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Gus X Ben

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9 years ago, I was taking a visit to a friend’s house, in which they (1 male and 1 female) lived together on a huge farm, all to themselves. No one else was even living close by. We were all 9 years old at the time. One day, they and their family went on a vacation for 2 days. They wanted me to look over their house, because when they came back, we had a sleepover for one night. They had 2 dogs, an English Mastiff (Gus) and a terrier dog (Archer). When they left, I decided to change into the clothes I brought over. When I did that, Gus, the 200+ pound English Mastiff, hopped onto the couch and started licking me. I giggled to the point where I laid on my back and he started kissing my face a lot more, close to the mouth. But then, I felt something moving in between my legs/pants. He was humping me human-style. I sat back up, but he made room between my back and the cushion of the middle couch cushion. He actually squirted his cum onto my clothing that I just changed into. I ran upstairs to find a newer pair of clothes. When I was changing, he appeared into the doorway, rapidly wagging his tail. He approached me and hopped onto my back. As a 9 year old, I wasn’t very strong. He grounded me gently on the floor. I still had my pants on. He allowed me to get on all 4’s. I was panicking, but I figured that if I have him what he wanted, I would have my exit ticket. I took off my pants, shaking, and the moment I took off my pants and underwear, in which that was tricky, he blew his load into my very tight pussy, that when he did, I was moaning and screaming very loud that 2 houses away from mine would actually hear it, if that was literal. The most painful, and boy do I mean painful, part of all was that he actually got his knot inside of me, after 4 minutes. I was crying and screaming. His knot felt like it was in my entire waist section, as my body was (and still is) very thin. It literally took 69 minutes for him to get his knot out of me. When it was all over, I was violated, but then yet, I actually enjoyed it. The next day, I woke up and watered the plants for my friends, who were still away for one more day. Gus followed me outside in the backyard and shoved me all the way to the outside wall of the barn. And I thought, “Does he seriously want it again?” When I got done, we went back to the bedroom and took my clothes off, nervously, and I hopped into the bed, whereas he did too and I played with him by rubbing his back. He started to roll over and over, where when he stays on his back, I rolled over onto him, face down. He started kissing me again. That lasted about 12 minutes, to my memory. I rolled back over and he got off the bed and started to lick my pussy. I decided to get up after a few more minutes and I kissed him on the mouth and said, “Thank you for a wonderful time, Gus!”

After a few months, my friends unfortunately had to move, due to their Father’s new military station being somewhere else. Same state, but in a very far away town.

Thankfully though, Gus wasn’t the only dog I met.

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