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Sallys Headmistress

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Young Junes introduction to masturbation

My name in John and my wife is Sally I am 35 and she is 30. Tell you straight away we are one of those “How did he get her?” couples. Define ordinary and thats me, define Sally well Your talking about a figure to die for 38D 24 waist 36 hips with gorgeous legs oh and a very pretty face.
Our only child is June she is ten and as pretty as a picture .To be honest it is difficult for me. Both Sally and I were highly sexed and to see that child skipping around sometimes in a little vest or sometimes in the bathroom naked isn’t easy. Sally understood and if I mentioned my frustrations we would role play “Daddys” Silly I know, but it helped she bought a plain cotton vest and panties and I seduced her or sometimes she would be a naughty girl and tease me. She could be very naughty and sometime when sucking me would look up with innocent eyes and say “It’s too big for my little mouth Daddy” That would really set me off and roleplay would come to a halt and very very aduly play would begin.

Sally loved her vulva being “loved” as she called it her labia lips were perfectly swollen and she had a specially protruding cliterous it was literally like a small penis so you can imagine the effect of a bite and release over and over again did to her. When she was ready she would talk dirty the words coming out of her pretty lips were someting else demanding to be fucked.pleading to be cunt fucked asking for my dirty cock and stuff like
Soon it would be time for her bud to be fucked. tongued and fingered first then ever so gently entered before she took my full length and we were in a frenzy with me spunking deep into her bowel.

Sally works from home so when I returned from home one night I knew there was something wrong June was in her room and Sally was sitting in ther kitchen her fingers drumming the table.
“I’ve caught her masturbating!:
“Oh I know we’ve said her room was private but I didn’t think and barged in”
“Apparently she had seen other girls in the school do it and so she tried”
This called for a family meeting so we called her down moved into the comfort of the lounge. After a discussion including her it was decided to call the school
A meeting was arranged and the next evening we met with the schools headmistress
Which was a bit of a shock her not being ones idea of a headmistress well not mine anyway!
We put it to her that girls in an under the age of eleven school masturbating and June confirmed telling her the names She stood up come round the desk I’m sorry my girls have involved June I usually introduce them to sex just before they leave.I will aprehend them I can assure you. As she stood there my imagination took over she was a little older than Sally but if possible a larger bust everything else the same maybe her features a little sharper and I could visulising her instructing June in the sexual arts.

I didn’t know to later that Sally had caught on but she butted in
“I am sorry but the damage has been done I insist you give June the same instructions but because of her age in the privacy of our home”
She didn’t blink an eye
“Very well I suggest over 3 nights and both of you must chaperone”
We agreed dates were fixed and we had just managed to get out the door when Sally burst out laughing
“I saw the look on your face when yo saw her now you are going to have a real look!”

So the first night came and we explained best we could to Jane what was going to happen
She arrived on time introducing herself as Monica
“Is any room preferable?”
We led her to the lounge June was in her nightdress
“This is fine take off your nightdress dear”
She took off her overcoat
“Is there anywhere I can put this ?”
Jeeeez ! The woman was naked apart from a bra
She took out two vibes from her handbag to say that the whole family were gobsmacked would just be about cover it!

“Now up on the chair June dear and open your legs now then when you are masturbating you should always use some of this at first and she smeared some lube in her slit and a little on this smearing a little on a very small vibe”
“Don’t use your fingers and she just took the tip of the vibe to her slit”
June jumped as she gently pushed it in “this is what mommy feels when daddy puts his penis there”
By this time I was as hard as a rock and byy the bulge in my pants the bitch must have known it
By this time June was gasping and her little body trembling when she took it out
‘Now Rule No 1 Don’t use fingers have mommy buy you one of these”
“Rule No 2 ask mommy when you feel like a bigger one so you will be ready for a big penis like daddys
June was listening like I’m sure she’d never listened to any subject in class
She turned to us “now if you will excuse me I need to demonstrate to June
I looked at Sally she gave a little smile “No we will stay”
She shrugged and oved to the other chair and hooked her legs over the arms exposing a perfect shaped vulva (and yes some are more perfect than others) and a pink rosebud.
She handed June the vibe now you do what i did
June went to put it in
“No No No! the greasy stuff!”
“Sorry Miss’
She put some in the slit and on the vibe
“Oh yes that feels really nice but I’m a grown up so mine is bigger than yours so we can get mommy to help”
She stood up and rummaged in her bag and found a really good sized one long and thick Got back on the chair
“If you will oblige SallY?”
Sally had a cotton dress on and I could see was soaking
For demonstration purposes use the lube
Sally was working on auto pilot her hands were shaking as she lubed and inserted the vibe
The whole length seemed to be sucked in as Monica jerked and panted “more more fuck me fuck me!!!”
When Sally pulled out Monica sagged in the chair and grinned “thats what a big one does”
June had the small one and was fucking herself with it “there we are learning already”
Nobody could help notice Sally and I were like dogs on heat there was a child fucking herself and a gorgeous women haveing just come down from an orgasm
She wiped herself and the vibe “I’ll leave the little one with you”
“Are we OK for tomorrow?”
Returning her coat Sally escorted her to the door
She fingered Sallys soaking wet crotch and winked
:See you tommorrow

(Hopefully with 2 days to go things will heat up

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    Starting as early as possible, three maybe four definitely no older than 5. The tight little bald stuff makes Daddy’s so horny. I love share my load with little girls

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    Please Grade and comment on the continuations I wouls like an idea for the final (cont)

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    I’m so hot

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    If that was taught at school… I’d definitely enjoy it more

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      Gotta teach them when they are younger 11 is too old already