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I was raped by my dad

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I grew up in a rural forest town in maine and my mom worked night shifts at a small hospital anf my dad went to sea everyday to cath fish and crabs when i turned 14 i got a nice pair of boobs that were literally two handfuls and curves i was a nerd to say so only interested in school my mom hates it but my dad loved it i only showed my body at home and one night i decided it was a great idea to watch tv in panties and a shirt. My dad was in boxers and a shirt and he pulled me in his lap i laid on his c hest watching tv like i d id when i was a toddler until he gripped my ass and made me grind on his hardon. I stay still with a blush i never got touched by a boy not alone a man and i can still feel his soft yet rough big hands slipping panties off and throwing them on the floor. His hands groped and played with my ass and i began whimpering and crying he wiped my tears and told me it had to happen and that dads were supposed to do this to there daughters but moms cant know i listened and i let him i enjoyed it we did it every night at one point I’d only wear a shirt and plop in his lap while he touched my ass and I’d leave my juices on his lap. Until one night he had lube and a towel on the coffee table i thought nothing and took off mt shirt and bra laying in his lap. I heared the click of the lube cap and i yelped when his finger was up my arse after a while he decided that my little pussy would be better so i was there with my legs spread now in the room while he played with my tits after i had sucked him off je took my virginity and i couldn’t decide of i loved it and would now sleep nude to be ready for him or hated it and him and would tell my mom i wss scared my family would break up.so everynight until i went to college me n my dad would make love and eventually it stopped and we forgot once i was in sophomore year in college now im 29 and i have beliefs that when me and mt daughter visit he’s doing the same to her.

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    hope he raped you up your tight little asshole as well!

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    Sexy story, makes me wish i knew who my dad is.

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    Now Leave Your Comment…NOT GOOD AT ALL

  • Reply Hank ID:fx7itf20a

    Why did it stop .Was that you or him that ended it. maybe he is getting old and can’t get his cock hard. Do you leave your kid alone with him? maybe you should ask your daughter if the old man is giving her some cock .you said you went to college . Didn’t you learn anything .

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  • Reply Daniel ID:5vahnlepd4

    Ofcourse he will have sex with your daughter. He won’t be able to resist her tight little cunt. I have sex with my 11 year old (grand)daughter too.

    • Bri ID:vuf1mqra

      U so nasty text me 7576608507

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  • Reply anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What is your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

    • Annalise ID:fzq74g49i

      I know this isn’t May but I will reply. Mine are 39D, my panty size is 10/12, and I do save my nether region

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      To Annalise. This CLOWN always wants to know someone’s bra/panty size and if you shave your neither region. 😆 LOL.
      He’s asked me several times, so I might as well tell him. .
      I’m 38C size 10 panties, I’m 6 feet tall, and yes I shave my”neither region” LOL 😆

  • Reply M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp8k

    Take your Dad’s cock again in front of your daughter and show her how it is done properly

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  • Reply Kimfslut ID:bo2qeos8k

    Keep him happy

  • Reply Not alone! ID:3i7mqpc0b0b

    please report him.

  • Reply Lurker ID:1i2lwlyz6ib

    How does it make you feel thinking he is doing his grandfather deeds with your daughter?