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My best mate is a genius

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Simon, my best mate, has been fucking his little sister for months and he told me how he got her to do it. The way he did it was pure fucking genius.

This happened when I was 12, my sister Carol was 7.

I was with my best mate Simon, at his house in his room, I was sitting on his gaming chair and he was laid casually on his bed, his little sister came in to the room to give him some clothes that their mom had given her to give to Simon.

But while she was in there I saw her crab the front of his joggers, she was clearly going for his cock, and when she left the room I asked him about, that’s when he confessed that, “I’ve been fucking her for over a year.”

I knew he wasn’t a virgin but didn’t know it was because he’d been fucking his little sister, I immediately asked him how he managed to do it, he swore me to secrecy and then he told me.

He was a really good artist and at using computer software, he had used his skills to create a few interactive videos on his laptop, he showed me one, it was in the style of a kids cartoon, a naked character, drawn with its cock wiggling around as it moves on screen, started to talk in a child friendly way, like they do on kids TV shows, it looked really professional.

The character instructed the viewer on what to do, and it sang pornographic songs in the style of the nursery rhyme “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” or some of you may know it as “This Is The Way We”, if you don’t know it, look it up on you-tube, and try to sing along in that style to the dialogue I write out in this story, and you’ll understand.

So he gave me a drive with one of the videos on it, “Try this out on your sister, and if it works, I’ll give you another one to try.” And he explained how to prepare and I needed to do, and this is what happened….

I got my little sister, Fiona, to watch cartoons with me on my tablet, but before she came in to my room, I set things up, I cut a hole in an old bedsheet, very small, just big enough to fit my cock through, then I placed a colourful hanky over my cock so she couldn’t see it immediately.

We watched cartoons on my tablet for about an hour, and she did ask me what the hanky was, “Oh, it’s nothing.”, then I pretended to get tired by fake yawning, and I said to her that she can stay and watch cartoons on the tablet, but before I handed it to her, I put Simon’s special video on and pressed play, then I put my head down, closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

The video started….

Music started playing, and Fiona giggled at the funny character on screen, and it started to talk.

“Hi kids, are you feeling happy today? ——– I can’t hear you —- Press “Yes” or “No” on the screen.”

She pressed yes.

“That’s great. Would you like to play a magic game?” he asked.

She pressed yes.

“Okay, but we must be very-very quiet. Okay, look around, do you see anything that’s coloured like a rainbow.” He asked.

Thankfully she remembered the coloured hanky and she clicked yes.

“Good. Okay, pick it up, and say ‘Wooosh’ and threw it away.” He instructed.

I felt her a sudden draft on my cock as she lifted the hanky and said “Wooosh”

“You just did a magic trick. Did something appear?” he asked.

She saw my cock so she clicked yes.

“Do you know what it is?” he asked.

She clicked no this time, she had no idea.

“That’s okay, I’ll tell you. It’s a magic straw. Would you like to taste some yum-yummy-tummy juice?” he asked.

She clicked yes.

“Only veeeeery special girls can use this straw. So before you can drink the yum-yummy-tummy juice, you have to pass the special test first, are you ready to get started?” he asked.

She clicked yes, and also said it out loud, excitedly.

“I’m going to sing a song, and you can play along. Don’t feel sad if you don’t understand, I’ll show you helpful pictures to help you along. Okay, take hold of the straw… got it?” he asked,

She took hold of my cock, I shivered a little because her hands were cold, and she clicked yes.

“Then lets get started. Here we go….” He said, then the music started to play, “Now we’re going to rub the straw – rub the straw – rub the straw – now we’re going to rub the straw – rub – rub – rub.” He sang.

Fiona followed his instructions perfectly and started rubbing my cock like the pictures on screen were showing her, I couldn’t believe it had worked, she was doing it, the song continued, it repeated each line of the song several times, lasting for about 5 minutes each.

“Is the straw growing?” he asked.

She clicked yes, because my cock had become fully hard and erect.

“Then lets keep going…” he said, and sung again.

“This is how we lick the straw – lick the straw – lick the straw – this is how we lick the straw – lick – lick – lick.” He sang, and she did, she licked my cock from bottom to top over and over.

“You’re doing great, well done. Now let’s try them both together – Now we’re going to rub and lick – rub and lick – rub and lick – now we’re going to rub and lick – rub and lick the straw.”

Then it got serious.

“Now we’re going to suck the straw – suck the straw – suck the straw – now we’re going to suck the straw – suck – suck – suck.”

She still followed its instructions and “Oh my god!!”, she took my thick cock in to her small tight mouth and sucked her lips up and down it, I had to put my arm across my face and bite down on my sleeve to stop me groaning out loudly with pleasure, it was so damn good.

“Well done, you passed the test, you are special. Now, keep sucking on the straw, and get ready for the yum-yummy-tummy juice.”

“We’re going to keep on sucking the straw – sucking the straw – sucking the straw – we’re going to keep sucking the straw – until we get some juice.” He sang and sang.

Fiona sucked on my cock for at least 5-6 minutes until I ejaculated and seeded her mouth, I heard her swallow reflex and then she coughed a little and stopped sucking, and she let me cock flop down.

She clicked the screen to stop the singing.

“Wow, you did it. Amazing job. Do you drink the yum-yummy-tummy juice?” he asked.

She clicked yes.

“Good girl. Yum-yummy-tummy juice keeps you looking beautiful. You look tired, you should get some sleep. Would you like to play another game tomorrow?” he asked.

She clicked yes.

“Great. Tomorrow we’ll play a fun game I call ‘Bouncy-Bounce’, see you tomorrow. Night night.” He said, and the video ended.

“Night night.” She replied.

She put the tablet down and I watched secretly as she got off my bed and left my room, then I sat up and did a victory dance, hitting the air with my fists, I’d done it, I got my sister to suck me off, I couldn’t believe it, I had to get the next video of Simon, and I did.

You wouldn’t believe what she did next.

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