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Bathrobe flash

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“Yeah, I did like it. It was fun. I especially liked the part where you squirted your sperm out. I could feel your penis get bigger in my hand

My wife, 35 and two kids, daughter 12 and son 10, were going to her mother’s house for the weekend. I stayed home because I had a work assignment that I had to complete by Monday.

My wife and I didn’t have what you call an active sex life. She grants me permission to put my penis in her once a week, so an opportunity to get naked, watch some porn on my laptop and jerk off sounded pretty appealing right now.

I got naked and put on my bathroom, then I booted up my computer and found some porn featuring young girls with small breasts.

Young girls with small breasts really turned me on. My 12-year-old daughter was starting to show puffy nipples under her tight t-shirts.

I’ve been able to see them a couple of times when she goes in and out of the shower. She’s still on the young side of 12, and hasn’t developed modesty yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve masturbated picturing my daughter’s young developing breasts and puffy nipples.

So I’m sitting at the computer table we have in our bedroom, watching porn on my computer and masturbating. I hadn’t been at it very long before I heard the doorbell ring. I closed my laptop, closed my robe, tied it shut and went to answer the door.

I looked through the little security peep hole, and saw it was Kami, my daughter Britney’s best friend. She was another little spanker that I thought about frequently when I masturbated. That’s when an idea struck me, this was my chance to get some young pussy.

I untied my robe, adjusted the opening just enough so that she’d be able to see my penis, and tied it again. Then I opened the door.

“Hi Kami.” I said to the young girl, “Brittany went to her Grandma’s house with her mother and brother for the weekend.” I saw her lower her gaze, then her eyebrows arched in shocked surprise. That’s when I knew she saw my penis.

“Umm, ah oh, yes, she told me. I forgot something in her room the other day when I was over. Is it okay if I go in and get it?” She managed to get out after a stuttering start.

“Of course, you know where her room is.” I said as I stepped back and opened the door. She kept looking down at my penis as she walked past me and said “thank you.”

She went into my daughter’s room, and after a few minutes came back out holding what looked like nail polish.

While she was in there, I had stroked my penis a little bit to make it firm up. I didn’t want to be fully hard, but I wanted to be hard enough that the head poked out of my robe a little bit.

When she came back out she said thank you again, and then look down. Again her eyebrows arched up and this time she put her hand over her mouth when she gasped.

“Is something wrong?” I asked her. She was turning red in the face, as she slowly pointed to my exposed penis. I looked down and feigned surprise. My penis immediately got fully hard, and started throbbing with my heartbeat. I stood there for a minute, letting her look at my 4 12″ of blue steel.

“Oh my god, you can see my penis?” I said in a surprised voice. Then I fumbled with my robe and instead of closing it, ended up untying it and opening it all the way. I acted like I couldn’t get it closed right, all the while Kami stood there looking at it. Her eyes never left my penis the entire time.

I finally got my robe closed, and she lifted her head and looked at me, her face was beat red.

“I’m really sorry that happened Kami. I didn’t mean for you to see my penis.” I said.

“That’s okay, I’ve seen one before.” She said, still red in the face.

“Really, you’ve seen a penis before?” I said to the girl.

“Umm, yeah, my brothers.” She said.

“How old is your brother?” I asked her.

“He’s 17.” She told me. “His penis looked longer than yours.”

“Yeah well, I do have a small penis.” I admitted to the child. “How is it you saw his penis”?

“I was going to take a shower, and when I opened the bathroom door, he was sitting on the toilet, rubbing his penis.” She told me.

“Oh, you caught him masturbating. That’s what I was doing when you came to the door.” I told the girl. “Did he let you watch him until he squirted his sperm?”

“No, he yelled at me to get out.” She replied.

“Would you like to watch me masturbate until I squirt my sperm?” I asked the little girl.

“Umm, I guess so.” She replied, glancing down where my penis was pushing out the front of my robe.

“Okay, come on let’s have a seat over here.” I said, pointing to the sofa. She sat down on it, and I sat right next to her, untied my robe and opened it up.

My penis was standing straight up. I took it between my thumb and finger and began to stroke it. Her eyes were locked on it.

Having this 12-year-old child watching me stroke my penis was incredibly exciting. Precum was coming out at a much greater rate than ever before, and pretty soon my penis was covered with it.

“Would you like to touch it.” I asked the little girl. She didn’t answer me, but she reached her hand out and I let go of my penis so she would be able to take it in her hand.

Because her hand was much smaller than mine, it made my penis look bigger than it was. She wrapped her fingers around it, then I put my hand over hers and showed her how to stroke me. After a few strokes, I let go and she continued on her own.

I knew I wasn’t going to last very long as this child continued to stroke my hard penis. Both of us were staring at her hand wrapped around my penis, stroking it. I could feel my balls tighten up a little bit, and knew I was going to squirt soon.

“Okay Kami, I’m going to squirt my sperm pretty soon. When I start squirting, don’t stop stroking until I tell you to okay?” I told the little girl. She nodded her head as she continued to masturbate me.

It wasn’t 15 seconds later, that the first rope of cum left my penis. She gave out a little shriek, followed by a giggle when my cum landed on her arm and shirt, but she continued to stroke me.

A couple of more smaller ropes came out, but then the rest just dribbled over her hand. Even though I had just cum, I let her to continue to masturbate me and pretty soon it felt like I was going to cum again. I was surprised, because I hadn’t cum twice in such a short span of time since I was 13 years old.

“Mmmmm Kami, my God you’re very very good at this. Have you done it before?” I asked the child.

“No, I’ve never even touched a penis before.” She replied as she continued to stroke.

My penis and her hand were covered with cum now, and it felt like she was using a lubricant. I let her continue stroking me, to see if I would be able to come again. I sure didn’t lose any of my hardness, that’s for sure. She didn’t know that normally when a guy cum once, he needs a little time to recharge, so she just kept stroking me. She was smiling as she was doing it, so I was hoping she enjoyed it. I definitely wanted there to be a second, third and fourth play time with her.

“So Kami, did you like masturbating me?” I asked as I enjoyed her hand moving up and down my penis. “You sure made me feel really really good, thank you.”

“Yeah, I did like it. It was fun. I especially liked the part where you squirted your sperm out. I could feel your penis get bigger in my hand every time it squirted.” She said to me, as she let go of my penis, and started to study the mess on her hand.

“Let me go get you something to clean that up with honey.” I said to her, as I got up and went to the bathroom for a warm cloth.

When I returned, my robes still wide open, my penis still hard and poking out in front of me, I bent down and cleaned off her hand.

“You know, since you made me feel so good, it’s only fair that I make you feel good too.” I told the little girl.

“But I don’t have a penis.” She said to me. Now I knew she had no idea her vagina could give her pleasure. This was going to be fun.

“No, you have something even better than a penis. Let me help you take your clothes off.” I said to her as I reached for the bottom of her t-shirt.

“No.” she said, putting her arms down to her side, preventing me from lifting her shirt off of her. I thought, fuck I went too far. Turns out I didn’t

“I don’t have any boobies or hair on my vagina like big girls do.” She said, somewhat embarrassed.

“That’s okay, I told her. You don’t have to have boobs and pubic hair to be a beautiful girl, and you are a beautiful girl.” I said to her, she blushed and smiled, lowering her head a little, but allowed me to lift her shirt over her head.

Then I reached behind her to unhooked her training bra, and pulled it off. Her breasts were just pointing nipples that stuck out about an inch. I felt my penis twitch..

I very lightly traced my finger over her nipple, causing her to moan and close her eyes. I continued to gently stimulate her prepubescent nipples, before I bent down and licked one with my tongue.

When I did that, she gasped out loud and whispered “oh my God.” I continued to lick her nipple for a few seconds before I took it into my mouth and gently sucked on it.

That’s when she wrapped her arms around my head, trapping me right where I was. I couldn’t move my head enough to look up at her, but I could hear her saying, mmmmmmm.

I sucked on the nipple for probably another 20 seconds before I switched to the other one. Again I heard her whisper, “oh my God.”

I needed to stop sucking her nipples, because I was going to come again, even without touching myself.

I lifted my head from the nipple I read sucking and asked, “how did you like that?”

“Oh my god, I’ve touched my nipples the same way you did before, but it didn’t feel anything like it when you did it. Then when you sucked on them, I’ve never felt anything like that.” She said, breathing heavily.

“I want you to feel even better.” I told her as I reached for the snap on her pants. I opened up the front of her pants, and started to tug her pants and panties down at the same time.

She lifted her hips to help me, and in no time I had them down to her knees and off of her feet. Now she was completely naked, sitting on my living room sofa. I really had to concentrate on not cumming right now. Even though I wasn’t touching myself, it felt like I was going to squirt any second now.

Once I had her pants off, I gently pushed her back into a reclining position, while at the same time pushing her legs apart, opening her up like an offering to the gods.

She giggled nervously as she watched me lean forward, and begin kissing her super sensitive inner thighs. She continued to giggle, until my lips reached her vagina. Then she got, and held her breath as I traced my tongue up and down between her lips.

When I reached her clitoris, I pressed my tongue down flat on it, moving it back and forth, she let out her breath with another “oh my God.”

As I ran my tongue back and forth across her clitoris, I started to push my finger into her vagina. I didn’t penetrate her hymen, but I went right up to it. I could tell by how wet she was getting, that she was really enjoying what I was doing to her, not yet fully matured vagina.

I continued my oral assault on the child until she grabbed my head by the hair, clamped her thighs shut, basically blocking off my oxygen, and thrust her hips up into my face while saying, oh God oh God oh God over and over again.

After about 30 seconds, she finally started to release her grip on me. I raised my head up, my face covered in her virgin vaginal juices, and said “how did you like that?”

She was breathing very heavily, a sheen of sweat across her forehead and puffy nipples. “What did you do to me?” She asked, panting.

“I just gave you an orgasm.” I told the young girl. “When you used your hand on my penis, you gave me an orgasm. I just returned the favor.” I grinned at her. She smiled back, no longer blushing from embarrassment.

“You used your mouth to give me an orgasm, and I used my hand. Show me how to use my mouth to give you an orgasm.” The child said to me as she reached for my penis.

Holy fuck, I thought to myself. This child wants to suck my penis. I was just thinking about how I was going to talk her into it, and here she is offering to do it.

“I would love to show you how to suck my penis.” I told the little girl. “First, take it between your thumb and finger and hold it while you lick it all over and make it wet.” I instructed the little girl.

I say one thing about Kami, she knew how to follow instructions. “Oh sweet Jesus you are doing a wonderful job honey.” I told her, as she licked my penis like a popsicle. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” I asked her.

Kami let out a cute little giggle, then took the head of my penis into her mouth. I didn’t even have to tell her to be careful of her teeth, I never felt them once. What I felt was her little tongue circling the head of my penis as she moved her head up and down on my hard penis. Because I’m small, She was able to take it all the way, until her lips touched my pubic hair.

Then she proceeded to give me a much better blowjob than my wife ever gave me, and in fact might be the best blowjob I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long before I knew I was about to cum.

“Kami honey, in a few seconds I’m gonna squirt my sperm again. If you swallow it, it’ll make your boobs grow bigger.” I told the little girl.

It wasn’t even 15 seconds later, that I felt my balls tighten and I unleashed the first rope of come into little cami’s mouth

She didn’t even flinch, but I could hear her swallowing. She kept going until I finally had to push her head off, because it was just too sensitive.

She sat back up, with a big smile on her face and running her tongue around her lips.

“That was fun.” She said. “I really enjoyed that.”

“Oh honey, you didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did.” I told the child. Then I put my hand behind her head, and pulled her close. I kissed her, the way I used to kiss my wife. She kept mewling as we kissed, and I knew it was turning her on.

I started to lightly pinch her nipples, and felt them get hard between my fingers. Then I broke the kiss, bent down and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth, where I gently sucked on it while flicking my tongue across the hard tip.

“Oh my God oh my God oh my God.” She was saying as I continued to softly nurse on her young prepubescent nipples.

Then I started to kiss and lick my way down her body. She knew what was in store for her this time, because she kept pushing my head down, trying to get my tongue in her hairless little vagina faster. She needn’t have worried, I was going to get her so worked up, that she’d be agreeable to allowing me to insert my little penis in her little vagina.



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