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me and the girl upstairs forced to do it by homeless couple

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I at 13, she at 13 we’d been playing nude together since we were 9. I saw her tits blossom, her hair grow and she saw me the same. Then it happened

We were now used to seeing and playing with each other naked. I rubbed her pussy, licked her pussy, she sucked my cock. We were always too afraid to actually fuck because of pregnancy, but a few times she let me stick my little cock in her asshole. But at the time I was still too young to shoot. We were naked, and playing in this vacant house, where we would hide and play naked. Then one day we were surprised by this old, homeless woman and man. We tried to get dressed but they wouldn’t let us. They were telling us how bad we were doing those things and being naked in front of each other. Then the woman told the man that kids needed to experiment, then turning to us said that we needed to do it right.

She made us tell her all the things we’d done in the previous 4 years, and we were told that our parents should have spanked us both for doing those nasty things. We told them that they didn’t know. “Well, now we know” said the woman. “You should both get spankings for doing that nasty stuff, I guess I could spank you, naked spankings because you’ve been so bad together”. Neither of us wanted that, but she said it was that or tell our parents. Then the strange thing. She started getting naked. She was plump, really big tits, but other than that a nice body. She had dark pink nipples that were much thicker my my friends Sami’s (short for samantha). She had a very hairy pussy and showed us a very pretty ass though. Soon, sitting on a chair, I was told that I was first. The man grabbed my hand and put me over her lap. I was begging not to but told again, it was this or the parents were going to do it. With that the first swat of her hand landed on my ass. The second lasted longer on my ass as she was rubbing it, then dipping her hand between my legs feeling my balls and cock. “Nice baby” she said. Then swatted me three more times, each time feeling me and getting my cock hard.

The man asked Sami “Do you suck his cock?” “Yes” she answered. “Then do it”.

She sucked my cock and the naked woman took over, pushing her off. The man took Sami over his knee and spanked her feeling her pussy. It was really wet. I shot off in the womans mouth. She told the man to get naked. We thought he was going to rape Sami but it was so he could fuck the woman. They fucked and made us stand there and watch them. As he pulled out I could see his sperm leaking out of her big, hairy pussy. Then they told us to do it. We were afraid of getting pregnant, and told them, she said she wasn’t on any birth control either just to do it, OR it was the parents. Sami looked at me and nodded. She laid down on our blankets, a wet spot on them now from the homeless people fucking. The woman pulled up Sami’s legs and I licked her pussy for a while and the man pulled me off and told me to fuck her or he would. Sami told me to do it, do it now and I got between her legs and fucked my best friend. I took her cherry pussy that day. After I was made to fuck the woman in her used pussy, the man jacked off and shot into Sami’s mouth. We were finally let go, and Sami and I walked home with my sperm in her fertile young, formerly virgin pussy.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    So good, but would have enjoyed Sami getting raped by the homeless bum!