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My mom is a little bitch

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So it’s been about a week since I kind of rapped my mother, and the has been very affectionate, allowing you to touch her body and even kiss her when we are alone. But the sex has been very different, she is always the one in control and will tease and taunt me endlessly until I’m begging her for release. Last night, was the worst, she started touching me, while watching TV and rubbing my cock through my pants, knowing I couldn’t do anything until my dad went to sleep. Then, when he did finally pass out, she led me to the bedroom and pushed me on to her bed and proceeded to slowly strip her clothes off one by one while kissing me and rubbing my cock. After what seemed like an eternity, she was finally naked and crawled between my legs.
“Are you ready, baby” She asks, a wicked smile on her face.
“Yes, mom” I say, desperate for her touch.
“Well, then, here you go, Tommy” She says, as her hands move to my pants and she slowly unzips them, pulling them down, and freeing my hard cock.
She learned close and whispered in my ear, her large breasts only inches from my face.
“I love you, baby” She whispers, her lips brushing my ear, and her breath warm.
Her tongue darts out and she licks the rim of my ear, and her hand grips my shaft, slowly stroking me. “
I’m so glad you came to my room last week, you have been so obedient and eager to please, I think it is time for a reward, do you agree?”She asks.
“Yes, mom” I say, not sure what to expect.
“Good, Tommy. But you not the only family member iv been fucking beside your father” She says and winks at me.
My cock is throbbing and she takes me in her mouth, and sucks hard.
“Oh, fuck, mom” I moan, as her tongue flicks the tip of my cock, and her finger tips lightly graze my balls.
My mind is racing trying to figure out what she meant, was she talking about my uncle’s or was she seeing other guys.
“Fuck, mom, you’re so good” I moan, as her hands squeeze and tug at my balls.
“You taste so good, baby” She says, as she takes my cock down her throat,
“Who else in the family have you been fucking mom? Iv thought of all of the possibilities, my cousin, uncles, maybe your brother?”
“Fuck, mom, you’re amazing” I moan, as her hands massage my balls, and her tongue licks the tip of my cock.
“Do you want to fuck my ass, baby?”
I really did, but the mystery of who else she was fucking was really driving me crazy. We hadn’t seen any of our other family members in almost 6 months, and we didn’t talk to any of them.
“Yes I do mom, but please, tell me who you’re talking about”
“Mmmm, I will baby boy but first” She says, as her hand wraps tingly around my shaft, and her fingers lightly massage my balls.
“Tell me how much you love me, and what you would do to me” She says, as her fingers gently caress the tip of my cock.
“Oh, fuck, mom, you’re amazing, I love you so much, I would do anything for you, anything you want”
I say, as her hand strokes me slowly, and her finger tips trace the length of my shaft.
“What if I want you to watch someone else fuck me, right now, what would you say, would you do it?”
“Fuck, mom, yes, I would do anything, just please tell me who”
“Mmmm, that’s my baby boy, I want you to go first Tommy ok” she says licking her lips and taking the tip of my cock in her mouth and sucking softly.
I don’t know what to say, her words are confusing, but her mouth feels amazing, and the thought of her sucking another man’s cock turns me on.
She pops me out of her mouth and gets on the bed in doggy position.
“Now Tommy, I want you to fuck me in the ass.”
She says, as she spreads her ass cheeks, revealing her pink rosebud.
“Fuck, mom” I moan, as the tip of my cock slides between her cheeks, and her hole puckers.
“Yes baby but is some vaseline, please.” She begs and quickly moves to her nightstand and applies a generous amount to both my cock and her ass hole.
“Oh, fuck, mom, you’re so tight” I moan, as her anal muscles grip my shaft, and her fingers press against her clit.
“Yes, Tommy, fuck me, fuck your mom” She moans, as her hips buck, and her body writhes beneath me.
“Yes, mom, you’re so good” I moan, as her anal muscles flex and relax, milking my cock.
“Fuck, Tommy, you’re so big” She moans, as her toes curl, and her legs tremble.
“Tell me who you’ve been fucking mom.” I demand, grabbing her ass and squeezing her.
“Oh, fuck, baby, yes, that feels so good” She moans, her hands clawing at the sheets.
“Yes, Tommy, yes, fuck your mom” She moans, her hips grinding, her ass pushing against me.
“I’ve been a dirty nasty woman, I’ve been fucking Max” she says and looks at me over her shoulder.
what I can’t believe what I’m hearing.
“What! Max like our dog Max?” I ask in disbelief.
“Yes, baby, you want to see me get fucked by a dog don’t you?”
She says, as her ass squeezes my cock, and her hands grab her tits.
I really don’t know what to think. My mother is fucking my dog…
“The night you came in to my room I thought you were Max and but when you put the handcuffs on me the dog was forgotten, I didn’t want you to stop.”
“Fuck, mom, yes, I want to see it” I moan, as her ass grinds against me, and her fingers rub her clit.
“Come on, baby, cum for me, I want to feel you cum inside me”
She moans, her hips rocking, her ass pushing back against me.
I can’t believe this is happening, I’m actually fucking my mom, and she is telling me about fucking our dog, it’s insane, and so fucking hot.
“ tell me mom, how did you get in to fucking our dog?” I say as my balls slap her clit.
Mmmm she moaned loudly, “I was out for a run, and Max was with me we passed a female dog the one ate the end of the block”
It belong to a new family that had just moved in to the neighborhood.
Max was always the friendly dog, and when the female started to run and play with him,
“I kept going, not paying attention to them, but when I got home I noticed Max had a raging hard on”
She giggled.
“Fuck, mom, you’re so hot” I moan, as her ass pushes back against me, and her fingers making a wet smacking sound as she fingers her puss.
“You’re making me cum, baby” She moans, her body shaking, her hips bucking, and her ass contracting around my cock.
I encourage her to keep talking about her experience with Max.
“That’s it, mom, tell me”
“Yes, baby, I was getting ready for shower, and Max followed me is to the bathroom”
She moaned.
“Mmmm, he was sniffing me, and when he started licking me, I let him”
She said and giggled.
“He licked me so good, I couldn’t help but cum, his tongue was so rough, and he was licking me so fast”
She said and laughed.
“Mmmmm, fuck, mom, you’re amazing”
I moaned, my body tense, my cock throbbing.
“You’re gonna make me cum”
I moaned, as my body jerked, and my cock exploded, shooting my load deep inside her.
“Oh, fuck, yes, mom” I moaned, as my body shuddered, and my balls emptied.
“Mmm, yeah, baby, cum for me, cum for your mommy ” She moaned, as her body shook, and her ass squeezed my cock.
She seemed so excited for what was coming next she pulled her self off of me so fast it hurt.
“Now it’s Max turn” she says, her eyes full of lust and anticipation.
I just looked at her and couldn’t believe that was really happening.
She opened the bedroom door and called Max into the room.
He trotted in and she kneeled in front of him.
“Mmm, hello Max”
She said and started rubbing him.
“Come here, baby”
She said and got down underneath him her ass sticking up in the air cum leaked down her leg slowly.
I just stood there in shock and awe.
“Come on, Tommy, join us, and don’t worry, Max will not bite”
She said and started kissing and licking his dick.
Max is a large pit mastiff mix but it seemed like he had a large cock even for his breed.
She sucked him into her mouth and moaned.
“Come on, baby” She said and took his entire length into her mouth.
Max whined and whimpered and she continued to suck him.
He licked her ass hole and my mom shivered.
“Oh, Max” She moaned.
“That’s it, lick your bitch”
She said and started pushing back against him.
He pushed his muzzle deeper between her ass cheeks and licked my cum out of her.
She moaned and pushed her ass up in the air spreading it wider for him.
Max’s hips started moving and my mother started sucking him harder.
She moaned and he pushed his cock further down her throat.
She moaned and swallowed his entire cock.
My mother is a nasty little fuck toy.
She pulled his cock out and gasped for air
“Fuck, that’s it, Max” She moaned and he licked her clit.
“He’s ready Tommy, and it looks like you are too” she laughed and got in position for Max.
I almost didn’t noticed that my cock was rock hard again.
I walked over and watched as my mother got fucked by my dog.
Max had mounted her and was humping away in her ass hole.
She was moaning and begging him to fuck her.
“Oh, fuck, Max” She moaned, as his hips thrust and his cock buried itself deep inside her.
“Fuck, baby, that’s it, fuck your bitch” She moaned, as his balls slapped against her clit.
“Yeah, you’re making mommy cum”
She moaned, her ass grinding against him, her tits bouncing.
Max whimpered and growled.
“Yeah, you’re a big bad doggie”
She moaned, her ass pushing against him, her tits swaying.
I kneel down in front of her and shove my cock into her mouth.
“Oh, fuck, Tommy” She mumbles moans, as she takes me down her throat.
Her eyes roll back and her body convulses.
She moans, as my balls slap against her chin, and her tongue swirls around the tip of my cock.
I pull out and push my cock between her tits, her mouth following.
“Mmmm, fuck, Tommy”
She moans, as she sucks on the tip of my cock, her hands groping her tits.
“That’s it, mom, fuck your boy, and your dog”
I moan, as her lips wrap around the head of my cock, and her tongue darts into the slit.
She moans, her lips forming a tight seal, her cheeks hollowing, and her tongue flicking the tip of my cock.
I grunt, as my balls twitch, and my cock erupts, shooting a thick load down her throat.
She swallows every drop.
I pull out and slide down underneath her
“Come on, mom, let’s fuck you from both ends” it takes some maneuver but we managed to get into position And I place the tip of my cock against her wet cunt.
She moans, her ass pushing back against me, her pussy lips parting.
“Oh, fuck, mom” I moan, as her pussy engulfs my cock, and Max hammer her ass hole hard.
“Oh, Tommy, you’re so big”
She moans, as her ass bucks, and her tits sway.
“Oh, fuck, mom”
I moan, as her pussy tightens around my cock, her tits bounce, and her nipples brush my chest.
“Oh, Tommy, fuck me”
She moans, her voice low and husky.
“Yes, mom, fuck, take it all”
I can feel Max in her ass hole through my mother’s vaginal walls, his cock thrusting, and his balls slapping against mine .
“Fuck, yes, Tommy, yes”
She moans, her hands clawing, her nails digging into my skin.
“Oh, mom”
I moan, as her pussy tightens, her nipples harden, and her ass cheeks flex.
“Fuck, Tom, that’s it, take it, fuck your mom, fuck her like a dog”
She moans, as her pussy clenches, and her body shakes.
I moan, as her pussy grips my cock, and her ass grinds against me.
“Mmm, Max” sho moans loudly
feel max’s knot swelling from deep within her ass hole.
“Oh, god, that’s it, I’m cumming”
She moans, her ass bucking, her tits bouncing.
The pressure in her asshole prevents me from moving my cock much at and I can see by the look on her face that she is struggling to withstand both of us inside her.
“Fuck, Max, yes”
She moans, as his cock pulses,
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck, cum in your bitch”
She moans, her hips grinding, her ass cheeks flexing.
Max howls and growls, his cock exploding inside her.
“Yes, mom, take it”
I moan, as her pussy clenches, and her body shakes.
“Oh, Tommy, fuck, fuck, yes, yes”
She moans, her voice low and husky, her ass grinding, her tits swaying.
“Oh, mom”
Max finishes and pulls out, hot, sticky dog cum splashes my cock and balls.
My mother gasps for air.
“Mmm, fuck, mom”
She collapses on top of me, panting and breathing hard.
“Oh, shit, Tom” She pants.
“Oh, god, you’re still hard”
She moans, her hand reaching for my cock.
“Fuck, Tommy, that’s it, fuck your mom”
She moans, as her ass slides up and down my cock, her pussy clenching, and her tits bouncing.
I moan, as my body tenses, and my cock pulses, my balls twitch, and I shoot a thick ropes of cum deep inside her.
She stays on top of me for a long time, rocking her hips back-and-forth slowly.
“Oh, god, Tommy” She moans, as her body relaxes.
“Wow, mom”
I moan, as she crawls off me, and dawn to my rapidly softening cock.
“You’re such a good boy, Tommy”
She says, and licks my cock, cleaning the cum off it.
“Oh, fuck, mom”
I moan, as her mouth engulfs my cock, her tongue swirling around the tip, and dawn to my bolls.
She looks up at me, and her eyes sparkle with mischief.
“I guess your mom is a little bitch know”


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