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Random things I need when I was 12

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12 year old’s adventures when I knew I like to tease.

These are a few stories I can remember with enough details but too short to just post alone.
One thing I used to do when I would go to the mall with one of my parents or my friends If I was wearing a skirt, I would accidentally flash guys from the second floor of the mall or while sitting at the food court. I noticed once when I was doing that with a friend, Sarah, at the food court. This was about a week and a half after my 12th birthday and a week or so before Halloween. I saw my old neighbor, whose name was Roger; he seemed to be enjoying the show me and Sarah were doing from the 2nd floor. We saw him later that day; we were about to go to the food court to try on clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch when he came up to us. Just to say hi since he moved a few months after I moved into our new house after we moved to Texas. Sarah decided to go to the food court, and I was going to catch up with her; she knew Roger since he would cut the grass for my mother. I was going to try on one more outfit before I left the store. I put on the shirtdress and noticed it was almost too short unless I wore shorts under them. I asked Roger to come into the fitting room to see the shirtdress. He said he liked it, but I was pretty sure he wasn’t paying attention to the shirtdress. He offered to buy it for me, so I went ahead and pulled it off over my head and put it back on the hanger. I then handed it to him, turned around naked, told him he could touch me if he wanted. He stepped almost touching me, I could feel his pants rubbing against the back of my shins, while his hand wrapped around my torso. Looking into the mirror of the fitting room, to see he had a huge smile, I put my right leg up on the seat, so you could sit down to change cloths. His left hand was sliding up to my breasts where he would rub them, his right hand slid down to my pussy; He started to rub the little pubic hair around just above the opening of my pussy lips. I leaned my head back and soft whispered moans into his ear, and I put my right hand up and held the back of his neck for balance, while he was playing with my clit with his finger, rubbing one finger in the middle and one on each of the outside of the lips. He then started to hump me for a few seconds before the in store music changed songs, He said we shouldn’t have done this, so I picked up my shirt and skirt, and put them on in front of him. Then I followed him to the register to pay for my new shirtdress.

This happened on my father’s birthday when I was 12, at his new rental house in Alamogordo NM. It wasn’t a huge town and not a small town. My father picked me up from my mothers house about a week before his birthday, I was happy I would get to see a new town and spend time with my father. Since we were so far away from Texas none of his family would be able to come see him for his birthday. I had saved up money and I had gotten him a how to learn Calligraphy learners book and a few pens that had different tips to try. He had said a few times when I was growing up he wanted to learn how to do that.
So He was happy his his present I gave it too him the day before his birthday, when he wasn’t actingas happy and looked kinda sad. I had only had sex maybe six or seven times since the June of the previous year when I had sex with my father. Me and Chris pretty muched prefered oral sex because we could both get off and less of a mess.
The following morning of my father’s birthday we went out to eat, and he had phone calls wishing him happy birthday. I noticed he was still being sad so I asked him is there anything I can do to cheer him up, I had only gotten to see him two times in almost ten months. I decided to give him another birthday present, I told him I’m going to take a shower then we can do what we did at the hotel again. He smiled more than I think he ment too, and said this time we can try a few more things.
So before I took a shower I went a grabbed my razer to shave my legs and armpits. Yes I wasn’t that good so wasn’t going to risk shaving something else before you say something in comments. 😉 When I got out of the shower I dried off and I had put on my bra and thongs, so I dried my hair pulled it back into a ponytail. I had devolped some my breasts had gone up to a B and I had slighty more curves, apparently a rounder ass I was told later. Then I put on my house shoes and my robe, when I opened the door. My father was standing there waiting for me in a bathrobe.
Following him to his bedroom, he said we will try a few differnt things over the next two days if I would be willing to try them. He had a leather ottoman in his room, I had seen a few times since I got there it only ever had a laundry hamper on it. When we came into his room today, it had a black comforter laying across it. I had also noticed two duffel bags on front of the closet I had never seen before. My father had already taken off his robes and was at full attention, I also noticed the blue pills on his dresser. He said he was going to take pictures at different points, and make a video of us.
Then he asked me to take off my house shoes, stand on the ottoman and take off my robes. My father walked up to me while I was standing on the ottoman, and held up a hand to get me to step off. He then proceeded to kiss me on the mouth. While working his way down my neck below my ear, he unclipped my bra. Then he put an arm across my back, and kinda turned me around facing the other way, and then pulled off my thongs with his teeth. Telling me to use the ottoman to balance myself so he could take off my thongs all the way. I leaned forward put both hands on the ottoman, and then stepped out of my thongs one leg at a time.
Now I was on all four’s he walked around me taking pictures, then I think he wasn’t sure how to proceede. So when he had walked back up to me, I laid down on my back my head resting just before the end of the corner. I didn’t knwo what was going to come next and I was willing even though I thought the first time I only wanted to do this once. My father said lets find something on the radio to listen to while we have fun, if you don’t believe in fate or irony this will make you laugh. It did for both of us and he left it on this song, It was Def Lepard – Pour Some Sugar. He came back over to me, and asked me what I would be comfortable with starting with. I said i’ll give him a blowjob laying down, and I said no worries I had praticed with banana’s.
He said if you are sure, so I said i’ll push you back with my hands if needed. Apparently the Viagra had kicked in and his penis had gotten bigger and swelled up some. So I slid further towards the middle of the ottoman, and he bent over like he was going to do pushups. He then pulled up each of my legs bent them and spread them, then when he had started I did as well. It took us a minture or so to get the other in the best position, After we got comfortable, I explained I wouldn’t gag if it went down my throat at this angle. He then started pumping even faster and deeper into my throat, he would stop about every minute or so I could breath. Then he started to go faster than before, and I knew he was about to cum, so I reached up and pulled him closer. To the point his balls were on my nose when he came, then I swallowed and he immideatly came again. I didn’t know it at the time, that was the first time he had experienced that, and he said it was I sucked the cum out.
After a bit, we decided to switch to a different positions. He asked me to get up on all four’s again, then he started to finish me off using his tongue, and I eventually reached orgasm. After that my father gave me a rimjob; Then we cleaned up for the moment. I put my bra, panties and my robe. We then went did our own things for a little bit, I went to the bahtroom and cleaned up again. Then we watched a movie on tv for a bit, my father asked me what else I would be willing to try. I gave a real answer I’m not sure I don’t have any real experience.
After a few hours, he went to his bedroom. When he came back still wearing his robe, he asked me to come look at a few things he put on his bed to see what I would be willing to wear and or try. I saw different types of lingerie spread out, with a few bdsm toys and a leash. I wasn’t sure why I had seen porn of most of this, it never seemed like something I would want to try until I saw everything he had laid out for me to choose from. I was getting wet from just looking at some of the things, I asked him to go into the living room with me for a minute. We talked and I said I would be willing to try most but nothing that would leave marks.
So while I went back into his room, I took off my robe, bra, and panties. Then I opened the plastic on a pair of crochless thongs, put them on. I ended up having to tie the waste on each side of them so they would stay on and be comfortable, then a garter belt with stocking. It was all a mix of green and black I then put on a corset, with removeable breast covers, (kinda like what Janet Jackson, had at the superbowl) I just took those off. They were kinda like dog dollars but with padding on them and a clasp. Then I put the leash on around my neck. Then a small mask that covered around my eyes and nose, like the cheap halloween masks.
When I called my father back into his room, He looked estatic. I was as also, I was opening a box that had something that looked intresting. I saw a rather small butt plugg with a black tail attached to it. I’m not sure why but I wanted to try it. I got it out of the package, and went to the kitchen to clean it. After that I was about to go back to my fathers room, when I figured I could use my own lube to stick it in. So while I was leaning against the counter, sticking it in my pussy to get it nice and wet, I noticed it had a buton to make it viberate. I turned it on, and was instantly in extasy moaning, then my father walked into the room. He said don’t get started without me, and I turned it off then was about to insert it into my butt. My father then walked over to me, clipped a leash to the collar on my neck. He said let me do it, and your going to call me daddy today.
He then said get down, So I got down on all four’s turned so my ass was facing him. He then used a bottle of lube dripped it on me, then used a finger to smear it around my button before plunging it into me. Then after a few minutes of that, he inserted the butt plug. Then he had me follow him on all four’s back to his room, when we got back, he cut a pair of socks so I could use them as knee pads. No use getting carpet burn he said, So I put them on over my stockings. while being led back to the ottoman on all four’s like a dog. My father then, walked around and took some pictures. Then he turned around and proceeded to use a remote to control the viberator in the butt plug, he pulled the leash towards him. Then he grabbed my ponytail and proceeded to stick his penis in my mouth, then he got the tail of the butt plug, and pulled it towards my head. With it viberating and him pulling the tail, it was hitting my A spot, he then proceeded to pull the tail ever closer to himself to get me to lean into sucking his dick. He had put on a cock ring and it was working and getting bigger.
Then I was told to get down off the ottoman, pulled by the leash and then lead to his study. It had a massage table, and I was going to be tied down face first. I got up on the table. Had one of those wedge pillows put at my stomach, then both arms where tied to the feet restraints, and I was then tied down to the table. My father then, got up on the back part of the table where you feet would be, and proceeded to take out the butt plug, and use a dildo with a clit stimulator, then another bullet dildo in my ass. turned them on high, then proceeded to maniulapte them enough to almost make me orgasm. Four times in a row he did that, then he got the one out of my ass, then shoved his penis in almost to the base. That really hurt, I had only ever had anal sex once and that was over six months before, and Chris the guy who I did wasn’t as big as my father. He then fucked me for the next half hour or more, only stopping long enough to keep himself from cumming. Then, he pulled his penis out and the dildo when it was still viberating. Next thing I knew he pulled over his office chair, raised it and put the dildo that was in my pussy, tied it to the arm of the chair and stuck it in my mouth. While doing the usual talking down and belittling me.
Then I was untied, and tied face up but my arms where behind my head and legs bent and tied spread apart. My father did ask before he tied me back up if I was enjoying myself, I said yes as long as he doesn’t use a belt to whip me. Then he got on the table, and had me suck on his balls while he would use one of the smaller dildo’s to see if he could get me to orgasm. Finally he leaned over me, and started to fuck my mouth and throat. Asking if my ass tasted good. It was getting hard to do that now, since he had had a cock ring on for almost half an hour.
Then he decided to go after my pussy, by this time his penis was almost twice the wideth it was when we started this morning. He shoved the tip in, and from my moan he went ahead and went balls deep after barely sticking it in. He was hitting my cervix and streaching me in every direction, a few times he went all the way in, and moved around I think it’s called a helicopter. He started thrusting into me with everything he could, I was about to orgasm. My father then pulled out ripped off his cock ring and back to it he went. I didn’t know he had gotten a vasectomy, But right before I orgasmed he went balls deep and filled me up. Litterally, I could feel his cum getting squirted into my Uterus. Then when I started to Orgasm, waves of pleasure traveling through my body. My father started to thrust again, pushing harder and deeper while I was having an amazing orgasm. I ended up squirting more than I would have expected.
After that, He untied me, and I said I was going to take a shower, then he told me he had a vasectomy when I was younger. He was going to join me in the shower and since the day wasn’t over, I used the detachable shower head to try and clean myself out. Then I was told it was time to finish cleaning, I ended up giving him a blowjob. I just swallowed when he came in my mouth, so i wouldn’t have to wash myself off again.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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