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Daddy’s little angel – Part 8

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See parts 1-7 for the background to this story about my step daughter.

Six months ago, Ariana’s universe had expanded in the most wonderful way when she brought home a little ball of fur named Caesar. He was a Siberian Husky puppy, with striking blue eyes and a mischievous spirit that captured Ariana’s heart from the start.

From the day they met, Ariana and Caesar became inseparable. They embarked on countless adventures, exploring the nearby woods, chasing falling leaves, and sharing whispered secrets. As time flew by, Caesar grew not only in size but also in his place in Ariana’s heart. He was no longer just a pet; he had become Ariana’s dearest friend.

However, as Caesar reached the age of six months, Ariana couldn’t help but notice a subtle change in his behavior. Ariana, with her perceptive nature, knew that something was bothering her beloved companion. Ariana decided to spend more one-on-one time with him. She read books about dog behavior, learned about training techniques and discovered that male dogs matured at around six months.

One sunny afternoon, Ariana sat with Caesar by her side and whispered, “You know, Caesar, you’re my best friend. And best friends support each other, right?” Caesar tilted his head, as if understanding every word. With renewed determination, Ariana made it her mission to help her beloved dog.

Ariana shared an unbreakable bond with me, a connection forged through shared experiences, of teaching my little angel how to please me and how to explore her body. From a young age, Ariana had been my lover, we slept together naked and made love every night. She was my little angel and was eager to please me, I got to enjoy her tight little bald pussy whenever I wanted. She had turned into a little nymphet and her desires were insatiable. I was fiercely jealous and wanter her to myself, I would never share my little angel with another man.

But I saw the special bond she shared with Caesar as she would strip naked eagerly encouraging him to lick her little pussy, until she would cum, her little body shaking as she moaned uncontrollably. Ariana came and jumped on my lap, naked as usual, Daddy I was reading and I can see that Caesar is horny all the time and is wanting a bitch, he had needs Daddy, please can we get him a dog so that he can have sex and be happy?

I stroked Ariana’s hair and smiled at her, sweetheart Caesar loves you and I can see how you stare at his big cock when he licks you I think you should be his bitch. Ariana looked at me wide eyed, but Daddy he is a dog, I can’t be his bitch! “Trust Daddy, sweetheart, now get on the floor on all fours and wiggle your butt at Caesar.

Nervously and unsure what to expect Ariana did as she was told. Immediately Caesar approached and his big tongue lapping at her bald little pussy, making her moan. Without warning Caesar mounted her, his paws gripping her tightly, his nails scratching her sides and legs as he started humping furiously trying to find her pussy for the first time. Ariana cried out in pain, as he scratched her, looking up at me “Help me Daddy he is hurting me”. I looked at them and my cock was instantly hard “Ariana, you wanted him to have a bitch now let Caesar use you, you love him don’t you?”

She whimpered and Caesar found found his mark, Ariana squealing as his large cock penetrated her “Daddeeee!” He started pounding her pussy hard and fast as she cried out in pain and shock. I watched as she collapsed under her, stroking my cock as I saw him raping my little girl.

His knot penetrated her and he stopped pounding her pussy and she screamed “Oh my god it’s too big daddy”. Caesar stood over her panting, his balls filling her with doggie cum. After a few minutes she whimpered her eyes closed in embarrassment and shame at becoming his bitch and she shuddered as her body gave into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. I could not help myself as I shot my cum all over her face “Yes that is daddy’s dirty little bitch, cum for your dog”

Satisfied Caesar’s knot shrank and he pulled out with a pop, doggie cum pouring out of her gaping and abused pussy. Ariana lay there crying softly, my cum splattered on her pretty little face and doggie cum running down her legs as Caesar began licking her clean.

I stood up, “Come on angel you need to take a shower and clean up. From now on you are going to be his bitch and you need to let him fuck you whenever he is horny”. Ariana reached out and hugged Caesar before replying “Yes Daddy, I will be his good little bitch”

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  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    You just keep outdoing yourself, going farther and further, deeper both figuratively and literally. You are an excellent father to Ariana.

    “Ariana, you wanted him to have a bitch, now let Caesar use you…”

    EXCELLENT! You are teaching her the consequence of her actions. If she wanted to help him, why should she expect you to get another dog? More expense, more work, all on you. She MUST learn, sooner rather than later, that life will not always go the way she wants.

    She also MUST learn that there comes a time when the kid gloves come off and she can and will be used as a cumdump. It’s an emotionally and physically painful lesson to learn, as I had to learn with Father. I cried so much that night, but I had to learn my lesson and would be better for it. I was taught, painfully, that I was never to be his equal. My sexual training had begun months before. That night, as with Ariana, my submissive training began. I am forever grateful to Father, as Adriana will be grateful to you.

    PLUS, YOU ARE EXPRESSING YOUR ANGER AT AND DISAPPOINTMENT WITH HER. She is learning more reality, that you are a grown man with feelings, desires, needs, and as all humans are to some degree, focused on yourself.

    Not stopping Caesar from using her, as all submissive daughters are used by one cock or the other, is part of her training as a submissive.

    Jacking off in front of her, not letting her suck your cock as punishment for what she caused to happen… she would have sucked your cock, tolerated you throatfucking her, if you made the dog stop hurting her, his bitch, but you did not. Sometimes good, loving Daddies have to put themselves first. It may not always be easy, but you have a responsibility. I am so grateful you understand that. Keep up the good work, Daddy!

    Then, cumming on her face… it was not so she could swallow your cum. It was to teach her what her position is in a house with two cocks.

  • Reply Anomalous ID:1dsriy4s4b4u

    Awesome story made me hard

  • Reply Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

    Reading that has made me very hard and horny.

  • Reply TinyClit ID:1e9b1crpgtg4

    Feeling our neighbors k9 was such a rush. He left coke in the desk
    And told us to make margaritas first.
    I knew he was filming me because I saw the cameras throughout the house. I think it made me even wetter. When I felt his wide tounge darting in my asshole then my clit was being locked to the point of orgasm each lick.
    I smoked a huge Rock as he sent me to nirvana.
    After 3 big Rock hits was ready to be mounted.
    I got on all 4s and the 12″ cock streached my tiny box as it gushed cream. As the Knott entered my stuffed opening. I squirted and orgasmed to almost passing out.

    • Arianas Daddy ID:bmt1djizm

      That’s so sexy. What a good girl x

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1d1p9z3rwlpl

    You need to get your arse fucked real hard, real dry, real soon…

  • Reply Daddy’s lollydoll ID:tldul9ez

    Playing with my little tight pussy wishing l can suck daddy’s cock and be fucked by Cesar.

    • Arianas Daddy ID:5q9hque2oib

      That sounds very sexy and perfect with a little girl 😉

    • Daddy’s lollydoll ID:eq68yxt0i

      Yes daddy, my mouth raped by your cock while l am getting pleasured by Cesar’s cock, like a good little girl slut l am.

  • Reply Daddy’s lollydoll ID:tldul9ez

    I want to be fucked like that, Cesar’s cock in my pussy and you fucking my mouth…..use me like a slut whore.