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What a Christmas gift from mom to bad it was only one time

When I was 16 I started to work for a mini mall in town filling in for odd things like cleaning, cutting grass, removing snow wearing customs to bring in customers.

I started just before St. Patties day and was dress like a leprechaun giving out coupons to the restaurants. When Christmas can around they asked if I would be Santa Claus. Of course needing money for a car I was all over it with the overtime involved.

The night before Christmas Eve everyone wanted to just get out and go home so my boss told me to just wear the outfit home and bring it back after Christmas. So I decided to have some fun and go visit some friends as Santa Claus. I got home around 1030 that night as I pulled in the driveway I saw mom and dad had put up the tree.

Once I got inside the house I went and got a small glass of milk and a cookie. I went into the living room to look at the tree. As I was eating and drinking I felt a hand in my shoulder and then I was forced to turn around. As I was forcibly turned my milk spilled all over me. Then I heard you messy man Santa and felt a tongue plunge deep into my mouth. As this tongue found it was around my mind and all over the inside of my mouth I realized the voice I heard was my mom. When the kiss broke my moms hands found my ass and she said oh Santa you been working out? As I went I to respond and tell my mom it was me she forced her tongue back into my mouth. By now my 8 inch cock was rock hard and poking through my Santa pants. My moms hand found it way to my hard cock and she began stroking it. She broke the kiss and said on my Santa these pants make you feel so thick. Again I tried to tell my mom who I was and again she forced her tongue back into my mouth. This time as she kissed me she started to take off my clothing and forcing my hands to find their way to her tits and ass. As my hands found their way to her body I felt that she was wearing something silk.

My mom pulled my pants down and pushed me to the couch. Once my body settled into the couch I could see my mom standing there in an elf out fit made of silk. This outfit was so small it barely covered her firm little ass and her what I found out to be 34dd tits where not even covered. She started rubbing her body say dose Santa like how well she looks this year? I just moaned a yes trying not to let her hear my voice cause obviously this was a mix up and I was enjoying what I was seeing.

I decided to stand up and approach her as I did she dropped to her knees saying oh Santa I have been waiting for this and took my cock I to her hand. She stroked me say how big it felt and how much she missed from last year. She began to rub my pre cum all up and down my shaft saying how much she enjoyed making Santa feel good. The next thing I knew she slowly did her mouth down my shaft. Once she hit my base she stopped and looked up at me. The lights from the tree were shining on her face and you could see in her eye that something was not right. I pulled the Santa mask off and showed my mom my face. She quickly pulled off me saying I knew something wasn’t right. Then she smiled and said I like what’s been happing and like what I feel why stop. Then put my hard cock back into her mouth and was mumbling something about my dad. My cock started to tense and mom knew what that meant and clamped down on my cock. As her mouth tightened around me I felt my cock pulse and then blow as I was deep in her throat. Mom gaged some and swallowed all of my hot cum. She then stood up and started to stroke my cock. She leaned into and whisper into my ear my likes and wants more.

She pushed me down o to the couch and said let’s see how long this stays hard. She then mounted me and started to bounce on my hard cock. Calling me a bad Santa and telling me to suck her hard nipples. As we fucked we kissed and my hands explored her body. I then slapped her ass and she tensed you and slightly moaned. So I decided to do it again but said bad mommy. Then I felt a warm gush all over my balls and my mom tensed up the completely relaxed with a loud oh my fucking God. She then took my hand and had me rub her clit and she instantly started I shake and gasp. The she rolled off me and said no one knows of this as we kissed for a bit.

We got up off the couch and started to head to the stairs for bed. As we walked and watch my moms body bounce in front of me I got rick hard again. As we made the first step up I don’t know what came over me but I forced her to the stairs and shoved my cock deep in her and hard. She states telling no stop. I said you had your turn now it’s mine. I reached up grappled her tits and held them as I pounded her hard and fast. Then she started telling harder after oh my god. She then told me lunch my nipples hard. As I did her head went back and she moaned again. Then she took one of my hands and placed it on her clit and started to rub it. She then dropped her head started breathing heavy and shaking. I don’t know what made me do this but I started to spank her ass and call her a bad mom again. At that moment I was headlight shine off the wall. Knowing it was my dad I pulled out and shot my load all down her leg and on the step. I grabbed my stuff and ran to my room leaving her on the steps.

A few seconds later I heard my mom go into her room. About a minute later I heard my dad enter their room. A few minutes later I heard them fucking and my mom moaning very loud. To this day I like to think that was thinking of us fucking while having sex with my dad.

Santa Son

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