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I was fifteen at the time and all my friends were talking about how there boyfriend fingered them and they gave them blow jobs.

My name’s Julia and I had 32B cup boobs and a nice curvy body yet all the boys I’ve dated had tiny fucks unlike my friends I wanted a thick long cock.

So I went online I posted videos and pictures on a dating site and I got a message from a guy named Caleb he looked older with a clean face a curly hair his skin tone was just like my lightskinned.

He messaged me first with a hello pretty girl I responded with a hi

We talked for months until it got sexual and Id send pussy pics and naked pics and I got a couple of duck pics and it was huge 10 inches thick and long.

And the perfect time he came over was when my parents were on a cruise.

I got dressed in short pajama shorts and a tip that made my boobs pop when he came we watched a movie and then we kissed he took my virginity it was great he had made me a slut it was great.

Until one day he I voted 5 friends over Andrew James Jordan Carlos and Marco.

He got me drunk and fucked me and he left and they all took turns in out of the room fucking me and filling me up with cum I was overjoyed

I let him pimp me out for money

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  • Reply Sweet_honey_pot ID:y17ezgtvhew

    That is def hot , I am a female with urges even younger , i loved getting fingered and fucker , gangbaned all by older men , even when I was 11/12 years old, it’s easier then you think to have sex.

  • Reply Sherry ID:1i2kovirk0c

    Word got around about my friends having sex.
    They keep pressing me to have sex.
    They kept telling me how good it was.
    But I didn’t like the idea of it getting around school.

    Well I made friends with my bus driver. I was always first on and last off. So I flirted and teased him. One day he told me I should stop wearing a bra. So I slipped it off with out removing my top.
    Well long story short I lost my virginity to him. My friends were right sex was good

    • vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

      you should post it in this site, and the complete story whit description.

  • Reply Varun ID:etyxq3xic

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  • Reply Singon ID:1zfwjnoy42

    Sooo hott

  • Reply Jim ID:61jyxowm1

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  • Reply Fake ID:fx832h20i


    • Satansslut ID:4ke8j2ozj

      All my stories except for wild ride are fake dipshit?