Vacation in the Domincan

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A desperate woman tries to take control of her marriage

I guess I can get a little jealous. Not that I think you can blame me. My husband Kyle likes to flirt. He says it is just being friendly, but I think it’s far more than that. He is a salesman and says it is part of how he has to work people.

Tension has been high between us lately. Kyle drifted off one night and left his computer open. I wanted to look for dinner recipes and my tablet was dead so I used his. When I went on I saw his computer search history. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was multiple searches for escorts in our city. I quickly checked his email and saw a couple of messages from XXX Entertainers, one was confirming a date and time for Steph to perform. The next confirming that Steph was going to be full service. I couldn’t believe that he would do that and be so blatent about it. We’ve been married for fourteen years and have two kids. My family is my life. Things have been kind of shaky over the last couple years. But he was still my husband and I still loved him. The date was two and a half months away, so I still had a chance. This was going to be a last ditch effort to save our marriage.

I planned a surpise getaway vacation for just the two of us. Seven days and six nights at the Barcelo Bavera Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic. I purposely booked it for the two weeks before Kyle had his “meeting” with the whore. We had never been to an all-inclusive before so I was both excited and nervous. I purposely picked an adult only resort with amazing reviews so that we could spend some intimate time together and relight the spark that has been growing dimmer everyday. I even talked to his boss, Ms Crugall and got the time booked off for him so he had no excuse. Kyle hasn’t taken a holiday in the last five years so it was no problem. She wasn’t shocked that I was doing it as a surprise and agreed not to spoil it.

I managed to keep it from him until the end. The night before we were to leave, I gave him the news. When I told Kyle about it he was beyond angry.

“We can’t afford that.” he said. “What about the kids, I can’t get the time off, we are swamped at work.”

I had an answer ready for everything. “I got a hell of a deal because it is off season. We have all the money from the vacations we haven’t taken in the last six years. My mom is looking after Charity and Vanessa. Oh, and I already talked to Laura, you still have four weeks holidays and aren’t obliged to be back until the 23rd. The trip is nonrefundable so if you want to waste the money. Besides, the trip is cheaper than what a divorce would be”

I knew I had him at that. No way would he ever waste that much money. “Do it for us.” I pleaded.

“Fine. I am not throwing that much money away. I work to damn hard for it. I’m not happy though.” he said as he stormed off to the computer room. “At least I know I tried.” I thought to myself.

I packed everybody’s luggage and dropped the kids of at Moms. Off we were to the airport. Kyle never said anything the entire trip there. We made it to the gate just in time to start boarding.

After a couple of drinks on the plane, Kyle finally spoke. “Why did you plan this?”

I told him, “I love you and I feel like things are falling apart with us. Maybe we can reconnect this week.”

“You know I love you. We didn’t have to go away.” he replied.

Not much was said as we got our luggage and caught the bus to the resort. We checked in and went directly to our room. It was on the second floor overlooking one of the pools with a swim up bar. From our balcony you could see the clear blue ocean too.

Kyle put on his trunks and went to check out the pool while I unpacked. I slipped into a purple bikini that I just bought. Even after kids, I have managed to keep in shape by running in the morning before Kyle leaves for work. I stepped out on the balcony to see if I could spot where Kyle had gone off to explore. It didn’t take long until i noticed him over at one of the bar talking to some brunette bimbo. They were laughing and she put her hand on his arm. That was it. I’ve had enough. He couldn’t even give me an hour before openly flirting with some whore he just met. I put a towel around myself as I walked down to confront my husband. I noticed some of the other male guests and employees checking me out when I walked through the lobby. That sure made me feel desirable even if Kyle didn’t think so.

As I turned the corner into the brightly lit pool area, the nerves hit me. I needed a drink to calm myself. Throwing my towel to an empty chair, I walked over to the bar at the edge of the pool. It seemed like every eye was on me except Kyle and the bimbo’s. A few of the men got slaps from their wives when they turned their heads to watch me walk by. I sat on a barstool at the end of the empty bar and asked the bartender for something strong. I was going to need it.

The first mojito didn’t have time to be tasted. I downed it and got another. I finally got to enjoy this one and it was fantastic. The next one was even better. I was taking full advantage of the all inclusive drinks. Time was slipping away in a haze. The alcohol started to set in and my courage was in full gear. When I was finished with my fifth drink, I was going to let them have it. I didn’t care who saw either. Now I just had to find him again.

Just as I was about half done, I could feel someone behind me, close. He was looking over my shoulder gazing down at my ample cleavage. I was about to turn to ask him to give me some space when he spoke up.

“Mind if I sit beside you? ” he said in a deep voice.

In my semi inebriated state, I nodded my approval.

“I couldn’t help but notice how sexy you look. Are you here with anyone?” he asked.

“My husband, but he’s off flirting with some whore.” I told him bluntly. the alcohol must have replaced my filter.

“What a fool. How could someone be off somewhere else when he has you here looking like this.” the gentleman pointed out. “Why don’t we finish these drinks and go for a walk. I’ve just found out there is an amazing spot where we could go watch the sunset. It’s not that far, if you think you might like to.”

“Why not. I’m done with that asshole. He can do whatever he wants. but I’m gonna enjoy myself for the rest of the week. Just let me get changed and I’ll meet you right here. Say half hour?” I said.

He smiled politely, “It’s a date.”

My heart started pounding as a hurried back to my room. What was I doing? Where is he taking me? I shouldn’t do this. Yeah, I definitely shouldn’t do this. The next thing I know I was shutting the door behind me as I headed back to the pool area to find my date. I had fixed my hair, put on the new sexy bra and panty set I had, and changed into a red dress with sandals that made my ass the focus of my curvy body. I wonder if he will like it. Why did I care? It was like I was eighteen again going on a first date. I turned the corner and saw my new friend still sitting at the bar. He had a large beach blanket with him so I sat beside him putting my arm around his waist.

He leaned back away from me to get a better look. “Wow. You look amazing. I didn’t think that you could look better than you did this afternoon, but you do. You definitely put every other woman on the island on notice. Wow!”

“You sure know how to flatter a girl.” I said blushing. “If only my husband would have noticed me.”

“By the looks you are getting, everyone is noticing you. Shall we.” he said as he took my hand kissing the top of it. “After you my lady.”

We started walking west along a path that led us from the resort down to the ocean. The beach was deserted now and I was glad I left the heels back at the room. We walked, talked and laughed as we strolled down the beach. He pointed out some dolphins jumping out in the water and when I looked out at them, he held my hand. I instinctively pulled it away and quickly spun around to look at him. His smile made me freeze. I couldn’t move my body as he pulled me closer into himself. It was like I was watching someone else as he tilted my head back with his hands and leaned in to kiss me. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t want to kiss him but I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him back. Deeply, passionately, longing for the tender touch that my body whas been craving for too long.

Sensing my uneasiness, he whispered, “It’s okay. There’s no one else around. We’re all alone. Nobody has to know.”

His hands wrapped around me, securing me from all the doubt I had only seconds before. I moved my arms from around his waist down and grabbed his buttocks with both hands. I was going to take control for once in my life. If this was going to happen, it was going to be on my terms. Squeezing his ass I pulled him in until we were mashed together. He threw the blanket on the ground as I ripped his shirt off exposing his smooth bare muscular chest. My mouth went forward to first lick his nipple before I bit into it. He tensed up looking at the ferocious tiger standing before him where the timid lamb had been only seconds earlier.

While using one hand to stimulate his nipples, my other one fumbled around the string on his shorts. Getting the hint, he untied the knot and allowed me to pull them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them kicking them over beside the blanket. There he stood at twilight, stark naked in the middle of the beach where only a couple hours ago was packed with vacationers. His large engorged penis was staring back at me. I couldn’t help but smile inside. He wanted me badly. I am five foot five, but right now I felt ten foot tall and bulletproof.

I pushed him back towards the blanket and he knew better than to resist. He laid down on it as I stood over top of him. His legs were in between mine so my red dress crept up my thighs towards my ass. He started to rub his hardened cock enjoying the view. I pulled my arms out of the sleeves allowing me to pull the dress down to my waist. His already massive cock seemed to get even bigger when my breasts popped out into the cool ocean breeze. I lowered my nearly nude body down so that my labia could kiss his penis. There was already a build up of lubricating precum dripping out of the tip. I lowered myself slowly taking his cock all the way inside. There was no time or need for forplay. I just wanted him to fuck me. Oh God did that feel good. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had sex let alone felt this desired.

His giant hands cupped each of my breasts and messaged them. He fondled them playing with my protruding nipples. I began rocking back and forth using the entire length of his penis. Anytime it escaped from my wanting vagina, he thrusted it back in sending waves of extacy through my whole body. The sensation was overwhelming. We both came together shortly. I wasn’t done though. Not letting him regroup, I continued pounding his penis into submission. His penis revived and came back with a vengeance. He knew exactly how to do everything to satisfy my needs. I had no choice but to concede defeat. I couldn’t take anymore. He won that battle, but I won the war.

It was now quite dark away from the lights of the resort. We got dressed with the help of some tiki torches just before we saw another couple walking only thirty feet or so so from where we were laying naked only seconds before. The husband smiled at us like he knew what had just happened. Walking back to the resort, we realized that we never actually saw the sunset. So we made a date to try to see it tomorrow night together. As long as I could get away from my husband again.

We strolled on the beach holding hands and getting to know each other better. Just before we got back to my room, he told me the ‘bimbo’ at the hotel was the concierge who told him about the sunset.

“What about the escort you hired? Steph, is it? You think I didn’t know? How could you cheat on me?” I point blank asked him.

He laughed, “Stephan was a surprise for your fortieth birthday next month. I know I have been pre-occupied and let things slip between us. I have got all caught up with work and thought we needed to spice things up like when we were first married. I just get to watch. I hope you aren’t mad. From what I’ve read on the web, a lot of people are trying this now. Sounds so wild and exciting.”

That was the beginning of an amazing week in the DR with Kyle. We had romantic dinners and walks on the beach. We explored different cuisines, cocktails, and rediscovered each other’s bodies. The fire was back and burning brighter then ever. It was like when we first met. Kyle admitted it the best thing we have done.

Things continue to get better now that we are home. Stephan was super hot and fucked me stupid while Kyle played with himself in the chair. That gets me so turned on for some reason. We now have added a broader sex life into our lifestyle. The only rule is that we do everything together and the smiles are constant and contagious. We can’t keep our hands off each other. Kyle has brought new friends home for us to share and next week my colleague, Jenna, is joining us for dinner and entertainment.

We have never been happier thanks to the Dominican vacation.

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