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The High School Dance

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It was the prom the last dance for seniors. Me a skinny black nerd with 4.0 going to Morehouse in Atlanta from some podunk town in North Carolina called Tarsberry. Back in the hay day it was something but today just another boring ass town.

For the most part I kept my head down and nose in book. Never join much clubs unless needed for college. Don’t smoke, drink but I masterbated a lot thanks to the net. So much pent up hormones and stay horny 24/7. My parents work for the state and they made pretty decent money to get me things I needed. I had a few friends and tutor most of the dum ones the jocks and few cheerleaders. One of them I must rub out to a million times Sunday Dial. Sunday was half Lumbee and Black. She had the biggest tits I had seen on girl and she was head cheerleader. I would imagine tit fucking her and covering her face with my teenage cream. I know that was never going to happen so I stop jacking off to her.

Prom was quickly coming from us seniors and I got a great looking tux and dad lent me the Caddy for the night. I got the prom and the jocks were doing the dum stuff they do drinking and smoking. Some of them threw up their hands and laugh I didn’t care being an engineer was all that matter after tonight.

Everything was not bad light show and the dj hitting all the hit. The girls were looking pretty and I dance with some that I knew. Then I saw Sunday with her date star basketball player Digger Slade going to UNC. So looked like a princess with her arburn hair and light skin with her emerald green. She was dressed in in summer orange like grown with sparlking white pumps. My dick almost ripped through my pants see her. I want to jack off so bad.

I calmed down half way threw just enjoying the mood almost around midnight most people started to wine down and I was getting tired. As I about to leave one the jocks need Sammie called me over. We got a surprise for you dog he told.

I followed to the basement like area of the building that house the prom. It was dark until I saw a group of guys from football and basketball with Sunday. Digger came over and slapped on my back. He told me because of me half the team got D1 scholarship and want to reward me. Sunday was there looking nervous. Digger told the group that the hottest girl in school is going to reward his boys including me. I gulp and she gave deer in the head lights look.

It seems we were going to run a train on poor Sunday and I did feel for her but shit I was horny. Digger gave me the first run and beside he had been hitting it for 4 years. She dropped her dress after Digger snapped his fingers. Scared and a bit frightened she sat on the bench and unzipped my fly. My 10 inches almost slapped her and the boys were impressed with my size.

Digger told me she like that rough shit and don’t hold back. She placed her perfect juicy filled lips on my cock and I tried not to get weak in the knees. She open her mouth trying her best to take me in then Digger smacked my ass and I almost killed her deep throated her so quickly. The others laughed and started pulling their cocks out. It was like a porn movie. One after another we face fucked and humiliated her. Digger spited in face spreading over her makeup. Then she got spit roasted by Digger and few other moving from her mouth to her pussy back in forth. Sunday was passed around like two dollar whore.

Digger motion for me to come behind her and spit a snot filled wad in her ass and told her is your reward. I got to butt fuck my dream girl. It didn’t take me long to shove all 10 up her ass with the homemade lube she screamed and cried as my animal lust kicked with my balls slapping her bruised cunt. The jocks cheered me on laughing at Sunday and I jacked hammer this bitch’s butt. I could the swelling from balls after I came a load in her butthole. I feel on the ground weak as the guys lined up to ass rape her.

It was 3 am by the time I got him my cock was sore from the gang rape of Sunday Dial. By the next evening I felt bad about what I done but every time I I thought of it I went to jack off.

Well we all went our separate aways after graduation. I did become a successful engineer then after 4 years became a consultant. One night coming home from downtown Atlanta I saw a familiar face and lo and behold it was Sunday and the world had not been kinda to her. After the gang rape she could sleep and Digger dump her for being a whore. Karma got his ass by him coming down on dunk to shattering his knee never to play again.

She got hooked on meth and was soon pregnant but lost the kid to CPS. Now to make ends me she is hooker as she sat in my Caddy I took her to Burger King and we ate. As I’m driving her back she unbuckle my pants and tells me she misses this dick and deep throated me while I driving I pull over face fuck my once dream girl and drinks my cream. She tells me since prom she has been chases what happen to her.

I tell her she can work for me as my maid. She starts to cry tears of joy. Afterward she became my personal slut slave. I had her turning tricks in my special room with some clients I still blasted her ass. My cousin from high school came to visit me and Sunday gave me the best cock sucking he ever had.

In the end I got my dream girl and a bit more. Life turned pretty good for me.


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