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Foreign Affairs

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Two young illegals, caught by predator. Taken to be used ,abused, sold for sex. Welcome to your new life…

I am a 65 yr old male. I reside in the UK.
I am not averse to going for long runs iny car and trawling for young girls or and boys. Especially girly looking boys.

One such encounter was at a beach on the east coast of England. I was laying on the dunes, wind breaker, towel and rucksack with food, juice and goodies. Also some tools I use for my little perverse pastimes.

I was happy to find this particular deserted part of the beach and then I remembered. Schools returned yesterday(Tuesday) after the summer break. I’m enjoying my peaceful sunbathing when I hear voices, young foreign sounding voices?. On looking around I watch two young children heading my way.

They stop to say hello and ask if I have anything I can give them to drink. I have trouble making this request out as their English is very bad. Eventually I gave each a can of juice and some snacks. They seemed very hungry and quite dirty, like gypsy types. Turned out they were Albanian!

The girl and boy whom I took to be a girl also at first appraisal. Told me after many attempts they were living rough with others a few miles away in the woods. I guessed they’re illegals. This was my lucky day. Not really theirs as they were about to discover.

I got their ages after a few trys and turned out both were near the same she was 15 he was 13. Her name was Irina,he was Vittorio.
Not related. She was in a grubby short summer dress, no bra, leathe sandals, no socks. Long light brown hair in greasy looking ringlets. Her skin though dirty looking was flawless, pink pouty lips, small freckles on her cheeks, cute nose and gorgeous brown eyes. Her tits were about 32c, her waist slim her arse tight and boyish looking under her flimsy dress.

He was in cut off denim shorts, no shoes?
Torn shirt short sleeves. Tanned skin, not very muscular in fact he looked more feminine than she did from the rear. He had a lovely face, nice blue eyes, pouting lips which made his expression look very seductive. After our very strained introduction and small talk. He decided to have a piss. Leaving to find a place away from our bivouac on the dune.

Irina lay beside me leaning back resting on her elbows, I could see her tits and nipple’s
I was getting very horny and very restless. She looked up at me and I lost it as I gazed into those brown hypnotic eyes. I grabbed her hair smashed my first into her stomach and two blows to her head. Irina was out of action.

I duct taped her mouth,hands at wrists, and her ankles together. I then took a knife and knuckleduster and went to meet Vittorio on his return. I knew she’d be out cold for a while and left her covered with a beach towel. I met him off the path to the car park near the woods. I rubbed my crotch indicating my need to piss also. He smiled and muttered something. I looked around the place was dead. Suddenly I struck him on his jaw and he went down like a sack of coal.

I grabbed his collar and dragged him into the woods out of sight of the path. Soon he to wa gagged and hands secured along with his legs. He came around groggily, muttering and cussing in Albanian. I signaled him to be quiet or else, flashing the knife under his nose. He flinched, cursing and struggling as I groped his cock and balls through his shorts. I ran the back of my knife over his hardening young prick as a warning. We then headed back to the dunes.

The girl was still out cold, I dropped him beside her he was angry and trying to get free, I knew he would kill me if he could. I threw some water over her face and she splutered awake. Mumping through her gag and crying on seeing his and her predicament. One that was about to get even worse.

I set to work getting both back to my van and secured tightly in the back. They were laid on a double mattress, chained to the sides and spread eagled next to each other. Her dress now ripped and hanging in tatters.
Her lovely ripe tits and trimmed hairy cunt gaping in front of me. She writhed and mumbled as he was getting stripped by me.well his shorts at his thighs, couldn’t get them any further due to his bonds or cutting them off completely. His shirt lay open he too crying and struggling. All to no avail.

Both were now my play things until I tired of them. Now let’s get on the road and find these kids a new home. Namely, my home.
I have a nice soundproof basement for them. Though she might be a nice bed warmer for me. Ooh I can’t wait to prong his girly holes and rape the fuck out both of them. She needs a shower though her pussy reeks or ide have raped the little cunt by now. Soon though….

To be continued. Only if you want to find out their fate.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Wow, AssGuy! I’d love to have dirty rough sex with you. You sound like a true Alpha god!! And, yes, more story please. Want Those kids really used and abused!

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    I can’t hardly wait. I want to see you fuck them both balls deep up their right virgin ass. I do hope you make them bleed. Hurt them real good. Fuck their throat, choke them hard on your cock, make them swallow your cum. I hope you first them too. Especially the little bitch. You can fulfill an old fetish of mine, fitting her cunt deep as you fuck her in the ass. You can jerk your cock in her ass with your hand in her cunt through her cunt walls, make her feel it all inside, making her squeal, she will clench her muscles in pain and further massage your cock. So fucking good.
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    Fuuuck, I gotta cum now.
    Hope you get some inspiration from this.
    Anyway, hurt those little bitches.
    I’ll be waiting.