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Niece Anal Sleeve

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using my niece as an anal cum dumpster all weekend

would use my teen niece like this whenever she stayed at my house! her parents travel a lot and since i wfh, i am available to “watch” her lol. the second she walks through my door, she pleads with my to not hurt her. yet i alwys do. for the next week, she remains naked, and on a leash. if my cock ever gets hard, i lube my dick, push her in whatever position i feel like seeing her tight teen body in, and ram my 8″ dick up her ass as she sobs and begs me to stop.

by the end of the week, her asshole is ruined, gaping, torn, raw, and reeking of my cum as at this point her hole has been filled with dozens of my loads. the night before she is to leave, she sleeps with my dick burried in her ass. thoughout the night, whenever my dick gets hard, i fuck her asshole till i shoot another load into my broken niece’s once virgin teen butthole. ive also instrckted her to use her asshole and ass mucsled to make me cum as i sleep.

ive woken up to her sobs and screams as she violntly anally rps her own ass with my dick by trusting her hips back and forth. the sound of her ruined, cum filled asshole sucking my dick in and out of it only make her feel more wothless, anally rping herself with dick paid off and i begand to fill her bowels with more cum than it could hold at this point. my half finished orgasum jolted me awake, and realizing that my niece had been broken in so much tha she was painfully sodomizing herself

for the first time out of fear of what i would do to her, made me instantly grab her large teen tits and pull her dowm on my cock to all 8″ where pumping a flood or cum in her ass. as i came, i i spit degrading word in her ear “how did it feel bitch, to have to inpale your tight teen butthole on my hard dick knowing id be upset if you didnt? you did a good job, you are learning your true purpose well! ”
i was still trusting in her ass, but was no longer cumming.

to her saddness and pain, but my utter delight. i was still rock hard and picking up speed as i fucked her now gaping, cum oozing, teen asshole.i grabbed both of her soft perky tits in my hand and rammed so hard into her ass, tha i lifted her up, with only the dick up her ass as support. she was shaking, crying, and begging me to stop.
“please uncle, it hurts so bad! i wont tell daddy or anyone, i promises! i did what i was suppose to right? i made your penis cum in my.. ”

“say it bitch, what did you just do with your uncle as the little fucktoy you are?”
i was squeezing her teen tits with one hand, and rubbing the rest of her unbelievable 5’1″ 100lb, d-cup tits, and perfectly round and plump ass. the room stunk of anal sex, sweat, and cum. i hadnt bathed in days, and nether did she. the only time my balls got clean was when i had her suck them o get the taste of my musk in her mouth.

“I..I.. i used my teen butthole to milk the cum from my uncles hard penis. it hurt so bad to push my uncles huge penis in and out of my… my teen fuckhole, but that is what im for. im for my uncles pleasure, no matter how painful it its for me…. as… as he rp’s my teen asshole open and fills me with his cum!”
i was ramming her asshole with all my might as i listen to that! i had her in a full nelson, her legs spread appart as far as i could get them to go.

“thats a good little fucktoy, you have made uncle very happy! fuck lisa! even after rp’ing your ass open all week, and it being filled with cum, that little teen girl hole of your is still tight and sucking the shit out of my dick!”
it was true, even though her teenage ring had stop fighting days ago, it and all her rectal muscles, gripped my dick in a glove of forbidden pleasure.

here i was, rping the shit out of my sisters teen sophomore daughter’s asshole. it was virgin before this. her pussy still is. ill leave that for some college boys to rp at some frat party she’s been druged at. as she sat in the full nelson position, i grabbed her hips and moved her up and down so her asshole would stroke and milk my dick like a fuck sleeve. i grabbed her face and stared at her as i used her asshole as my person masturbation sleeve.

she was broken and mine to use in whatever degrading manner i wanted. i got a truely sick idea,
“lisa, as i fuck your butthole, i want you to pre tend that it your dads dick thats rping your little teen hole right now! i want you to beg your daddy to stop fucking his little daughters asshole! make me cum deep in your ass thinking about you getting ass rpd by your dad and hearing you whimper and beg your daddy to stop!”

there was silence then,
“please daddy, it hurts! your hurting me! please daddy stop putting your penis in my butt! it hurts so bad daddy, it feels like your penis is ripping my butthole open! ill be a good girl, ill do anything you ask, just please stop making me take your huge penis in my teen buttholoooe!”
i was lost in the brutaal anal rp i was giving her! he pleas sent me over the edge! i picked her up, and threw her belly down on my bed, and pulled her legs as far apart as i could.

i look a swing of whisky from the nightstand, and snorted a fat line. i stared down at the teen fucktoy before me, spread eagle, and whmpering from the nonstop brutaal anal she has endured from her uncles 8″ dick over the past four days. stroking my dick with a bit of lube, i laied over her, lined up the head of my dick at her anus, and fell om her, impaling all 8″ of my cock up her ass! she let out a wale but i shoved her face down into the pillows.

with her black hair in my fist, my 8″ dick all the way up her tight teen ass, and my mouth kissing her nech and ears i started to fuck the full length of my dick in and out of my nieces asshole.
“sorry baby, daddy likes your tight little teen hole too much to take his dick out! your little hole is just going to have to take daddys dick baby! ahh yeah lisa your asshole is so tight, ive wanted you to take daddys dick in your ass for so long!

“i cant tell you how many times i came to sneaking into your room late at night, crawling into bed with you, covering your mouth as i pulled your pj bottoms down and shoved my dick into your tight virgin butthole! the only thing that kept me from doing it was that me and your uncle were fucking your little brothers asshole full of cum on the daily! his little boy pussy was enough to hold us back on you girls”
she was in shock! was this true? was my dad and uncle fucking my older brother?

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    Just no

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    That’s so fucking sick.
    I hate anal, but i’m obsessed with getting an anal gape. I know, weird.

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    might start working on part two!

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      Do a part 2. This time the parents dies or have to work overseas for a yr or more. And no mercy for the ass. Get a dog or a couple of huge buttplug and toys to abuse her asshole more.

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    So you snuck in countless times and raped her ..virgin..butthole? Every time? Not just the first time.
    Some people should have been abortions, but you can always take a pistol and correct the mistake.

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    That’s fucking sick you piece of shit kill yourself

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      Und du ein Heuchlerisches arschloch kauf dir einen Pferde dildo und fick deinen arsch

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    Wish you were my Uncle

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    Please tell us about the brother

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      I can be your uncle

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      Only if your 19 or older

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      Would you really

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      I’ll be your uncle, I dont care how old you are x

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      How could I reach you