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Starting my sexual journey the pred way

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Some things to know im a 14 year old boy and I love babysitting for all the wrong reasons lol

Basically nowadays I babysit almost exclusively in my free time, as much as I can, to get my cock wet as much as possible. The girls i babysit are all between 8 and 10 at the oldest and they’re all really gullible lol

About 3 months ago i started to use the girls i sit to my sexual advantage, and considering i babysit at least twice a week for a few neighborhoods i can bike to, i get quite a lot of action lol.

What started me off doing this was a girl 8 years old that we can cal sarah. She was a cute girl and kinda athletic, i piped her up n sugar that night and she was bouncing around all over the place, we were having lots of fun. She went upstairs after a while of playing to ake a shower before bed and i decided i had enough time to masturbate really quickly. Instead she came down before even getting into the shower so i had to cover up super quick and was super annoyed.

But she came down wearing nothing lol naked as the day she was born and my boner just wouldnt go away as i watched her cute little butt, bald pussy and flat chest go grab a cup of water and a snack before showering. Now, i was super horny and wasnt exactly thinking straight so i just kinda stared at her as she went around the place naked on the couch, and rubbed my bulge. She saw e obviously and asked why i was rubbing my crotch and if it hurted. She was so kind

I said to her yeah i washurting can you come help me out, I know you want to be a nurse. We had played nurse and doctor earlier so it jst kinda fell into place lol. While i pulled hard cock out to show her I told her that when boys get older sometimes their willies get hard and stiff like mine was, and it hurt, so it needed help to go down. Ofcourse being a naive little girl she wanted to help me, so i asked her what she does when she hurts something and she said she rubbed and sucked it to feel bettr. I told her hat se was right thats what you do when a willy gets all hard like this and asked her if she would help me out.

She agreed pretty easily and brought her tiny hands up to rub it kind of like a massage would be lol didnt feel to good. But what did feel good was when she started to suck on my cock. She suckled on my tip and it felt so good. I told her to keep doing that until it went soft, and also tild her that boys willys shoot outa juice like a mommy shoot sout milk when it starts to go down so she’ll know. She told me okay around my cock and it felt so good.

So she suckled on me for a fe minutes until i came into her mouth where she pulled back and some of my cum landed on her face. She was kinda spooked but i told her thank and that she did a super good ob lol she got happy with herself and thenw ent to shower and sleep.

After that night I began to use as many naive girls i could sit to become my pesonal little cock toys and have been enjoying those ripe bodies these past 3 months. Its been wonderful

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    You need to be EXTERMINATED


    Great Story Do Part 2

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    I would love to hear so see what you have done! [email protected]

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    Go to jail you pedo. We dont like you here

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