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I Let My Real Son Have My Step Daughter

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I want my teenage son to be happy and he should get to experience in girls, even if she is his step-sister.

Well, before you judge me hear me out. I’m a 32 yr old woman (Hanna) and housewife of a 45 yr old man (David). He owns a textile business so I do not have to work. I’m his second wife. And got a Stepdaughter (Ariel) (2yrs old at the time of the wedding). I do not like women in general. So say I’m insecure because I stole my husband from another woman so someone might steal him from me. I don’t think so. I like him to just love me no one else. Simple. But he loves his daughter. So I have to pretend that I care about her too. In reality, I hate her. She is just using up all the resources that would have been for my son. She knows that I do not like him much so keeps to herself. She also knows to shut up and not complain about me to her father. (Taught her the lesson the hard way when she was 7)

Anyways, my lovely son(Hunter, 13), is growing and he is going through puberty. And like all boys this age he is horny all the time. He loves his step-sister, but I told him not to treat her like family, she is more like a guest. Lately, he has been caught by my stepdaughter, sniffing her panties, or sneaking into her bathroom while she is showering. I say it was just 3 of us near the pool and they were playing in the water. When he groped her boobs. She thought it was an accident so she let it go. he then grab her ass. She then slapped him and came out of the water and told me. I saw everything. I mean what else you can expect from a 13yr old boy, right? He is horny she was wearing a two-piece bikini barely covering her breast and ass. She developed well by the way. She has 36 D boobs and a voluptuous ass. She usually wears baggy clothes to school so she looks boring, but in a bikini, she makes my son’s dick hard. So I found that slapping my son was not fair. After all, he cannot control his urges. So when she came to me complaining about Hunter, with a towel in her hands. I slapped the shit out of her. She was shocked as she tried to maintain her balance. “How dare you slap my son”
With tears in her eyes – “he..he.. groped my..my.. breast and….. ass… You saw it..”
“So… You are the one flaunting your assets in front of a teenage boy going through puberty,” I said with authority.
“But.. But I’m his…sister” She said.
“Step…Step-sister. You are not family to teach him any lesson” I said. Hunter also came off the water watching me make a fool of his sister. He was a cute boy, a little overweight, but a cuddly chubby bear.
I continued to teach her lesson -“And for what? Just for touching these?” I groped her boobs vigorously and shook them one by one. I continued “These pieces of meat, let me see why are these so valuable that my son cannot touch them?” I tore her bikini top as she kept crying and watching me in astonishment. I turned her around and ripped her bikini bottom, her pussy was exposed to Hunter whose pants already had a tent in them. “So this chunk of meat is very precious and protected, divine, and son cannot touch or play with them?” I slapped her ass and pushed her to the pool bench. She turned around with tears in her eyes, – “What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me? What did I do wrong?” She said.
“You slapped my son for touching something that is not worth it. Today you should know that your body is a piece of shit and worth nothing. You are not going to stop him from touching you again.” I said waving my finger at her bending down to her face.
“Hunter go on feel up.” I waved to Hunter. He didn’t waste any time, With a huge smile on his face her attacked her tits and started to grope them as if there is no tomorrow. I guess he didn’t know much about women’s vaginas, he didn’t show much interest in it. We were humping her thighs as he was licking and sucking her boobs. She just held her hands to her side with her eyes closed.
“Hey, Hunter drops those pants, I do not what your spunk in the shorts, that will have to wash separately.” He immediately obeys. Now his small pencil dick was rubbing against her thighs. It was less than a min when he just oozed his juices on her crotch. It was dripping down her thighs. She just laid there and Hunter feel on her plump body. He was a huge smile on his face.. My baby was so happy.

He got up and hugged me tightly thanking me. His flaccid dick still had some cum on it. Which rubbed on my thigh. “Go take a shower and get dressed.” I kissed his forehead and let him go. I wiped his cum drops from my thigh and licked it. It tasted good. My boy was becoming a man.
“Get up, you clean yourself. I hope you remember your lesson. Let him have his fun with you else I will beat the shit out of you. And I hope I do not have to tell you that, you do not mention this to your father. Else I will burry you in the backyard” I walked with a victory smile. Ariel slowly got and accepted her fate and went for a shower.

I will do anything to make sure my son is happy and he gets what he wants.

..continued (Full Story: http://funstories.ga/2022/08/30/i-let-my-real-son-have-my-step-daughter/)

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