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Carolyn and her 11 year old daughter Emily, came to my door at exactly 10:00. I asked them both if they are dressed correctly, Emily lifted her light summery dress right up to her neck to show me that she was completely naked, then her mummy did the same, she was also wearing a light summery dress and lifted the front of her dress, right up to her neck as well to show me that she was wearing absolutely nothing too.
It was then that I noticed that they were both carrying a pair of flat slip-on sandals too, so I told them both that they can come inside, but they stopped as soon as they had stepped into my hallway, and before I closed the door, lifted their dresses right up and over their heads and handed them to me.
I have a big armchair in my hallway and told Emily to kneel on the armchair seat, spread her legs and pull her arse cheeks wide apart , then I stood up really close close to her, aimed my cock at her rosebud and rammed my cock right into her tight hole and kept pushing until my balls were up against her butt cheeks then I started fucking her just as hard as I could. When I felt that my cum was about to blow, I pulled my now shit covered cock out of her arse, stepped round beside her, told her to open her mouth, then I shoved my dirty cock in between her lips and down her throat.
She started gagging and crying right away, but I kept pushing until my cum exploded from cock, and I fired my full cum load all the way down her tiny throat.
Without being told to, Emily pulled back from my cock, grabbed hold of my cock and began to lick all of her own shit off of my cock, she started to puke but her mummy put her own hand over her daughters mouth so that Emily had to swallow everything.
Emily did swallow every bit of her shit that she licked from my cock, Emily then asked me if she could wipe her face clean but I told her to leave her face dirty, but then I had a naughty thought and said to Carolyn, that she can either lick her daughters face now or wait until we come back from the café we are going to for our breakfasts.
She replied really quickly that she’d clean Emily’s face on our return. I took them to my bedroom and told them both to kneel on the edge of my bed.
When they were in position, I told them both to spread their legs and pull their arse cheeks wide apart too.
I then stood behind Carolyn, lined my cock up with her arse hole, leaned forward and shoved my cock balls deep into her arse in one really rough movement.
Carolyn then let out a very noisy fart from her arse as I pushed my cock in to her, which obviously then pushed the air inside her arse out.
I got two butt plugs from my bedside table, one big one and one really big one and asked Carolyn and Emily who would like which plug, but they both said that I could push whichever plug into whoever’s arse I wanted to. so I rammed the really big plug up into Emily’s arse, but told her to walk and sit normally for as long as the plug is up inside her, and I rammed the other plug into her mummy’s arse, and I told her exactly the same thing, then I told them to get dressed as we are going out for breakfast.
I told Emily to sit in the front beside me, and pull her dress up to her waist, so that I can play with her fanny as I am driving, and I told Carolyn to sit in the back, (I have Limo Black glass in the rear/side windows at the back of my car) and for her to strip naked and wank herself to cum as often as she can, before we get to the café, and there will be a prize for the most times she cums.
When we got to the café Carolyn got out from the back of the car looking like she had been gangbanged, as her fanny was quite red and really swollen, with lots of her fanny juice running from her hairy fanny, right down her legs and forming a pool around her bare feet.
I asked her often she had cum, but she said she couldn’t remember, so I gave her £50 anyway, then we went into the café and the few customers already there looked at us, but especially at the shit on Emily’s face.
The waitress gave us a table at the back of place so we could not be seen too easily, and I told both of them to swap plugs right now, so Carolyn reached for her daughters plug and yanked it out, then Emily got a hold of Emily’s plug and yanked that right out of Emily’s arse as well.
When we were all sitting down I reminded the pair of them to sit with their legs as wide open as they dared to, and when the waitress came to take our order she could easily see both girls hairy fannies.
She must have enjoyed the view she was getting as she stood beside the girls quite a bit longer than she really needed to. and after we had eaten I gave Emily £50 as well, as she was sitting with her own shit on her face and had her legs wider apart than her mummy’s were.
I then took the girls for a sightseeing drive, we had an ice dream and they both flashed their hairy fannies at everyone we saw, before I eventually drove Carolyn and Emily back to my house.
I took their plugs out, fucked both their arses and rammed a plug back up each of their arse holes, having swapped them again so that Emily had the really big plug up her arse again, to keep all of my cum in their bowels.
Before they left to walk home in what was now pouring rain, I also told them to keep everything about them exactly the same as things are right now, until I see them next time…

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Love it.

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ddh4bvtfpue

    Correction to a wrongly worded action. Emily reached for and yanked out her mummy Carolyn’s butt plug, not her own, as I mistakenly wrote. Sorry to all…

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1cstbhmwk8i3

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all and Keep On Fuckin…

  • Reply TwistedDad ID:7zv1ccepd3

    Have Emily get pregnant, that’d be hot as fuck

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1efxztakpukp

      That will happen at some point, as Carolyn had Emily when she was 13, so Emily will have a baby when she is 13 as well…

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Kiddyfucker !!! Britney

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1efxztakpukp

      Aw thank you BRITNEY, and a Very Merry Christmas to you too…

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfzr9

    Mmm curious, but not without a certain charm!!

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1efxztakpukp

      Thank you for your comment Cracksniffer, but why does it seem curious…