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My Wife Fucked For 2 Hours By My MD

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Hi friends. Thanks for liking my previous 2 experiences. This motivated me to write about my next experience. I am a bi-male-bottom. The previous two experiences were about my experiences as a bottom before marriage. This is my experience after marriage where my wife was had by my MD.

My name is Arun and I’m 43 years old, 5′ 8″ tall and 70 kg. My wife Anjali is 38 years, 5’3″, 36-28-34 with C sized boobs and 58 kg. She is beautiful and being an extrovert she makes friends easily specially with men.

I work with a big multinational and our MD is Mr Anil who is about 50 years and very tall and active guy. I had a feeling that Anil was after my wife. I had noticed him exchanging glances with my wife on occasions even in my presence. Near Diwali time we were planning a big party in our club with families putting up a cultural show. The MD and my wife were taking active part in the cultural show and this gave opportunity to my MD to interact closely with my wife. Naturally, everyone was nice with MD and so was my wife. They would talk a lot to each other and she would frequently smile and laugh with him. I felt they were getting close to each other. Once in a dark area I even saw him put his arms around her waist and hold her tightly, but she was resisting and telling him something.

When I confronted my wife about it she said that there was nothing and she was being nice with MD for the sake of my career only. He let her go and said something in her ear. A few days later there was a dress rehearsal in the evening in the club lawns for the cultural show. I wanted to find out what was going on between the MD and my wife. So I told my wife, my boss and the MD that I had an important meeting with a client and I would not be there during that evening rehearsal. It was not a problem as I was not participating in the show. In the evening I drove away, parked my car at a distance and came back in an auto. I quietly hid behind the thick trees in the dark near the practice area.

My wife was looking stunning in a black sari with a pink border and a matching sleeveless pink floral blouse. After her part in rehearsal was over, I saw the MD and my wife whispering something to each other. A little later she went towards the club house. I took a big round and went and hid behind the club house. There was a electricity problem and a part of club house was in dark. The dark area was a little away from main club building and it had the sports complex which was under renovation and not in use.

After some time I saw my wife coming out of the ladies toilet and quickly going towards the unlit sports complex. Soon my MD also came and went into the dark area. I quietly moved behind the bushes in the dark, avoiding the chowkidar who standing near the club house, and went close to the sports building. I saw the MD open the large billiards room and take my wife inside and heard it being latched from inside. I quietly went into the adjoining interconnected rooms and slipped into the small room which had a curtained window between the billiards room. I hid behind the curtain and peaked into the billiards room. I could see them because of the faint street light filtering into the billiards room through a ventilator.

My MD had embraced my wife from behind and was holding her tightly while she was hesitating and expressing concern.

My wife “No Anil please don’t do this. Someone may come. Let’s just sit and chat.”

MD “Anjali we haven’t come here to chat and please don’t worry. The club chowkidar is under my thumb because of some problem. I have also given him a big tip for Diwali and have instructed him not to allow anyone to come this side. The rooms are also sound proof and no sound will go out. Your husband will not be back for at least 2-3 hours. So there is absolutely nothing to worry.”

My wife was pacified a bit and she said “But please remember I agreed for only hugs and kisses. Nothing more and Anil you must take care of my husband.”

MD “Yes only hugs and kisses but Anjali remember you agreed to as much as I like.”

Again my MD started hugging my wife. My wife wanted to turn around and face him but he held her facing away and started slowly grinding his groin into her butt while his hands were playing with her waist under her saree. He made her turn her head backwards so he could kiss her cheeks. My wife was still hesitant but let him hug and kiss her as per her part of the bargain. He started nibbling at her ears which always excites her.

My wife whispered “Anil please don’t nibble my ears, it gives me funny feeling”.

So my MD started kissing the nape of her neck and whispered “Anjali don’t object to everything because then there is no fun”.

So my wife did not object and patiently let him kiss her neck and shoulders while his hands were kneading her waist and tummy under the sari. His crotch was pushing into her butt. His bulge was becoming visible inside his pants. I could see that this was slowly exciting her also as she let her head fall backwards on his shoulder. The MD was much taller than my wife and he was able to kiss the front of her neck and a even a little down her chest. He was rubbing his cheeks against hers. While hugging and kissing, her sari pallu fell exposing her blouse under which her firm boobs were rising and falling with her breath.

My MD was an experienced guy and seemed to be slowly warming her up for his end game. Just to divert her attention he was talking with her:

MD “Anjali tell me what do people talk about me.”

My wife “I heard you are a very good professional, you are authoritative but also manage people very well” and with a chuckle she added “and Anil you are also very good with women”

MD laughing slowly “Who told you and in which way am I good with women”

My wife who was now breathing faster said “I heard it from some ladies. It’s a rumor that you can really tire out a woman”

MD while keeping her engaged in talk had quietly again started kissing her ears “Their saying does not prove anything. Proof of the pudding lies in eating and you are being so uptight with me. Anjali how will you know if it is true or not.”

My wife said “I don’t want to know. Right now I’m very scared some someone will see us and there will be a big trouble.”

MD laughed “Anjali that means you don’t mind it, but are only scared of being caught.”

My wife (sheepishly) “I didn’t mean it that way. You are putting words in my mouth.”

Slowly my MD was sucking and kissing harder at her neck and cheeks and my wife was getting excited. This time when he nibbled her ears, she involuntarily pushed back her butt into his groin and she closed her eyes. Then MD cleverly pinned her both arms with his one arms and was slowly moving his other hand over her navel and her sari knot. He gently tugged at her sari knot and it came loose and it started falling down. My wife squirmed to save her sari but her arms were pinned by the MD and her squirming only helped make the sari fall down faster on the floor.

My wife “Anil no please no. We had agreed on hugging and kissing only. Please don’t take of my clothes”, but her protest was sounding feeble.

MD said “Anjali you are very sexy and I want to enjoy you” and he quickly turned my wife around to face him and embraced her firmly in his arms and sealed her lips with his lips, drowning out her feeble protests. My wife became quiet and let him kiss her. He was now kissing her slowly brushing his lips on hers, then opening her lips with his tongue and pushing it between her lips and slowly into her mouth. She was not resisting but she was also not returning his kisses.

My MD said “Anjali you had agreed that WE will kiss and hug, but you are not kissing and hugging me back. You have to do your part also. I assure you that I won’t do anything more than what we agreed.”

My wife “Anil you are too smart. Slowly you will want everything.”

However my wife had no choice as she was tricked by her own words and was worried for my future. She started kissing him back and cooperating with him. My MD was now kissing her more passionately. His hands were roaming freely on her back and he was pressing her butt over the petticoat and pulling her into his crotch against his erect cock. He pushed her against the wall and was grinding his crotch against her pelvis while kissing her passionately. My wife’s shivered and her arms went up involuntarily and she placed them around his neck to take support, drawing his attention to her boobs. Had she done it deliberately? He caught both her hands with one hand and raised them above her head against the wall. Her boobs were further raised up to their full glory.

My MD looked into my wife’s eyes and said “Anjali I’m going to KISS your boobs over your blouse and it will be within what we agreed since we agreed to hugging and kissing and I’m not removing your clothes. So don’t object.” My wife did not say anything and closed her eyes as if in surrender. Her nipples were already erect and their shape was clearly visible through the thin lycra bra and fabric of the blouse, giving away her excited state. Over the blouse he placed his lips on her nipples and blew hot breath on them through the fabric. My wife moaned softly and involuntarily rubbed her legs together.

It was looking like this would go beyond just hugging and kissing and I was in a quandary. One part of me wanted to object but the other part of me was getting very excited and wanted to see what next. It seemed like my fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by another man was going to be actually played out.

My wife was moaning visibly now. She seemed to be losing control of the situation under my MD’s expert ministrations. Having trapped her in verbal jargon, he was now taking advantage and preparing her to catapult and satisfy his lust.

Finally my MD seemed to have won the battle in my wife’s head. His hand went down and grasped the knot of her petticoat. She knew what was going to happen but did not object. Simultaneously the MD also won in my head as my hand slowly reached down and I started playing with my erect cock over the trouser. In that moment I realized that I would not do anything to prevent my MD from fucking my wife, which he evidently was going to. In a quick motion my MD pulled the cord of her petticoat and it slid down her creamy thighs and fell around her ankles. The whole thing had crossed the point of no return and I opened my zipper and pushed down my undy and my cock slid into my hand.

Another shock awaited me as I realized in the dim light that she was not wearing any panties. OMG….. they must have agreed to the kissing and hugging some days earlier. Her not wearing panty meant that she had come prepared to give him a clear indication that she had come to be fucked. As my MD’s hand went down over my wife’s pelvis, he also realized that she was not wearing any panties. He whistled excitedly and my wife crossed her legs and tried to hold his hand and stop it from going down further on to her exposed womanhood. Last minute modesty was not going to save anything and my MD commanded her to leave his hand and open her legs and he mockingly told her “You bitch you were pretending to be so uptight but actually came prepared to be fucked by me today, didn’t you?.”

My wife still pretended and said “No Anil I was getting late for rehearsal and forgot to wear panties” but her tone betrayed the truth.

MD laughed at her “OK beautiful bitch now stop pretending and just tell me truthfully if you wanted to get fucked by me or not” and he held her cheek in his teeth in mock anger but firmly.

My wife got worried of his bite and quickly mumbled “Oh Yes, yes Anil I wanted to get fucked by you. I was hoping it would work out today and that’s why I didn’t wear any panties”

My MD let go of her cheek and slipped his hand under her bra and squeezed her boob hard and smiled and firmly said “Anjali I didn’t hear it properly. Say it again and loudly”. Now he was in full control of her.

My wife winced but said quite loudly “Yes, yes Anil I really wanted to be fucked by you and I have had fantasies about it also”. Anyone walking outside may have heard her but fortunately no one came that side after dark.

MD was now smiling like a victor and grabbed her blouse with both hands. Ignoring her whimpering request not to tear her blouse, he ripped open all the hooks. My wife was worried about getting her blouse torn fully and she automatically raised her hands and assisted him in quickly removing her blouse and bra. With a grin of victory he threw away her blouse and bra and held her by the waist. Her clothes were littered on the floor and she was fully naked in his arms while he was still fully clothed.

He asked her to tell a little more about her fantasy. My wife hesitated and he tightened his arms around her waist and she blurted out “I have fantasized being your bitch and be fucked all night by you. I have even thought of being fucked by you while my husband watches. I want to sleep in your arms with your cock inside me. I have fantasized about it ever since I heard about your prowess in bed”. MD calmly told her that he would definitely fulfill her fantasy of being fucked while I watched. (That is another story)

She was almost hanging naked in his arms and sandals was the only thing that she was wearing. He asked her to kiss him. She raised herself on her toes and put her arms around his neck to bring his head down a little.

She looked into his eyes and demurely placed her lips on his. He kissed her passionately and placed his one hand on her boob while other was holding her tightly by the waist. They were both immersed in wanton desire. My MD left and quickly removed all his clothes. I could hear her gasp as his erect cock sprang out of the undy and nestled against her crotch. He asked her to get down on her knees and take it in her mouth. She never liked to give me a blow job but here she was quickly on her knees and eagerly sucking my MD’s cock and messaging his balls. His cock seemed to be growing even bigger in her mouth.

After about 5 min of cock sucking my MD lifted my wife in his arms and effortlessly raised her in the air. She was sandwiched between him and the wall.

My wife squealed “What are you doing”

MD “Just showing you who is the boss”

My wife “That I can see and feel clearly. Anil I acknowledge you are my husband’s boss and your are my boss too. Now please put me down”

MD “Where”

My wife smiled sexily “Where ever you want”

MD “Wrap your legs around my waist and I’m going to put you down on to my cock”

My wife did as she was told and put her arms around my MD’s neck for support and wrapped her legs around his waist.

MD held her by her butt started lowering her on his erect dick and suddenly my wife’s body stiffened “No… please stop it’s not going in”.

MD “OK I’ll slow down. Just relax and open your thighs a bit.”

My wife opened her thighs wider she nearly screamed out as my MD’s cock forced open her pussy lips and entered her with a popping sound. She tightened her arms around his neck and tried to raise her ass upward to take out his cock but it was in vain. What had gone in was not going to come out easily and not without finishing its work. MD held her ass and steadied her without pushing in more. Slowly the pain subsided and my wife relaxed in his arms. She kissed his cheek and said “Please be gentle….lets me adjust to your size. The MD started giving her passionate kisses on her lips and her ears. He lowered his head into her breasts and sucked her nipples. Slowly my wife became comfortable and started cooperating with him and kissing him back.

I could see about an inch of my MD’s cock embedded in my wife’s pussy but there was still about 6 inches of his cock yet to go in. I could see that my wife could not have known what she had bargained for.

My MD asked my wife to straighten her legs downwards so that he could lower her down further on to his cock. As told my wife straightened her legs but tightened her arms around his neck for support. Her feet were about a foot off the ground and her lower half was hanging in the air, joined at the pelvis by his cock embedded in her pussy. Her boobs were crushed against his chest. My MD lowered her down a little more while thrusting his hips in a rhythm and his cock kept opening her pussy and inching deeper into her. She was panting at the onslaught on her womenhood but there was no escape. She could hardly breathe by the time he had entered her 6 inches. She was slowly beating her closed fist on his shoulder as if asking for mercy. It was a carnal mixture of pain and pleasure.

My MD again started kissing my wife and made her wet and she started enjoying the position. Suddenly my MD gave an upward thrust with his hips and brought her down and his cock went in to the hilt into my wife’s pussy, drawing out a sharp breath from her but this time she was very aroused and wet and did not feel the pain so much. Her feet were still off the ground and most of her weight was now supported on his cock embedded deeply into her pussy. This pushed his cock deeper into her as much as possible. She found her breath and circled her legs around his hips for better support. With one hand she held her boob and offered it to his hungry exploring mouth. Soon her breathing quickened and she put her arms around his head and pulled it further into her breasts and asked him to suck them harder one by one.

MD asked her teasingly “What am I doing”

My wife said coyly “You have Anjali in your grip and are making her your bitch”

MD “and what are you doing”

My wife seemed to blush even in that position and whispered “I am getting fucked by Anil, my husband’s MD and my lover. Oh Anil please put me down somewhere and hammer me hard.”

My MD said OK now get ready for some serious fucking. My wife nodded her head in agreement. He carried her to the billiards table and placed her butt on the edge of the table. My wife leaned backwards and put her hands behind her on the billiards table for support. My MD held her thighs and lifted them upwards. He pulled her to the edge and opened her legs for deeper entry. He started moving his hips and driving his cock into her cunt with slow long strokes. My wife was moaning unashamedly and pushing forward her hips to meet his thrusts. He fucked her slowly in that position while sucking her boobs and biting her nipples. Her nipples were erects and red with his mauling and yet she was asking or more and harder.

My MD suddenly lifted my wife off the table, turned her around and bent her forward on the table. Before she could say anything he rammed his cock into her cunt from behind. My wife could only whimper and cooperate with him. He was ramming her steadily and his cock was coming out of her cunt with sloppy sound and he would ram it back into her with a grunt. With each thrust my wife would moan things like …..oh yes fuck me…harder please…oh no its going too deep…please go a little slow…I’m yours…oh god…take me more….aah Anil fuck me more ……

While my MD was fucking my wife, I was watching and masturbating and about to reach my climax. I didn’t have much holding power and knew I would come shortly. I had reached my final level and quickly took out a handkerchief from my pocket as my semen came rushing out in dribbles. It all flowed into the handkerchief.

In the meantime my MD slowed a little and held her waist firmly and lowered his chest on her back and whispered something in her ear. I couldn’t hear but it must have been something significant because my wife stiffened a bit and tried to raise her head and was saying….no Anil no…please no…I’m 38 years and can’t think of it. His cock was fully embedded in her, his thighs were pressing her lower half into the billiards table. His upper body was putting its full weight on her back and her boobs were pressed onto the table. There was no escape for her.

This time he said it louder “Anjali whether you like it or not I’m going to make you pregnant.”

My wife replied “Oh god no Anil please….and thankfully I’m in safe period today.”

My MD gave a solid thrust with his hips and drove his cock fully into her and said “OK sweetheart it may not happen today but then on final program day I’ll surely fuck you again and by then you will be ovulating and in full heat”.

My wife “No I’ll not come to you then”.

MD “If that is the case then I’ll not let you go from here for the whole night”.

My wife “Anil I’m yours and you can enjoy me whenever you want but we have to be discreet and I can’t afford to get pregnant at this age”.

MD “Anjali choice is not yours and I’m going to find ways to make you pregnant. It will be nice if you agree and we do it like friends”.

My wife was silent.

MD “Now agree willingly and lets finish today’s hugging and kissing session haha.”

My wife mumbled a half hearted “OK Anil I’ll agree but let’s plan it properly. There could be complications”

MD kissed her gently and lovingly and my wife whispered “Now please fuck me harder. You have made me hot with all that talk of impregnating me”

My MD started fucking my wife harder with quick long strokes and he reached down between her legs and started playing with her clitoris. My wife convulsed and had her orgasm. However my MD did not stop and he carried on fucking her and driving her to her next crest.

I stood spent but still not able to take my eyes off from my MD fucking my wife with long hard thrust and his every thrust he was slamming her thighs mercilessly into the billiards table.

My MD lifted my wife and lay her down on the carpeted floor and mounted her. With one stroke he thrust his full cock into her wet pussy and lowered his chest on her boobs. He was kissing her passionately and mauling her boobs with his hairy chest. Her boobs were almost flattened by his chest and she was moaning and whimpering continuously. Sometimes between strokes he would cup her boob in his hand pinch her nipples bringing out a muffled sound of pain from her. He would seal her mouth with his and make sure she could not cry out loudly. He would lower his head and try and suck her entire boob in his mouth while continuing to fuck her without any break. By now my wife was getting exhausted and MD sensed it. So he quickened his pace.

After a few more strokes they both tensed and had their orgasm. My MD spurted all his hot seeds into my wife as my wife wrapped her arms around him trying to pull him more into her. He lay exhausted on her for sometime while my wife played with his hair. They kissed each other softly and my MD rolled off from my wife and lay by her side. I could see my MD’s semen oozing out of my wife’s cunt and flowing on her thighs. He cuddled her in his arms and she rested her head on his chest.
MD “Anjali you are so sexy and so damn fuckable”.

My wife teasingly “I’m glad you like me. So when will you fuck me again”

MD “I will fuck you soon and also fulfill your fantasy and fuck you in front of your husband”.

My wife “Anil that was only my fantasy. You can’t possibly fuck me in front of my husband?”

MD “Leave that to me. Some things I know about your husband that even you may not be aware. In fact I have wicked plans for more fun with you but you must cooperate like you did today and not keep running away like you have been doing for past two months”.

My wife “I’m sorry but I was not sure about you. Now onwards I’ll cooperate with you but please don’t spring any big surprises on me”

MD grinned “Lets see sweetheart”

They both got up and my wife went around and collected her clothes and started wearing them while my MD stood quietly watching her. She was almost dressed and he held in a bear hug saying “Sweet heart one last hug before we part.

I hurriedly slipped out of my room. I reached the place where I had parked my car. I drove around for sometimes and returned home after an hour. However my wife had not returned so I went to the club to look for her. The rehearsal was over and everyone had gone home. I was wondering where she could have gone.

Then a thought struck me and I bypassed the club guard and quietly slipped into the dark sports complex area. I again entered the room where I had hidden earlier and was shocked to hear my wife’s moans. My wife was again fully naked and in my MD’s arms on the sofa. She seemed to be quite exhausted and he was fucking her relentlessly. She didn’t have the strength to resist him. She said “Oh Anil I’m too tired to stop you. Where do you get so much strength.

The other ladies were right that you can really tire out ladies”. MD laughed and said “See now you can believe it.” He lifted her legs on his shoulders and started fucking her hard and she was whimpering “No please…its too much for me to take. You have taken out all my juices and filled me with yours. Please finish now. We can do it again tomorrow if you want. I’ll come where ever you want me to come but please finish for today”.

MD “My sweet bitch just 10 more minutes and I’ll finish. I cant leave you now. I have to fill you with my seeds once more. In fact I may be I’ll fuck you a third time also”

My wife was pleading “No please not third time. I’m exhausted. You are a fiend or what. It’s time for my husband also to come. I need to hurry back home”

I watched in amazement at the stamina of my MD. He carried on relentlessly pumping my wife, unmindful of her feeble protests. My wife kept moaning under his onslaught and started cooperating with him to drive him over the crest. She lowered her legs from his shoulder and pulled him on top of her. His chest was fully on her boobs and crushing them. He was French kissing her while fucking her continuously. After a few minutes he climaxed with grunts and my wife moaned loudly while receiving his hot seeds deep inside her belly.

They both lay still for sometimes, fully spent. Then he rolled off her and his seed came rushing out of her open cunt. I had never seen her cunt so wide open. It was not able to close its lips after being fucked so much and it was really exhausted like her. My wife was lying exhausted and my MD put his hand on her breast and playfully tweaked her raw nipple. My wife managed to give him a weak smile and turned to face him. She put her arm around him.

My wife “OMG how am I going to get up and put on my clothes”

MD “You don’t have to. Just wait for a while and I’ll fuck you again.”

My wife “No please. I can’t take it any more. We’ll do it next week only. Let me recover.”

MD gripped my wife tightly “I’m not going to wait for a whole week for your hole. Say you’ll come tomorrow or I’ll not let you go.”

My wife surrendered “God you are crazy. OK I’ll come here tomorrow. At least I’ll be some what fresh and you can enjoy me better.”

MD kissed her on her lips and let her go.

I once again slipped out and went home to wait for her.

Note: Dear friends if you liked my experience please let me know at [email protected]

I hope to soon share my next experience with you where my wife and I got done together.

By arunbottom

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Excellent story. Beautifully written. Completely believable.
    Very few guys can fuck like this, but some can.
    And yes, married women do completely give themselves to these men.
    This could have happened.
    And of course, there are thousands of husbands like this.

  • Reply Dani ID:2w2appw88rb

    Bro is this a real story or just fiction? I mean do things like this really happen ?

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Like this, though obviously, parts of it may be exaggerated. Husbands watching wives fuck, and getting off on it? Oh yes, definitely. Assuming MD stands for Medical Doctor, there may be a pharmaceutical explanation for his… Endurance. It’s plausible, but barely.

  • Reply Sweaty ID:2wp3qf7yzr9

    Please continue the story and share it is fantastic