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After Pool

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Dad had to take a break to pick me up from school. She told me that she had to go right back to work, but there was a casserole in the microwave for dinner, then he dropped me off.

I figured that I didn’t have him there to make me do my homework, so I just dropped my bookbag on the desk, and changed into my swimsuit. My brother was gone, too. It turned out that he was out with friends, so I had the house to myself.

We sort’ve made a pool. The old lady that used to live there had a flower garden, but mom didn’t have time to take care of it, so eventually it just got over-grown, then died in the winter. All the weeds went brown, and shriveled up, so my brother and I dug it out. Got a tarp to line it, and filled it up with water.

No diving, though. The planter was only a couple feet deep, and cemnt in the bottom with holse to let it drain. I remember that it was only the first real hot day. Well, March, it got up over 80, but it felt hot after months of cold. I had to fill it up, but I just got in with the hose, and leaned back to cool off.

Then, I got out, turned off the water hose, and went back in to see what kind of casserole dad left for dinner. I just left my swimsuit in the laundry room, but I didn’t even bother throwing it in the dryer. Washing a load of clothes to dry with them, but it was just water. It wasn’t dirty, or anything.

Now, my brother Corey, he let me run around the house naked when we’re little, and he didn’t always put on clothes, neither. He was a couple years older, so he was in charge, but he didn’t spank me, or make me go to my room, like dad would. “Put some clothes on,” he’d say when he got home, but that was back when we’re little.

Then, I was 12, and starting to grow up, so daddy bought me panty liners when I needed them, and I hadn’t seen my brother nude in years, probably. It turned out to be tuna noodle, with cream of mushroom soup for the sauce, and pre-baked earlier that day, but I wrinkled my nose. “Fish,” and grabbed a soda from the fridge.

Then, I came out into the living room, and saw Corey there with a girl I didn’t know. She had her shirt off, but her bra still on, and Corey’s pants down in front of the couch. Just playing with his boner, but like I said. I hadn’t seen him naked in years, and oh yeah. He didn’t get hard seeing me naked, because he was just a nudist, and my brother. Probably still too young to feel anything sexual too, I figure.

When we’re kids, he told me that it was natural, “and clothes don’t grow on threes, you know?” They didn’t see me standing there naked, and just holding a can of Sierra Mist, because they’re kissing, and he was looking at her. So, I just ducked down the hall to let them have some privacy.

I was proud of him, he got a girlfriend, with pretty big boobs too. That’s all I thought, she had a big full bra, and oh yeah. Corey had grown, he was hairy now. Long, and thick so she could stroke him slowly up, and down. “Huh!”

Then, I caught her little brother in my room, and he didn’t even close the door. He had my underwear drawer pulled out, and his pants down. Frantically rubbing my favorite pair of panties in his crotch. Not slow, and patient, like my brother’s girlfriend, but super fast, panting so hard that he didn’t hear me gasp in the doorway.

I just set down my can, on the floor, careful it didn’t make a sound, and watched. It didn’t take that long for him to finish, and I giggled watching his pale butt shake. Clenched tight, and he even moaned, “Oh,” my name, ‘wendy.’ That last part, he whispered breathlessly, and I think I giggled, out loud.

“Oh shit!” He turned around, hunched over, and dropped my underwear.

“Yeah?” Pulling up his pants, he finally looked up, but by then, I had my hand over my pubes, and my fingers in the folds to feel how horny I was from seeing all this. Yeah, I know it’s creepy for a complete stranger to be in your room, rubbing it off in a pair of your underwear, but they were the nicest pair, I had. Satiny, even though they weren’t silk satin. Some synthetic Zayton blend, but peach with bright orange elastic ribbon around the waist, and a pretty little bow stitched in the front.

I could even see a little wet blob, on the dull side. The shiny side goes out, so he was rubbing his hard penis on the inside. “Huh, were you watching me through the window?”

“You’re naked.”

“I know, I just got out of the pool, but I don’t have to put any clothes on, right away. Huh!” I rolled my eyes. “Go on, don’t be shy.”

He looked down, and fished out the zipper pull, to zip up his fly.

“Huh!” I shook my head. “You just had it in my underpants, and now you’re trying to hide it? The least you can do is let me see it.”

“It’s not hard.”

“Why not?” With me standing there, naked except my hands. I wasn’t going to show him more, until he showed me more.

“Because, I just beat off?”

“Oh, does that make it hard to get it up again?”

He nodded, “I might need a minute or 2. If you want to see it hard again.”

“Pull down your underwear, too.” I shook my head.

He nodded, and held it out. Then, he ran his thumbs back around the waistband, and slipped them down off of his hips.

It was a penis. A flaccid penis, and being a little closer to my age, he didn’t even have a whole lot of hair on it. “Thanks.” I let my fingers slip up, and spread them to hold my slit open. “Huh!” I’d never really let anyone else see me naked before, besides my brother, and maybe my dad, but he always made me put some clothes on. “Now, take your shirt off.”

“Okay,” he kicked off his shoes, and pulled his foot out of his pant leg, but he left the other one around his ankle, and just stood there. Practically naked, I let my hand slip down off my little boob, so it wasn’t covering the other nipple, either. “So, you show me your’s, if I show you mine?”

I shook my head, “I don’t want to stop there.” Here I had a naked boy in my room, but I got over nudity years, and years ago. It bothered dad, but not me, and Cory. I just never saw another boy, with hair on his balls, mostly. A little bit sticking out around his penis, and up almost to his tummy too, but I could still see his pale skin through it, his tan lines, and hip bone. I twirled my finger. “Turn around, and show me your butt again.”

He didn’t turn his head, just his body, and twisted so he could keep looking over his shoulder at me. “Like this?”

“Huh, you can touch mine, if you let me touch your’s.” I felt his buttocks, and squeezed them together, kinda like boobs in a bra. “Boy boobs.” I didn’t even smile, I was too entranced by the warm firm flesh, and rubbing them with my thumbs. The little dimples in his back, and the bone in the bottom of his spine disappearing between his globes.

“Huh, Cory said you liked to walk around naked.”

“I used to, before I got boobs.”

“You’ve got nice ones. Not too big, and really perky?” He didn’t know how to talk to girls, probably why he resorted to sneaking in there rooms, while his big sister was down, making out with my brother. “Can I touch them?”

“I haven’t touched your chest yet, so why don’t you lay down on the bed?” I couldn’t help swatting his ass, and giggling.

He just jumped on the bed, laughing. Then, he rolled over, and his eyes went wide. “Huh?” He covered up his crotch with both hands, so I looked over my shoulder, and saw Corey. With his girlfriend, holding hands, and watching.

“Do you know what he was doing up here?” I picked up my underwear. “He messed up my panties, look.” I turned them inside out, to show them. “My favorite pair, and they were clean too.”

“Johny,” his sister shook her head, but she pulled my brother’s hand around behind her. “We talked about this, you know better.”

“I’m sorry,” he turned away, but he looked ashamed, and kept both hands covering up his junk.

“So, he beats off in your underwear, too.” I took them over, and held them in front of his face. “Look at this mess.” He started turning back, “No. Don’t look at me.” I held them over his eyes, with my thumbs pinching the sides to stretch it out flat. “Look at this.” Finally, I just turned them right side out, and suck the elastic ribbon under his chin. “They’re ruined.” Then, I stretched the bow over his hair, shiny side out, so the mess was over his nose, but he looked out from either side of the crotch. Eyes wide, and breathing so heavy that the seat puffed out, and sucked in with his breath.

“Nhmn!” His sister giggled through her hands, but when I looked back, Cory had the back of her skirt up, so he could rub the seat of her undies into her butt. “Yeah, I think he likes it. Let’s hope this teaches you a lesson.” I looked back, and saw the head of his penis, sticking out between his hands. Hard, and I touched it, so he let go, and reached out for my crotch.

I slapped his hand. “No.”

“But you said.”

“I said no, stick your hands under your butt, if you want something to touch. Your.” I looked back to check. “Sister?” She smiled, and nodded, but they looked enough alike to tell. “Said you’re supposed to learn your lesson, about getting in her underwear drawer.”

“He ruined so many pairs of. Huh!” She backed up, against the bathroom door, when Cory slipped his hand up her top, and got a big handful of her bra. “Panties. They don’t fit him, huh. My nipples. Huh, suck my nipples.” She grabbed Cory by the head, and pulled her top out. So he could go down, and kiss his way back up under it. His hands going behind her to unhook her bra, and she rubbed his hair through the stretchy top.

“Uh.” Johny, she called him Johny, but he picked his head up, and looked down.

“Sh, shut up.” I pushed his head back, and held it there, but my fingers were on his thigh. So close to touching it, and I really wanted to touch it. “Shut the fuck up.” He nodded, or tried to with my hand holding his head, I felt down to cover his eyes. “Don’t look,” but then I touched it. Rolled it with my fingertips, and hooked my thumb under it, to get a nice warm meaty handful of hard penis. “Don’t speak, don’t even breathe too loud. You smell that? You smell your dirty dick puke in my panties. My favorite panties.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t stretch out the legs, with his thunder thighs.” He didn’t have thunder thighs, they were muscular, and pale, with barely any hair on them around the top. In between them, right next to his groin.

Then his sister squirmed, and moaned a little. “Oh, no. Now you go down, get under my skirt, and pull my undies down. Huh!” I looked back, but sure enough, Corey pulled his head out of her top. She took it off, and dropped her bra, so her big gazongas bounced, and jiggled together.

“Don’t look at her topless, she’s your sister you sick pervert!”

“Huh, lick me, kiss me, sick your tongue inside me.” She sounded so passionate, but she cracked her eyes watching us.

“Look at me. Not her, Look At ME!” I slapped him, and I barely even recognized my own voice. I didn’t even think about getting on my bed, and throwing my leg over him to sit on it. “You’re mine, she’s got a boyfriend now, and, uh!” I think I scraped the point on his hard shaft, so it made me grunt, and stop humping. It almost hurt, so I had to roll my hips back. Where it wasn’t crushing my clit right on his hard bone. “Uh, huh! Get your hands out, and on my body. Put your hands on me, uh, huh!”

I know what I said, I told him he could touch me wherever he let me touch him, too. Then, I told him not to, mostly just to show off for his sister. I guess, she was so bossy, unlike my brother, who never bossed me around, or told on me for doing something a little naughty, like running around the house naked, but this was a whole nother ballgame.

“Huh, yeah. Right there. Just lick it right there faster. Huh!” The older girl held his head under her skirt, and just humped his face, so hard it made the bathroom door clunk in it’s frame. “Fstrh!” She hissed through clenched teeth, and the look on her face, it looked almost sad. “Oh oh! OhhhHhHhHhUH!” Her knees went out wide, and her skirt flopped up, but Corey caught her, and gently laid her down on the floor. Leaning over her like a vampire, and kissing her neck. Her cheek, while her mouth was still wide open in a silent “O!” Her eyes closed, and her eyebrows. Well, the grease pencil she used to draw on her eyebrows, but they turned down, like she was sad, even though I knew that wasn’t it at all. She was so overwhelmed with pleasure, all she could do was try to breathe through her mouth, wide open in an “O” for orgasm. Her O face.

“Uph fph!”

I forgot all about Johny, but I pulled the pantie mask up, so I could see his face. He bit his lip! His eyes were squeezed tight into wrinkles, and I even stopped humping to feel him twitch. The thick blobs bulge up, and then I looked down to watch them dribble out on his tummy.

“Huh!” I took my panties, and held them by the shiny side. The dry side, even as he was going soft, and shriveling up under me. “HhuhH!” That felt, delightfully disgusting, but I wiped it up, and held it up to his face.

“You made a mess again. So clean it up.” I held my panties stretched out, even with his nose shiny, and a little sticking to 1 eyebrow, from literally rubbing the first load in his face. He licked them out, so hungrily. “Huh, yeah. You like that, huh?”

“Huhl!’ He licked his lips. “Yeah, it’s pretty tasty.”

“Then lick it all up.” He even sicked the fabric in, so it was soaked through when I pulled it out. “Huh, I better wash these now.” I got up, reluctantly.

“You want to wear my panties?” His sister got up, and threw her’s at him. “Here, put them on so you’re not running around naked.”

“Huh,” I noticed when he pulled them up. “He looks even sexier in them than naked.”

“Huh, yeah.” She held my shoulder. “I know.”

“I’m Wendy, by the way.”

“Sarah.” She shook my hand.

“Now, Johny? Pick up my dirty clothes. You can tell they’re dirty by smelling them, and put them in the hamper, over there. Make sure you get the ones under the bed.” Just so I can watch him crawl around, bent over on his hands, and knees, in his sister’s underwear.

“Yes, Wendy.”

“He’s really obedient.”

“And submissive.” She nodded. “You dominated him so good.”

“Is that what you do?” I heard the microwave down the hall, in the kitchen. Corey closed the door, and punched in the cook time with beeps. “Dominate my brother?”

“We take turns, but yeah. It was my turn to be on top.”

“Huh!” I looked back at him. “That’s hand wash. Read the labels. You ever done a girl’s laundry before?” I had to giggle. “God, look at his balls, sticking out the crotch!”

“Uh, no.” he shook his head.

“Well,” Sarah laughed, “If you’re going to get them dirty, you better learn how to clean up after yourself.” She squeezed my shoulder. “Good idea. Maybe he can do my laundry from now on, if he does a good job, and doesn’t fuck it up.”

“You trained him!” I just realized, “You made him like this?”

“No, he was always a filthy little fucking pervert, but now, at least he’s a submissive one. He’ll do whatever you want, just to get your pussy, so pussy whip him, all right? Pussy whip him good.”

“Oh!” He held up my dirty underwear, and sniffed them.

“Okay, I will. I promise. Put them on. Put those on over your face. You like the smell of my dirty twat, piss, and farts in my panties so much, then wear them.”

“Yes Wendy.”

“He doesn’t really.” Sarah shook her head. “He likes the clean ones.”

“Well, too bad. He’s going to learn to love my dirty underwear too. You hear me?”

“Yes, Wendy.”

I love the way he says that.

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