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Sharing my girlfriend’s three daughters

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I had sex with my girlfriend’s three preteen daughters ages 10 to 12.

So I was dating this woman Jeannie at one time. One night while we were having sex. Jeannie asked me if I would like to date and have sex with her three daughters. I responded to her with yes. And almost like they were on cue the three daughters come walking into the bedroom and climb up on her bed all three in their nightgowns. First one was Emily age 12 and then Lily and Lila both twins both age 10. As I started to put my penis inside Jeannie’s vagina Lily and Lila climbed on top of me sitting on my back mind you genie and I are naked at this point. Immediately as soon as Lila and Lily climb on top of my back I asked to feel this warm soft sensation and realize that these girls don’t have underwear on. The feeling of the girls’ tender mounting lips rubbing against my back as I thrust into their mother and their vaginas both slowly warming up and getting wet. Both girls we’re slightly panting as their vaginas wrapped up against my back. I look at Emily and I noticed that she’s sitting right next to my hand. She had taken her nightgown completely off and was sitting facing me hands behind her back holding herself up legs in front of me open wide giving me the best feeling I could ever see of her pale white vagina the lips mounted up and then suck themselves in her clitoris was pink and soft and it looked like a little being tucked in her vagina. Lily and Lila were fraternal twins so Lily had blonde hair, tannish colored skin, beautiful milk chocolate brown eyes, small and cute kissable lips. Her body was thin and sort of bony. Lila had white pale skin, black hair, and had the same physique as her twin sister even her vagina looks similar except for the difference in color of skin. Emily had red hair thin but small kiss of a lips that were almost irresistible. She had porcelain skin and a long lanky body. Surprisingly her mounting white and pink vagina was hairless and smooth just like the other two. I come inside Jeannie as the two twins on top of my back start to rub themselves faster on my back as they do I can feel the heat from both of their vaginas and the wetness lubing the surface between their lips and my back. After I come inside of Jeannie. I pull out and gently lower the girls off my back. Then I get the twins undressed and as I’m doing that genie whispers it into my ear” you can do with them whatever you want as long as you’re gentle and nice. ” Don’t hurt them. I looked in the eyes and I agreed that I would not hurt her children and so with that I laid down and had the two twins lay on either side of me their vaginas resting against my legs. Then I had Emily climb on top of me. I had her sit on top of my penis not putting it inside of her but letting it rest in between her lips with the tip of my penis sitting on her clit. First I teach I’m only how to ride my cock by holding her hips and helping her move back and forth over my penis. Oh God if I could only describe to you as a feeling of her vagina against my penis. It was like heaven I came instantly on our vagina and she moaned and stopped and looked at me and asked me if I peed on her and I told her no and explain to her that it was cum. I didn’t move her off of me and turned to Lily on my side and I inserted my penis in between her legs so that way the top of my mushroom tip was sliding I can’t circle it I pulled her naked body close against me and felt are soft adolescent skin. It was ecstasy I came again. Then I turned over on my left side and did the same thing with Lila came in between her legs on the outside of her vagina. Then I laid Emily down on her back and I opened her legs and laying down and start to lick her vagina at the same time reaching up to her newly budding boobs that were like less than a cup size. I grabbed them as a lit her clitoris slowly getting my tongue into the opening of her vagina and back out slowly over and over again her vagina starts to heat up and she gets really wet and to my surprise she starts to open up a little bit enough to wear my tongue is starting to slide right into her preteen vagina. I then stop licking her and I move up to kiss her on the lips and hasn’t kissing her lips and neck and pre budding breasts. I love my penis on the outside of her vagina. Slowly prodding it with the tip of my penis. It feels so good I start to come again and right as my Siemens starts to exit the hole in my penis I take the tip and press it firmly against the opening in her vagina and I cum in her. She moans and I feel her vagina get really wet and release the liquid around the tip of my penis. I didn’t dismount off of her and trying to Lily and Lila and I have Lily and Lily and scissor position and I take my penis and I put it in between their vaginas and explain to them how to move and scissoring position and they do perfectly and they rub their vagina song both panty morning and it’s not long before I start to come all over them. For 3 hours at night Emily Lila and Lily and I had sex straight I loved my penis on every surface of the skin coming on every inch of it. Finally with my balls touch tight against my dick after releasing so many loads on these girls bodies and pumping them with my cum. I look over and I see Emily is asleep so I position my self over her face and a slide my penis in her mouth I just stressed in and out trying to avoid not going too deep and trying to avoid we can hurt my surprise I come in her mouth without her waking a wink. The whole time we did this with each other genie was watching us joining in here and there touching her daughters licking them at one point she even scissors with Emily. Feeling satisfied with the fact that I had come more than 10 times each on almost every surface of the girls bodies. I most the girls in position them around me naked and I fell asleep.

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  • Reply FL ID:2qmflxk13od

    wow lucky guy


  • Reply Stan ID:1360jplzrb

    WOW!!! Wonderful story!!

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Definitely love to find a woman in Australia with a daughter like this

  • Reply Daddy ID:1crcwf7r5lh1

    I don’t believe any of that as it takes awhile for a man to build up to cum..for you to cum 10 times on those girls your cock be so sore you wouldn’t be able to do anything. Only way you be able to cum that much is if you we’re a younger boy. But a man has to wait at least two hours before he is ready to cum again.

    • Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

      Am 40 an cum again in 15 minutes grant you it much less than the first… so maybe you take 2 hours not all of use do.

  • Reply Happy ID:1ck8m2fs7tvi

    Awesome story I want to hear some more about this story

  • Reply hey you ID:1dlyitm0zzie

    one giant paragraph is how to make sure I don’t read it

    • Mister Daddy ID:2liuri4iz


  • Reply Gonzo ID:1czgxyqnguvy

    Could of been better if it was properly set up in paragraphs, used spell check and not claim outlandish inhuman amount of orgasms. 10 times each fucking please. At least write a story that is believable.

    • W love ID:gnrvii38l