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An unexpected turn of events at the pool

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Meet a teen with a body like no other while my kids swim

I had taken my kids to the pool and once they were in the pool I left them to it and went for a coffee. As I walked through to the shop the most stunning teen I have ever seen in a one-piece suit was walking toward me. It was a red suit and her nipples poked out and she had a large camel toe. I didn’t know what to do but look and smile. She grinned knowing I was looking at her, as she passed I looked back at her and her rear was as nice as the front. The swimsuit was between her cheeks further than they should be. She turned and smiled at me looking again

I had a coffee overlooking the pool and could see my kids. The girl had gone to the main pool I presumed. I had finished my coffee and saw her coming back from the pool. I thought I would have another look at her. I decided I needed to pee.

I timed it perfectly as she come through the same corridor as before. She saw me and smiled. I didn’t know what to do next but I went towards the men’s toilet. Beside that was a unisex toilet for the paraplegics. She walked towards this one smiled at me and opened the door and looked at me and used her hand to usher me in with her. I was surprised and walked in, She comes in locked the door, smiled at me and asked if I liked what I see.

I just nodded, which made her laugh. Then she pulled the swimsuit down, first exposing her perfect c-cup breasts, her flat stomach and then her very bald pussy, She had massive lips that hung down an inch and this explains the Camel Toe.

She walks up to me grins and kneels in front of me and pulls down my shorts and boxers. My cock was nearly fully hard but when she grabbed it and then put it in her mouth it grew to its 8 inches,
She sucks me like she has done this for years. She stops after a few minutes and moved towards the vanity and bends over, I lined my cock up and slid it in easily as she was very wet. I start fucking her from behind and marvel at her perfect rear.

She starts to talk, “I knew you had a big cock when I passed you earlier. I knew you would be in the hall again when I come back from swimming, Dads do that when they see me. I love a nice horny dad cock who wants a fuck from a swimmer like me, I bet this is the first pussy outside of your marriage you have had”

I say “Yes””Fuck me hard, I want you to cum in my tight pussy, bet your wife is loose compared to mine”
I say “Yes”
“Fuck yes you naughty daddy, fuck me harder”I am banging her hard as I can and within a minute she cums hard and I cum in her. Once we both have finished my cock flops out and my cum and hers drip out of her as I watch. She sicks a couple of fingers in there and lifts up, turns and looks at me and sucks on them.
She says “You taste nice”
“Thank you,” I say
I then ask her how many times have you done this. “Lots, love giving older guys the ride of their lives, love big cocks, Even If you were 5 inches I would have fucked you”
“Okay, is this a hobby then? “Yeah, I guess so”

We both laugh at this. She walks over to the toilet and sits down, opens her legs wide and pisses while I watch. Grinning and says bet your wife won’t let you see that. I nodded and say that she is right. She laughs and tells me she gets turned on more by men who have only ever done it missionary style with their wives and I give them a little bit more.
She asks me for my phone, I look confused.

She says to me “I loved your big cock and I want it again, when you are coming here next time with the kids text me the time and I will meet you”

I think about it and open it up and ask her to put her number under the boss’s contact. An alternate number, nice thinking she says to me.

We start dressing and she looks at me again and says, “next time text me what you want to do with me, any fantasy, fetish or anything you want, You can fuck my arsehole even, love that”
I say “Okay”
Book one of the spa rooms for an hour, she suggests, that way we can do anything you want and have a full hour. She suggests I leave first and she will follow in a couple of minutes.

Just before I leave I ask her her name and age. She tells me Sarah and that’s it, I leave and hear her lock the door behind me. I had a smile like no other and go look for the kids to see if they have finished their swimming

Do you want to know what happens next?

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