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My new job

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I got a new job and spend my days masturbating and drinking semen.

With no school and being stuck at home with no money because I can’t go out and look for work due to constant lockdown’s, I decided to get a job where I could work from home, be my own boss, decide what hours to work and make as much money as possible.

I’m so glad that lonely single men are stuck at home with nothing to do but jack themselves off.

I joined an exclusive and quite unique website for women who want to cater for men’s weird fetishes, I’m only 15 but I look a lot older than my age, I’m 5’5”, my hair is bleach blonde and Rapunzel like because it’s quite long when it’s not bunched up, goes down to my bottom, my breasts are a manageable 32C size and I exercise every day so I have a slim athletic figure.

For those who care, I’m still a virgin, in case you were wondering.

I signed up for this site, you have to be 18 to sign up so it’s lucky I get my looks from my mom because we look so alike and it’s her ID I used to verify my age and create an account in the first place.

The men on the site have some truly shocking fetishes, like urinating or pooing on other people, that’s just nasty, I’ve stuck to the nice and easy stuff, showing my naked breasts, my pussy, which I had to totally shave because men seem to prefer a bald pussy, my feet, my ass, masturbating on camera with a dildo, you know the simple stuff, stuff I can handle.

Men pay per view on my account and then pay extra depending on what they want me to do.

One thing I’ve been doing recently is posting men my thongs, yep, actually posting them my thongs.

I get paid $50 for a pair of my used thongs, they like to watch me on camera with my thong and what I do is I wrap it around two fingers and then I push it in to my pussy and get them nice a wet with my juices, then I put them in to an air tight zipper bag and post them off in the mail to “customers”.

When they receive the thong in the post they like to get on camera and show me them as they use them to cover their cocks and jack off in to them, some of the men, ones I know I can trust because I’ve built up a good relationship with them, they send them back to me stained with their semen and like to watch me on camera lick the semen stained thongs.

I’ve been trying something new recently where men have sent me their semen in the post, what they do is ejaculate in to a bottle, jar or plastic tub, freeze it and then mail it to me, not to my home address though, to a private mail box I had set up.

When it arrives it’s usually already melted, but it’s still quite fresh, so I put it in my fridge and take it out when I do my online sessions at night, they like to watch me pour their semen in to my mouth and sometimes I drizzle it on to my fingers and stick my fingers up my pussy, they really like that because they know I’m putting their semen inside of me, it’s pleasurable for me too and I really like the taste of semen, it’s so nice.

None of the men know that I’m only 15, I’m sure some suspect, but no one has ever questioned my age, I don’t really care, I enjoy doing what I’m doing and I’ll continue to do it for as long as I can.

I’m waiting on one man to send me a coffee jar full of his semen, apparently he’s been ejaculating in to a jar for nearly 3 months now and it’s almost full, he wants to send the jar to me and watch me drink it all, he’s going to pay me $1,000 to do it too, I’m happy to oblige, I can’t wait for it to get here.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    in a way i am glad for you, and i think its smart that you got yourself a private mail box, i do not think i would have thouhg of that if i was your age, i hope you will stay safe and please take care of yourself, we do not know eatch other and we will probebly never meet etach other but i am a very social man and i care about everyone.

  • Reply Davy

    What’s the site share with the class please (and ty)