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A daughters seduction

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Her mom and I weren’t getting on well and I took my daughter away on holiday and she seduced me in to sleeping with her.

Last year I was seduced by my 14 year old daughter, Carly.

My wife and I had been having some problems, arguing about silly things which I won’t go in to, so I arranged for the three of us to go on a holiday together, I rented out a nice villa in Spain, with its own pool, and a picturesque beach just a few minutes’ walk away.

However, a few days before we were due to set off, my wife and I had another falling out and refused to come, Carly had been excited about the holiday for months, and I wasn’t about to disappoint my baby girl just because her mother was being a bitch, so Carly and I went alone.

Carly knew her mother and I had been having problems, she was in the house while we were arguing so it was impossible for her not to know, on our second day at the villa, in the morning, we both got in to our bathers and spent a bit of time just relaxing in the pool, she was having a good time swimming and floating around on her inflatable sun lounger, but she noticed I was just sitting standing by the side of the pool looking miserable.

She swam over to me, pressed herself against me, facing me, and put her arms around me and gave me a hug, “Cheer up, dad, this is meant to be fun.” She said.

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m trying.” I replied.

“Why has mom been such a bitch to you?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe she’d said that, “Carly, don’t call your mom a bitch, that’s not nice…” I said.

“Well, she is, she’s making you unhappy.” She replied.

She was right, her mom was making me very unhappy, but that’s still no reason for her to talk about her mother in that way, “We’re just having some problems. It’s nothing about you, don’t you worry about it. It’s grown up stuff.” I said.

“Okay. Sorry. I love you, dad.” She said, then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then something in her eyes changed, and she leaned in again, this time giving me a long kiss.

I got lost in the moment and for about a minute I kissed her back, our lips were locked in a passionate kiss, until I realised what I was doing, I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her off, “Wohw – What are you doing?” I said.

“Just giving you a kiss. Didn’t you like it?” She replied.

“Uhm – it was very nice. But uhm – “ I said, then I got a bit nervous, realising I enjoyed kissing her the way I just did, and it made me panic inside, I pulled myself out of the pool and stood on the side, “…I’ll go make us some lunch.” I said, making an excuse to get away from her as quickly as possible.

I swiftly went inside and in to the bathroom, splashing cold water on to my face, I was having sexual thoughts about Carly and I had to shake it off, after a few minutes I started to relax again and I laughed at myself in the mirror, telling myself it was just a stupid passing thought, then I dried my face and made us some lunch.

That evening we were inside, we had the TV on watching a movie we couldn’t understand because it was in a different language, I was sitting on the couch in my t-shirt and shorts, Carly was sitting next to me, still wearing her bikini top and bottoms with a skirt wrap around her.

She snuggled in to my side and put my arm around her, a short while later she put her hand on my bare leg and started to rub her hand up and down my leg, there’s was nothing wrong with that, until she put her hand a few inches up my short leg and rubbed my inner thigh, a sensitive area for a guy, I quickly pulled her hand out, “Carly! – What are you doing?” I asked.

She pulled her legs up on to the couch and leaned in to me, and kissed me on the lips, it took me a good few seconds to pry her away, and I quickly got up off the couch, “Carly, Stop!” I snapped.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“What is going on here? – What are you doing?” I asked.

“I just wanted to kiss you.” She replied.

“I don’t know what’s going on in your head right now, but I need to stop it, okay?” I said, then I walked away, “Look, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” I said.

Later that night, I was laying on my bed on top of the bed sheets because it was so warm, I taken my shirt off and I had the windows open, it was a beautiful hot night with a gentle breeze coming through the windows, the sky was clear and I could hear the sound of night wildlife outside.

I woke up randomly in the middle of the night, as I opened my eyes and lifted my head, I was startled when I saw someone standing at the foot of my bed, it was Carly, she was just watching me, “Carly? – is everything alright?” I asked.

When she didn’t respond, I sat myself up, then she smiled at me, and then she pulled the belt around her silk nightgown, it fell open, slipped off her shoulders and dropped to the floor, she was completely naked underneath.

All I could do was stare at her, seeing her standing there naked, I’d never seen something so beautiful in my life, she was my daughter, my little girl, but she was sexy as hell and so incredibly beautiful.

Then she slowly crawled up on to the bed and towards me on her hands and knees, she crawled up my body until she was hovering right over me, “Is this a dream? – I’m dreaming, right?” I asked.

She didn’t speak and just shook her head and smiled, then she held my hands and placed them on her butt, as soon as I felt the soft firmness of her butt, I knew it was no dream, then she leaned down and kissed me passionately, and all I could do was squeeze her tight little ass.

While she was kissing me she pushed her hand down my shorts and played with my cock, a few minutes later she started to kiss my body and work her way down, when she reached my shorts she opened them up, gobbled up my cock in to her mouth and started to suck me off, “Oooah-wah.” I gasped and groaned with delight.

My daughter was sucking on my cock and I didn’t even care, it was the first action I’d had in months, her mom and I hadn’t had sex in so long I started to forget what it was like, I allowed her to continue because I wanted it, “Oh, Carly – Baby.” I groaned.

I sprung up, grabbed her, and flipped her on to her back, after quickly removing my shorts I got on top of her and kissed her with intense passion, our hands were all over each other, I felt every inch of her small silky smooth body and after sucking on her perky breasts for a few minutes, I went down on her, and I ate her pussy like a death row inmate eating his last meal, I devoured here.

“Ungh – Make love to me, dad.” She begged.

I was more than happy to give her what she wanted, I positioned myself over her, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushed my hard twitching cock in to her crack and thrust it inside, I broke through her virgin barrier in one move, we both moaned and groaned at the same time, “Ungh – Ooh.” – “Oooah”

At first I didn’t notice how tight her pussy was, I was too busy enjoying it, gently thrusting my cock in and out of her, her pussy was so wet for her daddy, it was beautiful, I listened to her moaning with pleasure, “Ungh – Ungh – Ung – Oooh – Ungh” it was like angels singing.

I slowed down briefly and stared down at her pretty face thinking, “What the hell am I doing. This is my little girl.” And I was about to put a stop to it, when she opened her eyes and looked directly in to mine, her blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight, and she smiled at me with so much love on her face, it warmed my heart and I knew I couldn’t stop, I started fucking her once again, doing everything I could to hear more of her heavenly orgasmic moans.

“Ooh – Ungh – Mmm – Ungh”

“Oh god, here it comes.” I said, “I’m cumming!” I announced, pounding her tight pussy hard.

“Ugh – Yeah – Ungh” she moaned.

It actually took me a few more minutes after that before enough pressure built up inside my cock to overcome the tightness of her pussy, and it shot out, I ejaculated heavily inside of her, I felt so much semen come out of me I thought the inside of my nuts had exploded.

We rested and snuggled lovingly for a while and then had sex again, this time Carly was in control and riding me on top, then we got adventurous and I took her up the ass hole, which she enjoyed a lot.

Over the next 4 days we did nothing but foreplay and have a lot of sex, even skinny dipping and fucking in the pool on numerous occasions, she made me feel like a teenage boy again.

Things didn’t work out between me and her mother, we got divorced less than 4 months later, and Carly stayed living with me, which was a good thing because she’s just recently given birth to our baby.

It’s a healthy baby boy and his name is Jonathan.

Carly and I still have amazing sex as regularly as we can, we’re no longer father and daughter, we’re passionate sexual lovers.

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  • Reply Bob ID:ffh2ubr44

    You lucky bastard!!!!

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    AND YOU TWO ARE HUSBAND AND WIFE AND HAVE A FAMILY…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I hope you two have more children. I started commenting in The Preteen Category article called “I love pedos” written by a Wonderful Little Girl and my comments are throughout that category. My first is in my next comment…

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    Perhaps anyone of the many people who liked this would like to chat
    [email protected]

  • Reply Loving daughter ID:1ardd6te8k

    I use to frown upon incest until i turned 24 and gradually indulged. My mom went through a cancer spell and dad wasnt getting any for over a year. My husband jokingly said i should give him a helping hand. That ideas once planted in my mind grew. About 6 months later i was relieving him with my hand and relieved me with finger. Few months later it got to mutual oral. Few months later everything. Even though moms fine now he and i are still at it

    • Tmantheman73 on wickr ID:7zv3a3mm9b

      Lucky dad

    • Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

      Mmmm you are such a good sweet daughter I love to have a daughter like you sweetie
      I’m a older man and no girls just 2 boys I really love lots of sexual chat of any kind I’ve been into incest and beastiality since I was 13 years old and I’m 68 now
      Love to chat with you sometime sweetie 💕
      [email protected]

    • Loving daughter ID:1ardd6te8k

      Will email shortly

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      My email has been down this morning for some reason sweetie
      Sorry just keep trying ok
      I have trouble with Yahoo sometimes

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      Send me another email please
      I can’t open the other one for some reason
      [email protected]

    • Bob ID:ffh2ubr44

      You r a great daughter. Does hubby know?

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    sex was not like that with my father he faped me when i was 10 and sold me to men to be there sex toy for the day or night and they did some sick and pain full things to my body

    • Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

      If he had been gentle and seductive and got you to wanting it instead of taking it ruff you may have liked and enjoyed it too
      Sorry for the bad treatment
      It can be very much pleasure sweetie

    • Sel ID:ndoolep209

      I chatted to another lady who had similar experiences to you. Her dad sold her mom for money. Sometimes a dozen or more guys per night. Then a rich guy saw her with her mom one day and offered insane amount of money just to do oral. She was too young to mention age.
      By the time she was 6 her mom and her were millionaires.

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      It’s not possible for your father to rape you. He merely took what a good daughter should have offered up freely. It’s his right as your father to use your pussy as he wished.

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    Love this hot story wish that was my daughter m?mmm

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    Why this is not a five star is beyond me. O gave a five star as in top notch story.

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    Father and daughter being lovers is just plain HOT 🔥. This reminds me of seducing my dad, and becoming lovers. I started seducing him at 9, we have 2 beautiful offspring together.

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      I love reading these stories even if its fiction.
      One day my little daughters and i went to this animal farm where the kids get to interact with the animals. We wore old jeans and boots and we got a little dirty. On our way back we stopped to have pizza. A rich businessman at restaurant thought we were poor and came over and offered me money to let him look at my daughters nude. Omg

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      Yes. I play these tease games and dress myself and the girls up for it.
      But always in a safe setting or environment

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