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Over Night In The Backyard

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. My wife and I don’t get along. So I stay outside as much as I can just to have peace and quiet. Woth that being said we rarely have sex. It was Friday and I’m sure she was on some social site drinking her wine. I decided to drink some tonight as well and thought I’d have a fire. It started to get dark when my step now adopted daughter came out to join me. We sat there enjoying the fire and conversation. She had on a short sleep shirt on looking very sexy. Being in her late teens she’s a real hotty. She was setting directly across from me, and by her not being careful of how she sat or moved. I was getting a lot of crotch shots l. Trying not to look, but I couldn’t help it she may be my daughter but I still had desires of feeling a woman’s soft body. I started getting hard and no way to hide it. Just wearing boxer type shorts oI knew she had to have seen it by the fire light. I tried to stay busy by leaning over to mess with the fire which helped some. But now I was thinking she was flashing me purposely now, because it was happening more often and longer now. Finally Beth went in giving me the chance to clam down as it t were.
I slammed a beer to help me. Thinking I was out of the woods but here she came again carrying a blanket telling me that her mom was passed out then asked if she could stay out here with me and that maybe we could kinda camp out. After spreading the blanket on the lawn couch with her feet resting on my lap she laid down beside me still in her night shirt. As we talked she would move trying to get comfortable but flashing me her crotch as well. I found myself gently rubbing her feet. Beth coooed telling me that it felt good as she curled her toes making contact with my hard cock causing it to jump. Beth froze I thought she was go in to say something about it when she started to talk. But she started complaining about not bringing a pillow out. She then asked if she could lay her head on my lap. Franticly I pulled the blanket onto my lap and motioned to her. With her head high on my belly and her hands under her cheek and jaw. My cock was a throbbing wanting to be freed. With out thinking I started to rub her head. Again cooing telling me how great it also felt. As I rubbed her head she inched her way down to where her face was under the blanket. She pulled the blanket away. The tip of my cock was out of my shorts. She was so close that when she licked her lips her tongue brush the very top. In a natural response my hips pushed up Beth moaned oooh daddy and the head was in her lips. With gentle pressure on her head and slightly raising my hips my cock was now in her mouth. Beth reached up and pulled my shorts down further as she sank lower on my shaft then back up. I move my hips up and down slow untill she slowly took over I moaned how good it feels and That she would make me cum in her mouth soon if she didn’t stop. She asked me if that would feel good I moaned a yes to her and she continued.
I felt it the sensation of the build up. My legs were so fence they shook. I told her that I was going to cum she moaned and kept going. As I started to feed my daughter cum I heard her younger sister ask if she could play next

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  • Reply Brian ID:2vn9y9km2

    Me and my cousin Kathy when we was really young camping out with my sister in the back yard me and Kathy started mucking around when she grabbed my on my cock we both took our clothes off and started playing with each other she kisses me and as she was playing with my cock I put a finger in her she jumped a bit and asked me to hop on her we didn’t know what to buy she opened her legs wide and as I was looking at my cock nearly touching her little pussy and said put it as I put it in her little pussy o feel how hot she’s in side her I layed on top of her with my cock in side her little pussy was throbbing around my cock as I was throbbing in her hot smooth little pussy

  • Reply Illvp ID:1ck712cydgri

    Reminds me of camping out with with my two daughters and the fun we had.

  • Reply Cherry popper. ID:2wcnr0tqri

    Let the 9yo play then fill her with man meat.

  • Reply Seductive Perv ID:1cyit7b07zhz

    Damn I’m loving this, makes me want a situation like this to happen to me.

  • Reply Bighorndog ID:1euy7evxelku

    9 and 12 you’re very lucky I would love to help you out

  • Reply Myharddick4littlegirls ID:6e4sml2h

    ya got 2 daughters doing their homework – go girls

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    On very cold nights i wear my long nightie shirt with wool tights and socks over them and i’m nice and warm waiting for my boyfriend to come over so i can play with him.

    • Bighorndog ID:1euy7evxelku

      Love a women in rights very sexy

    • Dick023 ID:1dhos7u5fq7e

      Very nice

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf1mpzm

    Not only is it a pleasure guiding them but when the younger sister shows up and want’s to join in on the fun it is that much better. Having 12 year old suck your cock then swallow your load then looking up seeing her 9 year old sister horny licking her lips wanting to suck it makes life so enjoyable. Teach them do not ever turn them down as it is their right to sexual pleasure. If your cock is their new toy then so be it, let her have her fun.

    • TruthSayer ID:2pdv84jbm1

      If only you’d stick your cock in your mouth to fill your gob shut. May stop all the fantasy stuff you say you’ve done…..but never been close. Lolol