Dog in the Park

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sex starved wife meets a handsome male dog in the park

Being a military wife can be challenging as sex is important to me and with a husband being gone overseas for a year is no fun. While looking through the various videos on the internet, I stumbled onto the bestiality ones and found to my surprise, that they would make me juice up and feeling horny.
I became a frequent watcher of animal sex videos,,,,afterwards I would lay on my bed and think of what I had observed on the internet and imagined having a big dog plant his bony appendage in my hot wet pussy. I would finger myself and get off that way. One day as I was jogging through the local park, I saw this beautiful well-groomed large male dog with large swinging balls. I stopped and looked at him thinking, “Wow, I wonder what that beautiful dog would feel like on my back with his bone planted in my hot wet pussy?” I soon realized I was getting wet so I sat on a nearby bench to relax and get my thoughts together. He was trotting away, and then he looked back at me and stopped, turned around and came to where I was sitting. He offered his head for me to pat and he soon placed his front legs on the bench and I was rubbing him all over as he licked my face. I took the oppoetunity to feelhis huge sperm filled balls. I knew what I would do if he was mine. Yes he would be my lover just like in the videos I had watched. He would be emptying those large balls into my waiting womb.

We remained there for several minutes when I decided I better continue my jogging before I yielded to my temptation. I looked down at my shorts and realized it looked like I had pissed in them. It was my sex juices that were flowing like a stream. I jogged off and soon realized that the beautiful male dog with those large swinging balls was following me,,,,,,,,Now my mind is racing and having images of a new lover pounding me and empting his bloated balls into me, with both of us enjoying each other.

As I approached my home, he was still behind me, I opened the door and he burst in as if to say, I am your new companion and this is my home now. I knew he belonged to someone but I did not care as I was so hot for his cock I wanted him to be mine.

I was so horny now I was in a panic to get myself undressed and as I sat on the side of the bed he nuzzled his nose between my open legs and started licking my juices, It felt so good as he hit my clittie as he licked. He looked up at me and started whining as if to ask my permission to breed me,,,,I moved off the bed and laid on the edge offering my hot wet swollen pussy to him. He took no time getting upon my back and wrapping his fore legs around my waist tightly, and started humping looking for my pleasure hole,,,,,all the time spewing clear liquid on my rear end. He soon entered his new found bitch and started humping hard and fast as I felt his knot swell up in me tying us together as one. I had an earth shaking orgasm as his knot filled me and I realized he was going to breed me. He was now resting on my back as his cock pulsated emptying his puppy seed from his bloated balls into my womb. I had another orgasm as I lay there taking his doggie sperm load.

After several minutes, he dismounted with a placid cock, licked me for a moment and then lay down and licked his cock back into its sheath. I lay on my bed as the doggy sperm load started leaking out. I did not care that my bed covers were getting soaked. I knew I had been well bred by my new lover and just wanted to lay back and enjoy the thought of what had really happened. I knew I liked it and wished this dog was mine. I was day dreaming about giving birth to his puppies. I knew it was only a dream.

I knew I had to return him to the park and hoped that we would meet again soon. At lease to keep me happy until my husband comes home,,,well maybe longer if my husband will understand my new found pleasure.

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  • Reply Nessa ID:2jp99lev9a

    Half the stories on here are unrealistic when they talk about zoo. This was much better. I really liked it. Thank you! Xxx

    • Robin ID:2t454fxzl

      I agree, some are not authentic. Some authors say things that are not what I have experienced with a number of dogs and other animals. Dogs are very predictable on what happens

  • Reply Uncle Buck ID:19f49hldvgyf

    Beast is the best!

  • Reply Sunny ID:1ehzw6fh5ks2

    Congratulations Robin on your independence and liberation. Amazing and empathetic to that boy.

  • Reply Durumxx ID:1eh8tmy7lcvv

    Such a hot story! I’d definitely love to read more!

    Kik & Snap @ durumxx

  • Reply Jdollar ID:1ie00enmzrj

    Hey Robin Kay i would love to watch aa that dog breeds you i think it is hot as fuck wish i had a wife like you love to talk more about this mail me johndollar170gmail

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    You dhould get your own dog to keep you happy when your husband is deployed . Tell him it would make you feel more secure while he is away

    • Robin ID:2t454fxzl

      Sounds like a good idea however dogs in the park can provide me a variety and i dont need to care for them. I see a nice male dog being walked by a woman, I let my mind wander, “Does she or does she not”.

  • Reply Megan ID:2t454fxzl

    Nothing more exciting that a handsome male dog with large swinging balls to love one.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Go girl loved it and you have got me wet so I called my K9 in for a bit of fun, Also just finished reading Britney’s story so I’m super excited and 💦💦💦💦 , My husband comes home tomorrow from his seven day roster OH YES, Love Emma from Aus.

    • Robin Kay ID:2t454fxzl

      I am so happy you enjoyed, I loved telling the story, make me wet as well.

    • Kristi miller ID:4bn02xs4m9a

      How did that k9 work out for you I love it when my k-9 mounts me and fills my pussy full

  • Reply Jeff ID:1dq579tcmhog

    What a great wife you are. More women and girls should be like you and get bred by stray dogs. It is only natural for dogs to fuck girls and women. Especially married women.

    • Dogcum slave kempsey ID:1ftmu2g49b

      I want this