn’t even know I had. It was dry, but he spit in his hand, just like I showed him, and then he rubbed it on my vagina. Slicked his fingers up, and held it open with 2 fingers, while the longest one loosened me up.

“Oh yeah. Screw it around, ihn!” He twisted it, a little deeper, and wiggled it sideways. “In and out, uh huh! Uh, uhn!” I moved my hands, so I could put my face down and squeal into the comforter, but I felt so full, and even his finger curling. To rub the bulges in my rectum, and push so it stretched my virgin pussy out. Then, he started licking his finger, and wiggling his tongue in.

It slipped out, but then his done wiggled in deeper, and faster, until it started tickling me. He picked me up, by the butt, and hips, so I could get my knees up on the bed, but spread wide open, so he could really get his tongue in there. “Snrh!” He snorted, and sniffed. Pressing his nose in hard, and licking down, to pry open my folds. Wiggling up and down, until it touched my clit, and flipping it like a switch.

So, I had to stuff the comforter in my mouth, and bite it. To hold back my moans, but I heard mom, and dad’s TV on in the other room. With the sound up, which ment daddy had his hearing aids out, and we had to keep our voices down, but not too quiet. His tongue flicked it faster, and faster, but I didn’t know to expect an orgasm, so it took me by surprise, and I had to turn my head to try, and breathe.

I couldn’t, but I just held my mouth wide open. Like sometimes, when you tickle a girl so hard she can’t even laugh? Only I wasn’t laughing, I just tried to breathe, and paniced. Thinking I might die, if I couldn’t breathe, until I passed out.

When I woke up, it was dark. I was already dressed for bed, so all he had to do was turn me over, and pull the covers over me, then turn off the light, and sneak out. “Hm!” I snuggled up, and felt down between my legs. For the first time without toilet paper, or a washcloth in the way, I felt my fuck hole. Instead of my butthole, but it had tightened back up in my sleep, from the good finger-bang, and tongue orgasm, but it wasn’t dry at all.

I don’t know whether it was sweat, residual spit, or I really got wet remembering my first big O, but I didn’t have to spit in my hand again. I stuck my pointer in, and wiggled it around, but I was already pretty good at this, and then I remembered him twisting it, to feel the snowman all the way inside my ass.

It wasn’t there. He had to tell me later that after I stopped spasming, and passed out, I just relaxed, and it came right out. He even washed it, for me, but he took it to bed with him, and even tried it himself. Of course, that was just the first time, and I got to see his butt hairs the next time, when I got to show him how I do it, and learned what the word Fuck really means, but that’s a whole nother story…


Big Brother

Holy shit! Who knew my little sister was such a little pervert, fucking her toys up her ass, in 4th grade? I kinda have to wonder what other 4th graders are into that, sneaking their parent’s sex toys out of hiding, to play with them, and all their friends.

I can just imagine, but no luck here. Our mom doesn’t believe in that, or that dad whacks off to his dirty movies, if she even knows he has them. He hid them pretty well, underneath the entertainment center. The boards go all the way around the sides, and front, but then one night, a plug got loose, and he had to pull it out to fix it.

That’s how I found them, but not right away. I offered to get back there, since my arm was smaller, but he acted scared, that I would find his secret stash of course, but it also flattened out the carpet where it swung out, then back again.

So, then, mom vacuumed, like she always did, and then he locked the downstairs door to the den. I didn’t know why he did that sometimes, but I heard the music through the door, and then it stopped. A little while later, he came out, refreshed. You could see the satisfied look on his face, but then before mom came down, and vaccumed again, I noticed the wedge from him sliding out the whole thing, to get a DvD out, then put it back when he was done.

It was heavy, but it if put my leg up, I could use that to push on the wall, and pull it out, with both hands. He had lots, and lots of them, all kinds. I know some guys seem to like one thing or another. Blondes, or big butts. Interracial, titties, or tall skinny flat chested pretty model types, but not dad. Oh no, he had quite an eclectic collection, like the porno version of a hipster.

No gay stuff, though. The only bisexuals were women, but some of them got started with the toys before the guys came in to get their dicks sucked, and fucked. No strap-ons, either, just handheld vibrators, dildos, back massagers, and butt-plugs. This one had anal beads too, but my favorite one, if I had to chose was this guy and a girl, with a buttplug.

That was it, but after he ate her out, and loosened her up, he went back and forth between both holes. Then, she got up, and bent over, so he could bang her from behind, but with the butt plug sticking out, so he could hit it with every thrust, and it was like a 1 man threesome!

Then, I caught my little sister washing the shit off her little snowman, in the sink. I saw the little chips floating in the toilet, too, but it wasn’t until I saw her scrubbing out the rings that i figured out why. She must have smeared it around inside her, then it came out shaped like that, when she crapped it in the toilet to get it out, but then she showed me how she liked it.

I don’t know if I believe her or not. To hear her tell it, she’d never even heard of a butt plug, let alone seen a real one, but then she couldn’t tell me how she got the idea in the first place. Then again, she had no idea that she even had a vagina, a cherry, or what a dick was good for, besides pissing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t have anything to do with it. Maybe her little hands were small enough to reach behind the entertainment center, and get a dirty video out without moving it. There’s no way she was strong enough to move it herself, but me and dad were always careful to lock the door first, and there weren’t no windows she could look in from the outside, down in the basement.

So then, she came in, and woke me up the next morning. She said that she was scared, and held her butt as if expecting a spanking. Maybe spanking us is what made her so anal? I don’t mean Anal Retentive, like an over-achiever, but I mean sexually, even before she knew what sex was. So, maybe she just came by it naturally, because she was born that way?

I mean, if gay guys are always gay, and normal guys are born straight, then I guess it’s possible that some girls are just born anal, though of course they can still orgasm from oral, or you know. Regular sex? She sure was kinky, but I had to laugh when she said that she thought it had worked it’s way up her butt, so she couldn’t even feel it with her fingers.

I thought about maybe trying to find it, since my fingers are longer then her’s, and than I could show her my dick is even longer, but I told her the truth. For one thing, she’s my sister, and for another, I didn’t have any rubbers. So, she could get pregnant, and I could go to jail for knocking up my little sister. There’s no way they’d believe that she started it, fucking her little toy snowman up the butt, because that’s just the sort of thing a sick pervert would make up, but I couldn’t fuck her ass, because she was scared that it would just push it in deeper.

So, I got it out of the drawer, and unwrapped the toilet paper, but it was stuck from washing it off, and drying it. So, I just wrapped it up, and hid it for the night, beat off, and fell asleep, satisfied. With a job well done, even if she was my little sister, I made her cum until she passed out, my first time. So, I guess all those hours watching lesbos, and bi girls go at it payed off.

So, then she started bugging me to try it, and at first, I refused, “because I’m not gay.”

“So? Isn’t it gay if you do it with a boy? So, it’s not gay if I do it, because I’m a girl.” She nodded, and grinned like she won, but then I told her she’s my sister, and she was like “So? That didn’t stop you last night,” and she was getting louder, and louder, so I shushed her when mom, and dad woke up. She stuck the snowman under her arm, when mom looked in, and told me to “Stop yelling at her.”

“Okay, mom.” So, they left to get dressed, and make breakfast, while I had something to take care of, before I could piss, but she just wouldn’t let it go.

So, finally, I decided to humor her, and let her try, but I secretly decided not to enjoy it, and clench up so she couldn’t get it in. We waited until mom, and dad left, then I took a shower secretly hoping she’d just go fuck herself, but sure enough, she was waiting in the hall when I got out.

“You ready?” She held it up, grinning excitedly, so I just pushed past and said “Okay, get it out of your system.” All that flew out the window once I dropped the towel, and lay down across my bed. The moment she touched my ass, even before she stuck her thumbs in, and spread my cheeks wide open. I was already feeling soft, and gooshy back there, despite myself.

Then, she spit in her hand, wiped it up, and started rubbing circles with her fingers. “Uh, you know you can use your tongue, and that works much better.”

“Huh,” she stopped, and got down, then she sniffed it first, and giggled. “You’ve got hair in here!” She tickled the ones up top, or the bottom of my back, where my spine disappeared in my butt crack, but I was practically hungry for it, i still didn’t want to admit it, so I laughed.

“Hahaha, yeah.” Fake. “I’m a boy, so boys have butthairs.” I didn’t realize yet that girls did too, because porn stars shave everything, including that, and none of the lesbians were hairy. I guess that was the one thing dad didn’t like, that was straight. I mean yeah, lesbos are gay, but you don’t have to be to want to watch them going at it. I’m just saying, there’s a lot of stuff to chose from, I found out when I turned 18, and there’s even websites that specialize in hairy lesbians for other lesbians, like Girls out West, but I didn’t know that at the time.

I guess, I’m really into that now. Hairy girls, all natural hippy chicks as long as they’re bisexual. I don’t really like lesbian porno, because I kinda feel left out, if there’s not at least 1 dick in it. I mean a real dick, even a girl with a strap-on, I can’t squint, and imagine that’s me, in a jock strap, with a big fake plastic dick sticking out. The hips are all wrong, even if they don’t back off to see her tits shaking with every thrust, but I guess I digress.

Even before she stuck her tongue out, and just touched the tip to my ass crack, I had given up. I guess I felt dominated for the first time, since I decided to resist, and hoped she’d give up so she’d never bug me about it again, but then I realized that I was going to enjoy it, and then she started licking down. From the couple hairs at the top, her tongue fluttered until she found my tight virgin pucker, and then she went to town like Dillon Harper.

Just look up Dillon Harper, and Lance Hart, if you’re interested. The best one, she’s wearing a girl scout uniform, but I’m even jealous of Lance for getting ate out like that, but Carrie. She must be a natural, because she loved it, and she couldn’t get enough! I had to stop her, and tell her “That’s enough,” but i checked her fingernails first.

Just to make sure they weren’t rough from biting them, but she laughed, and said “I don’t really bite my nails.”

“Why not?”

“I just pretend to, because they’re so short, my friends ask me why I don’t grown them out, and polish them, but i can’t tell them.”

“It’s so you can finger your butthole?”

“Oh yeah, and my babyhole too, now.” She hugged me. “Thank you, so much for telling me that, I think I like it even better!”

“You’re welcome, but.” I squirmed, a little uncomfortable. Not just because my ass was still wet, and slimy from her rimjob, but also because I was loose, and so hungry for something up there, i couldn’t stand it. i guess i couldn’t get it up right away, because there’s no way to look past the facts that A: She’s my little sister, and B: She hadn’t even gotten her period yet. So, no matter how kinky, and perverted she was on the inside, it still didn’t show on the outside, but once I bent over again.

I could just imagine, I was Lance Hart, and Dillon Harper was behind me, with her big round tits hanging out of her bra, and her pale nipples poking out like cones, but then she started wiggling a finger in, then another, and another as quickly as she could stretch me out, and screw another one in.

“You’re right, tongues work much better, thanks again.”

“Uhn!” I couldn’t say anything else, just grunt, and moan at the pleasure of her fingers working in, but she stopped when she got to her thumb. Just straight up my ass crack, but all 4 fingers scrunched together, until I stretched straight up, and down, and believe it or not, she worked her knuckles through too.

“Guhn! Uh, huh! Snh!”

“See, I knew you’d like it.” I just nodded weakly, then gasped when my ass slammed shut before i even realized she was pulling out.

“Swop!” I blinked, and looked back, but she was just holding up the snow man, and turning it. She must’ve seen a dry spot, because she licked it, then looked down, and saw my eyes open. “You ready?”

“Huh, yeah.” I closed my eyes, but then I remembered A2M IV. That’s Ass to Mouth 4, I don’t know how many they made of it, but the title alone should tell you what it was all about. 4 hours of girls that just loved to suck a dick, fresh out of an asshole, but usually it was 2 girls, and 1 guy. So, one of them could put her head down, on the other one’s back, and watch the guy fuck her friend up the ass. Then, he’d pull out, and she’d open her mouth, to suck the shit off his dick, and he’d plug her again.

“UH!” My eyes flew wide open, and I realized that she’s stopped swirling, and screwing the head around, but not when. “Huh, can you hit it, with your belly? UH!”

“Not quite,” but she pulled back, and got a good grip on my hips before she pulled hard, and smacked the base, hard enough for my asshole to stretch, and it popped in, but she just giggled, and kept smacking her hips into my butt.

“Uh, stop, stop. Huh!” I got my knee up, rolled over, and turned around so I could put my head on the pillow. “Just, let me get used to it, being inside me.”

“Okay,” she touched it, “But can I play with them?”

“Yeah, sure.” I just closed my eyes, and put my arm over them, but I couldn’t ignore her tiny hands, and the fingers that were still sticky, and wet from loosening me up.

“Huh, you think you could fist me?”

“What’s that?” She literally just played with my dick, and balls, but she really liked pinching the pubic hairs, and twisting them between her fingers. Then, swirling them around, while I told her.

“Just like it sounds like, you give me all 4 fingers again, only this time you get your thumb in, so your whole hand slips inside me up to the wrist?”

Tiny little 10 year old girl’s hands. Just talking about it made my dick twitch, and fatten. Uncurl from my balls, and try to stick straight out, but it stopped when it got to her fingers, still playing with my pubes.

“I can try it, oh!” She stopped, and covered up her mouth. “Mhnhnhn!”

“Huh!” I took it, and started stroking, but she just watched me. Eyes wide open, with a big grin on her face. One arm behind her, while her other hand was between her legs. With my old teeshirt bunched up against her wrist, she didn’t even take it off, but i closed my eyes, and imagined an older woman. With tits, a hairy muff, and then, I started getting close, when i thought of mom walking in on me. Naked, seeing me whacking off, and my butt clenched in spasms, fucking the bulb inside me as the jizz jumped out, and sprayed all over my chest.

“Nihehahuh! You wet the bed. Wait, that’s not pee is it? That’s not how you pee is it, and how come it’s white like puss?”

“Huh, uh fuck!” She giggled at the curse word. “It’s not piss, it’s jizz.”

“What’s jizz?”

“Huh, let me up, and catch my breath. Uh.” I pushed her out of the way, and ran for the bathroom. Holding it in until I sat down on the toilet. The seat was up, so it was cold porcelain biting into my legs, but then it popped out, with a splash. Followed by curled up chips of shit, and a gush of diarrhea water. “Huh, huhHhHhuh!”

Even that felt good, even though it was disgusting as shit, the unexpected cold splash of toilet water, and even the warm wet gush left drops dripping from my ass cheeks.

“So, what’s jizz?” She just waited, in the door way, looking at me patiently.

“Well, the real name is semen, but they also call it cum.” I looked down, and felt the streaks running back down my chest, and tummy.

“Oh, I know what that is, it makes babies.” She nodded.

“How did you know what semen is, if you didn’t even know you had a vagina?”

“Well, nobody told me that. Any of that, nobody tells me anything, you know that.”

“Yeah, because you’re ten?” I stood up, and felt dirty. Not just from the shit juices running down my legs, and the fresh wad dripping down my tummy, but also because of what I did. What she made me do, and even if she said it’s not gay, it still felt gay, to me.

Not that I want a guy to do it, or I ever want a real dick in my ass. Not when I can get something bigger, and rounder up in there, which just made me eye the cap of the shampoo bottle, suspiciously. There’s no way, I could get the whole thing in there, right? But still, with the cap shut tight, and the way it’s rounded off like a dome on top.

No, of course not. There’s this little tab sticking out for you to open it with your thumbnail, and that would probably get stuck, so it flipped open, and gushed cold conditioner in.

“When you get cleaned up, you want to try fisting?”

“Huh,” I’ve created a monster, “Yeah.”

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