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Room mate gets a treat…

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My wife and I had been married for about a year and we were both 19 when a guy we knew who was in his early 30’s asked if he could stay with us for a couple of months after getting laid off from his job. We said it was OK and set him up in our spare room. He’d been there for about a month and things had gone well. On a couple of occasions he’d accidentally seen Lynn in some sexy lingerie but only gotten a peek of her sexy 5-8, 120-lb, 34-DD-24-35 body with long red hair. Even though Lynn loved exposing herself she tried to only do it when we were out of town or in certain situations as we lived in a small very conservative little town and her dad was the preacher there. So she was trying to be cool around Kenny.

He rarely came to our bedroom but one night he had some exciting news he wanted to share with us. We’d accidentally left the bedroom door open about an inch and had the TV on. Thinking we were just watching TV and him being excited he just came in talking about his good news. He was half way in the room before it registered that we were watching a porn movie where a girl was in a threesome with 2 guys and that Lynn was on her hands & knees on the bed naked except for a garter belt & stockings. Her big tits hanging down & sexy ass up in the air as she was sucking my cock. He just froze with his eyes open real wide and then finally said he was sorry he hadn’t knocked as Lynn got off the bed to grab her housecoat giving him a good look at her hairy red bush. But even with the sheer housecoat on you could see right through it. And I was just laying there with a raging hard on.

He stammerd through an apology and went to leave and I stopped him and asked what his big news was? It turned out he’d found a good paying job but it wouldn’t start for another couple of months. He kept trying to look away but kept looking back at Lynn seeing every inch of her sexy 19-yo body as well as looking at my cock that stayed hard the whole time. After he finally left the room and we’d talked about it we were both turned on and had a wild fuck. After that night Lynn started dressing sexier when we were the only ones home and once ” Accidentally ” let her towel fall off when going back to our room after taking a shower right in front of him. He’d started asking questions about the movie we were watching so I let him watch it. It had several parts where a girl was sucking one guy off while another guy fucked her, and you could tell it turned him on. Finally one night after we’d had a few drinks I put that movie in and after it had been on a while Lynn asked him if he’d ever been in a threesome with a girl and another guy? He said no but after seeing that movie a couple of times he hoped one day he would.

It shocked him when Lynn pulled my cock out right in front of him and started sucking me off. Then stopped just long enough to pull her top & shorts off leaving her totally naked then went back to my hard cock. At one point I fucked her big tits then she went back to sucking me off. When the movie got to the next threesome I asked if he wanted to fuck Lynn while she sucked me off. At first he thought I was joking until Lynn went over and pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock. Then she told him to go ahead and fuck her while she sucked me off. Soon she had my cock back in her mouth as he fucked her from behind and reached around fondling her big tits. After shooting his load in her pussy she had us stand up beside each other and sucked us both off. At times pressing our cocks together to try and get both in her mouth at once. That seemed to really turn him on. But not as much as when he put his hand on my ass and started to squeeze it. But I just ignored it then we both shot off on my wife’s tits and without a word he started sucking her tits & licking up the cum. Then asked if I’d like for him to suck my cock?

It wasn’t something I was into but Lynn got turned on watching a guy suck my cock so I’d let a guy do it on occasion but make it clear I wasn’t going to suck them off. He sucked my dick until I shot a huge load of cum down his throat. He stayed with us about 8 more weeks and we had a threesome about once a week and a few times I just watched him fuck Lynn.

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    I think we were only married for about a year and my wife had gotten a job working at a restaurant and after a couple of months she told me that the money was really good and I should get a job there cooking the place was great and always busy we would go out after work sometimes and hang out with our coworkers but it was always a good time our friend was a server and he would drink way to much sometimes and once in a while we would drive him home and let him sleep on our couch my wife would always go to bed before us and we would watch tv for a while not a problem he was a good guy one night he was staying over and my wife had gone to sleep we had a couple of beers and he went to use the bathroom and when he came back into the living room he was only wearing his underwear and sat on the couch next to me I was thinking maybe he was just going to crash on the couch and when he got up and asked me if I wanted another beer I said yes I could see that he had a huge hard on when he sat down and I took a look at it in his underwear and then he said would I mind if he took his underwear off before I could say anything he had taken them off and his cock was not even hard we sat there for a few minutes and then my wife came out of the bedroom and asked me when I was coming to bed as I looked at her I could see she was not wearing anything panties at all she said she was just not feeling very comfortable with the tv so loud and when she picked up the remote I saw her look at his cock and asked me if I liked seeing him nakedi was definitely turned on and she told me to take my underwear off so she could see us naked together