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Women should serve the patriarchy. They should obey as that is their purpose in life

Hi guys . I am a girl and all my life I have been taught things that I don’t know if others have . I just want to know if it is normal or not .
I am 14
My brother is 25

My brother has been fucking me since I turned 10 and my dad has as well . I am their cum slut . Only there for their entertainment .
I was taught as a kid that whenever a man walks in you are supposed to open your legs or take your bra off . And that you are meant to get on your knees and show your submission and give them a blowjob. I go to school and my brother fucks me every morning so does my dad they both fill me up with cum and then tape it up saying I shouldn’t waste a single drop and it would be exiting to see who gets me pregnant as they both fill me with sperm . I have to go to school with sperm in my pussy and I have a vibrator stuck to my pussy and my brother turns it on whenever he wants on the highest level . Once he was coming to pick me up and I was with a male teacher and he turned it on and I let out a moan . He says I’m a slut and I am just made for my holes and that I should be grateful as men gave me a purpose in life without them I have no purpose . Also I was taught that rape does not exist . If a man fucks you it shows that they chose you and a women should be grateful that she was chosen by the patriarchy . So if a man grabs my ass I have to thank him and have to submit myself to him . Also my dad makes me do all sorts apparently of a male is ever nice to me , I have to offer my body and a blowjob and anything he wants . So if a man talks to me , helps me with my work , does anything for me I need to please him and show him that I am ready to submit .
Also I am not allowed to say no . As women are inferior to men . They are there to serve men . I have one of those auto sex machines at home where you get strapped to a pole and if fucks you and vibrates . Whenever my dad and brother don’t feel like playing with me I am put on that and have to squirm as I cannot move it . When they don’t want to do that I am tied with a dog collar that says slut and a chain . I live in a cage and am required to wear a but plug at all times unless said otherwise . I don’t own any bras or knickers . I have to walk around the house naked ( actually most of the time I have to crawl as I am not on the same level of men) . My dad always brings over his friends and whenever he does he tell me to serve tea and the tea bags are ate attached to my tits via a clip so they are Rick hard and it is very hard to do . I have also been used by dads friends . I have to serve them sushi and have to lay down so they can use my pussy juices as a dressing and they fuck my as they go . I am required to cum and put it in a bowl so they can use it as well . They bite my tits and everything . I have to suck they clean why they don’t clean their ducks and smell like shit . I cannot say anything even if it is the worlds ugliest man he still has more worth than me and I should be grateful he chose me as his cum dump . My brother also uses my as his toilet I have to drink his piss and eat his shit that is my meal . One day it is my brother . Then next day it is my dad and if I am lucky I will get a bit of cum too .
Even if i am in pain I can not say anything . My pain = their pleasure .
Also I try hard in school but sometimes it just doesn’t work so I ended up failing my test and daddy got so mad he talked to the teacher and invited him home to fuck me . He fucked my ass all night and fumed in me 3 times . I get shared around all the time . I fuck black men all the time as they have big cocks and are great doms according to daddy . I always get fucked anal without being told apparently it isn’t fun if the woman enjoys it .

Please tell me if this happens to others and if this is right . If it is what else should i do to please the patriarchy .

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    What a lovely fucked up fantasy to have.Did you jill off to this as you wrote it?!

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1e8obsudop2c

    Littlecumslut you are very lucky to have such a loving family to teach you your place!! I would love to hear more about it!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    This is what young teens are for

  • Reply TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Oh my god ! I thought that I was the only one that went through what you are now going through . Both of my stepdad and stepbrother would wait until I got home from school, then they would bend my over the kitchen table lifting my dress up and fucking my pussy until both of them came in me . When I told my mom what they were doing to me, she told me that we have no place to go .so we had to put up with that until my mom was able to save enough money and we both left in the middle of the night not going back . that was 15 years ago , so thanks for your story , your not alone ,

    • CBlack ID:dlnu8y8rc

      Do you miss them Tara? Be honest

  • Reply jack ID:fx6xq4v99

    Yes its right and do u have telagram id love to see them fuck you

    • Daddy ID:6ce3n2tk0b

      go to nearest cops and tell them all things. this is worst thing your brother and dad doing. this is not life its a hell