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Amy Tale/s – Return the Paige

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Bamby was destroying virgin boys that didn’t even have hair on their balls in grade school. Now she was the most sought-after piece of ass by the guys

We returned from our vacation on a Saturday which was one month after Paige left. I had turned my phone off on the plane and Ken was not at the apartment, so I grabbed my phone. I had messages and texts from Ken and Aunt Bethany. Ken was at Greg’s. Paige had her license, and her stepdad bought her a car. Paige had run away Friday night and they were still looking for her. I called Bethany and said Paige is not here and that I would let her know if she showed up. I tried to call Paige and no answer, and I left a message and sent a text.

Bethany called me Sunday around noon and Paige had come home. All Paige would say is she stayed at a friend’s house. Paige did not respond to my texts or messages, and I just thought, maybe it was hard for her to talk to me, like, she missed me, and it hurt to talk. I went to work Monday, and Friday after work at the apartment, Ken gave me the bad news. Sunday at 10am, Paige showed up at my door with an overnight bag, and we hugged each other so tight we could not breathe, and we kissed.

I took Monday off and at 9am, a small moving van arrived and delivered Paige’s belongings, and we gave her one of the guest rooms. Paige’s mom had taken care of all the arrangements with Ken and Ken’s parents, and she had enrolled Paige in the same high school where Sophia teaches. Paige moved in with me and started her junior year of high school. You probably feared my bad news was tragic, and in a way, it is, but it was the best bad news I had in a month.

Paige was water in the desert, and I revived having her around – until the little brat drained me after school started. Paige went from new girl to infamous lesbian overnight. Paige was one of the hottest girls in school, and she had Sophia for one of her classes. Sophia wanted me to do something about Paige. Paige would come to class and hug Sophia around the neck every day and kiss her cheek. Sophia is a hot 34–35-year-old 6’ athletic pretty blonde. A wet dream of all the high school boys. Paige’s affections toward Sophia caused rumors to spread that Paige had seduced Sophia. The boys already went home from school and jacked off thinking about the hot English teacher Sophia, but now they had the added fantasy of Sophia and Paige engaged in lesbian bliss. Paige developed a reputation for being sexually aggressive. Then the first phone call from the school came.

I went to the school and the assistant principle (a female) talked to me alone in her office. After the first two minutes I wanted her to let Paige in. The lady said it was better if we discussed it, and I handle discipline myself or the next time Paige would be suspended. The assistant principle claimed Paige was caught in the bathroom by another teacher making out with a girl. I insisted Paige be in here to find out what happened because this bitch would not get passed “making out.” I mean, is Paige the only person in this school to ever get caught kissing someone? I reasserted my request for Paige to be brought in. I told the assistant principle that Paige is very smart, and she will not do this again once I understand what happened.

The assistant principle let Paige in, and I asked what happened? Paige said, miss Crochety Pants caught me and Bamby in the bathroom, and I was fingering Bamby’s pussy and kissing her. The assistant principle said, Paige, do not say that! Paige said, excuse me, her vagina. I laughed and the principle scolded me. I told the assistant principle; I assure you this will not happen again because Paige knows she will be sent home if she does not behave. Since it was her first offense, they did not suspend Paige.

When I got home from work that day, I asked Paige, are you really so hard up for pussy that you need to finger girls in the bathroom? Paige said, no, but Bamby is hot, and she is the most popular girl to the boys, and some of the other girls did not believe I could fuck her even though she was straight. I said, no more schoolhouse seductions or you are going back to your mom. I kissed Paige and said, I would not send you back to your mom, but this kind of stuff is below a Princess. I am sure you can figure out how to feed your kink and be a good student for me, please. Paige kissed me and said, I will tone it down.

Friday, I enter the apartment after work, and there is Paige and another white girl naked on the couch. The girl jumps up and grabs her clothes to cover herself. Paige licks her lips and doesn’t move and she says, Bamby, this is Madam Amy my Queen, you can call her miss Amy. Bamby sits with her clothes covering the vitals and says, I am sorry, please don’t tell my mom. Bamby was a rockin body light brunette, and she probably started fucking boys in the 7th or 8th grade. Bamby was destroying virgin boys that didn’t even have hair on their balls in grade school. Now she was the most sought-after piece of ass by the guys. If you wanted the best pussy the high school had to offer, Bamby was top of the list.

Bamby thought she was hot shit, and the girls hated her, and there was not a guy (even teachers), that did not want to fuck her. Bamby’s reputation as the primo pussy in school did not sit well with Paige, and Paige seduced her ass. Paige was Bamby’s first lesbian sex encounter, and after that, Paige acquired the nom de guerre, Bamby slayer. Paige was competing with the boys for the best pussy, and she was beating them. I said, hi Bamby, why don’t you two go to the bedroom Paige, because Ken will be here soon. Paige gets up and walks over to me naked and kisses me and says, okay my Queen, I love you; and she takes Bamby by the hand and to her room. Bamby spent the night, and Paige put the collar on Courtney and took Coco to her room with her, and Bamby will never be the same because not even Bamby is as hot as Courtney.

The next Friday, I open the door, and Paige is naked sitting in the lap of a real cute white boy on the couch kissing and fucking him. Paige turns to me and lifts her ass off his rock-hard dick and says, look Queenie, a pecker. Paige was right, it was less than 7 inches and probably barely 6 inches and not thick. I do not even say anything as I sit my purse down and she goes back to fucking the boy. Pecker was one of the most popular boys in school, and although he was not the quarterback, he was a star running back. Paige was probably the last strange Pecker fucked in high school, because Paige destroyed him with little dick jokes. This was typical of what Paige did to all the popular boys. Paige became such a sexual predator that the boys feared her. Paige even caused the male teachers’ anxiety over their manhood.

How do I know all this? Sophia would fill me in on Paige’s sexual dominance. Sophia would hear students and the teachers gossiping about Paige. Race did not matter to Paige as she fucked the most popular black girls and Latina girls. The best-looking girls in the school no longer chased the guys, they chased Paige. Paige fucked her way through all the genders and nationalities, and I come home on another Friday, and Paige is holding onto the counter as a cute black guy (Dominic) is fucking her from behind and rubbing her tits. Paige moves forward and his dick comes out and she says, this is the biggest one I could find. He had an 8.5-inch cock and above average thickness. That is a big cock. Greg, Michael, Anthony, and Ethan with cocks from 9 to 12 inches, are in the top one percent.

You are going to find that 95% of men are less than 7 inches with maybe 4% between 7 to 8 inches. Paige had fucked the extreme around my friends, and she was trying to find it again in a high school…not likely. Dominic played all the major sports, and received Paige’s highest grade, “he was alright.” After Paige fucked her way through all the competition and popularity circles, she was bored with high schoolers. Paige was smart and had good grades, and when boredom set in, her grades improved even more. Paige evolved into more than just a sexy slut, but a complex erudite that had no rival.

Her mother was Paige’s rival, and me and Janet. Paige was playing on a level far above high school, but she wanted to play. Enter Janet. Janet knew about the Paige residency right after I found out, and to Janet, this was a pipeline into a high school where virgins lived. Paige became the intelligence-related source Janet dreamed of. Janet no longer had to go to football games and flash little boys and query them on their virginity. Janet wanted to milk virgin cocks and swallow the cum. It was a delicacy of the Duchess, and she wanted Paige to find them.

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