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Linda and the teenagers

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Caught Linda sucking off 4 teenagers when I came home one day early

After Linda’s cock sucking experience at Oakdale (previous story) she could not get enough cock even though there were numerous guys coming by the house to get their cocks sucked off and fuck her if they wanted. Guys she had never done before were now stopping by because they had heard about her. I went on a four day business trip but came back one day early and did not let her know as i wanted to see just what was going on. When I got to the house there were 2 cars in the driveway so I went around to the back of the house to the door that led from the master closet to the outside as an emergency exit. I could hear some voices in the bedroom so i carefully opened the door and crept in. As I open the closet door so I could look into the bedroom I saw her sitting on the edge of the bed with 3 teenagers naked in front of her and she was going from cock to cock sucking them off. There were 2 more sitting in the bedroom chairs also naked and they looked like she had already done them and they were waiting another turn.

About that time one of the three said he was ready to cum so she moved to him and sucked until he shot off in her mouth which she swallowed. She moved back to the other 2 and one of the guys sitting got up and moved over in front of her and she immediately took his cock in her mouth, sucking a little and them moving to the other 2 before coming back to him. Then another one of the original 3 said he was cumming so she sucked him until he dropped a load in her mouth, swallowed and went back to the other 2. The second guy sitting down them replaced him and this kept up for quite a while until they could not cum anymore.

She then told them it was fun and she hoped they came back bringing their friends with them. One of the guys asked was she willing to meet a bunch of them someplace and she asked how many was a bunch, and the guy said 15 – 20 guys. She said sure just let me know when and where.

They then dressed and left and she played with her pussy with the vibe and huge dildo. I came out of the closet and was she ever surprised. But my cock needed sucking off from watching so she took care of that first and it was damn good. I then asked what the hell she was doing sucking off teenagers as she could end up in jail over it and her answer was they could cum quick and a lots of times plus did I hear the one say he could get 15-20 guys for her to do at one time. I told her we are not doing that at the house, she needs to meet them someplace like the park where she can suck all night for all I care, but not at the house.

About that time the doorbell rang and I knew it was someone that was wanting to get their cock sucked and maybe fuck her so I told her to go answer the door and that’s what it was, 2 guys looking for some pussy and cock sucking so I got to play in a dirty pussy when they finished – good as usual. She did meet the teenagers in the park a week later and there were 18 of them from the same school and she sucked cock and swallowed 40+ loads before the nigh was over. Some of them had never had their cock sucked and only lasted a couple of minutes in her mouth before they shot off but that was OK with the cum swallowing bitch I was married too.

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  • Reply Bullied husband ID:1hr6elykt09

    I’m in a similar situation. My wife likes teenage bad boys. How they do what they please and bully week boys mercilessly really turns her on. She married me for stability but I know this desire burns bright. She is especially submissive to them as she wants them to feel comfortable in their dominance around her. Our 15 year old neighbour and his two thug friends were playing their music too loud and messing about in the driveway. God knows where his parents were, but my wife asked if I would go over and tell them to quiet down. I suggested we just call the police, which I did and it resolved the issue. For me.

    In an effort to mend fences my wife called the boy over while I was at work. She told him how much she respected him and how much she needed to make things right. She, a 38 year old woman (135 lbs with 36C breasts ) crawled to him and begged for the boy to let her suck his cock. Well, that offer was accepted and after a few minutes he emptied his load into her mouth, she opened her mouth to show him, swallowed and thanked him for letting her suck his dick and drink his cum.

    This 15 year old boy is nearly a foot shorter than her! Yet he stood in front of my kneeling wife like he owned her and she loved it.

    Now she services him and his friends while I am out and they laugh at what a pussy I am. They even whore her out to school friends. Every time she is told to obey then completely, no matter what perverse acts their porn addicted teenage minds concoct.

    Men understand that at puberty boy produce an endless stream of semen. Her mouth is essentially the cum sock for the 13-15 year old boys of the neighbourhood. I am made a humiliated wimp by teenage bullies.

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Would love to read next part

  • Reply Steve ID:1a5t7frut0i

    Great thanks my wife sucked to boys off in a beech hut while I watched

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      I’m a married woman whose husband likes to watch
      He likes to see teen boys fucking me
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  • Reply Charles ID:fzq74g5hm

    My wife’s first experience came from a 16 yr old when she was 25 and we had been married 6 years. She had given birth just 4 weeks before to our second child. She had been only with me since I claimed her virginity at the age of 16. I had been outside with the kid as I have him mowing our lawn. I sent him in to ask my wife a question I did not know my wife had just gotten done breast feeding our son. When she does it she has said it seems to excite her sexually. So she was laying on our bed fingering herself. This 16 yr old walked in on her and quickly dropped his shorts and went after my wife. She was tring to resist him when I heard the noise and went inside. By now he had pinned her down and had his cock in her. Her resistance had now left her. I could of pulled him off her but I chose not to. It was past the point of stopping it. My wife was already responding to him as I saw her legs go up over his back. I slowly backed out of the room. I let him take my wife knowing he would most likely fill her with his baby making seed. Being she just gave birth 4 weeks ago it’s a good chance she is fertile again. Well it was confirmed two weeks later she is pregnant. I’m okay with it.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15cm9c

    Allen do you enjoy fucking her cunt after the others finish with her or are you into cleaning her up with you mouth – not judgement just wondering. Is she in to doing 2 guys at the same time or is it just one after the other in her cunt. Sounds like you have a never ending supply of cocks for her to enjoy and I assume you like to watch. Does she get more turned on by big cocks or the number of cocks she does in a night – ow about you. Nothing better than seeing wife’s cunt completely filled with cum is there????????

  • Reply Allen ID:61jyxp5m1

    I am a cuckold husband. My wife teaches at college, and is known to be a white/slut. I have seen her fuck ten student in an evening at our home. I am proud to say my wife has four children(not from my fucking her). She does not know who the fathers are, and does not care.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15820d

    She had a great time as she would cum off a couple of times with every guy she sucked off but it got boring for me to watch as I was not doing anything but making sure she did not get in over her head. A number of the guys wanted to fuck her but I said no this was not the place. It crossed my mind to get some of that pussy since when she sucked cock, it pulsed squeezing my cock to the point all I had to do was bury it in her cunt and let it bring me off as it pulsed with every stroke she made on the cock in her mouth. The other guys i had let fuck her said the same thing about her. I found this out by having her suck on the dildo before she would double fuck and if I talked dirty about her sucking a big cock, her pussy started pulsing. In fact I watch her cunt lips when she sucked so guys off and they opened and closed like a fist. I also found out that if her cunt was “dirty” with cum from getting fucked then i enjoyed it a whole lot more – started this in high school when I found out the best fucking in a gang bang was after the cunt was “dirty” from so many guys cumming in it. The reason I agreed to the cluster suck was to find some guys with huge cocks to fuck her.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    if I was there I would have got mine!

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great short story is there more would love to hear