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Woke up to some interesting feelings at night

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It was late, i’d just got into bed and my dog was laid on the floor as it’s not allowed on the bed. A couple hours go by and i wake up to something…

So when i was 16 i was sleeping in a bunk bed with my brother, he was on top and i was on the bottom bunk. It was around 11pm and we’d just got into our bunks and turned the lights off for the night and pet my dog good night who was laid on the floor next to my bed. I don’t know about you guys but i sleep completely naked and i figured this was alright as technically we were in separate beds.

Anyways, it’s now around 2am and my family & brother are fast asleep. I was also fast asleep until i woke up to something tickling my dick, i rubbed my eyes and the feeling intensified as i was now awake. it was so dark i couldn’t see anything but i felt i had the blanket over me. I lifted up the blanket to reveal my dog stood hovering over my now fully erect 7inch cock licking the tip of it with her nice warm long dog tongue. i was staring at it trying to get her away from me as it didn’t feel right with me but she was persistent and continued to lick it. eventually i gave up and laid back down and imagined i was getting sucked off by a girl. about 10 minutes goes by and i sit up on my knees and my erect cock is pointing at my dogs mouth and she’s still licking it and i turn round to lay on my belly with my dick pointed downwards and i spread my legs hoping she’d continue and she puts her nice long warm dog tongue in my ass crack and starts licking it, this is where i began moaning, i never moaned as loud as i did that night. After about 10mins i cummed and of course she licked it all up from my thighs and belly and i put her back on the floor and she went back to sleep.

The next morning i woke up all sticky and the dog was laid on the bottom of my bed – My brother climbed down the ladders from his top bunk to ground level and sat on the edge of my bed with me. He asked what my plans was for the day and i said i didn’t really have any and wanted to watch tv and cuddle my dog in bed with me, He said okay and went and got breakfast and sat downstairs, i thought back to last night and remembered how good it felt having my dog lick my dick and ass hole so i figured to let her do it again. I decided to let her lick it and get it all wet and i panicked when i heard my brother coming up the stairs, i tried to get my dog off of me and she was having none of it. He came into my room and looked at me and asked why i was gasping and out of breath and i said ‘no reason’ and he asked what was moving under the blanket and i tried to play it off cool by saying ‘my leg’ and he said hmm i don’t believe you and pulled the blanket off revealing my dog licking my hard erect cock and he said omg wtf and i said please don’t tell anyone, i’ll do anything… He said he wanted to let the dog lick him so i said go on then. We both had our giant cocks out in my dogs face and she was spoiled for choice.

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