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Grandpa’s Love Bar

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My Grandpa was staying with us for a while as he had a fire in his home and couldn’t live in it until it was fixed. We didn’t mind we had lots of rooms and we didn’t get to see him that often so it was cool he was staying with us.
About a week after he started to stay with us I was sleeping in my bed and was awoken by my Grandpa crawling under the covers. I asked him what he was doing and he said he had a bad dream and needed to be with someone. So I said ok and we snuggled under the covers. Grandpa kept moving around and poking me in the bum with something and finally I asked him what he had under the covers.
Grandpa took my hand and put it under the covers and I felt something strange. It was hard but soft, smooth but bulging with what felt like ropes and it was very warm. He put my hand on it and wrapped my fingers as far around it as they could go, his hand on top of mine. “What’s that?” I asked and he told me it was a love bar that men had for women they love. I said does Daddy have one too? and he told me yes but it was only for my Mom. Grandpa said he didn’t have a wife anymore so he could share it with any other woman he loved and he said he loved me.
I thought I was special cause my Grandpa loved me with his love bar and didn’t think any thing of it when he started moving my hand up and down his hard cock. I liked the feeling under my hand and thought it was really cool. Grandpa told me the woman had to move her hand up and down the love bar if they loved the man back and I really did love Grandpa so I kept stroking his hard cock. Grandpa was groaning and moaning and suddenly he pushed his cock in the crack of my bum and I felt something hot and gooey squirting all over my ass. Grandpa said it was the love he had for me overflowing and he wiped it up with a towel he had brought to bed with him.
He told me we had a secret now that could never be told to anyone or the love bar would break in a million pieces. I promised I would never tell and we snuggled for a bit and I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning Grandpa was gone back to his own bed and I wondered if I had imagined it all.
The day went by normally and Grandpa didn’t say anything about what happened so neither did I.
That night I was again awoken by my Grandpa getting in bed with me and he wanted me to stroke his love bar again, so I put my small hand around it and stroked it just the way he told me. I asked Grandpa if I could see his love bar and he said maybe next time for now just stroking it was enough. My hand moved up and down the hard, bumpy bar until Grandpa again groaned pushed his bar between my ass cheeks and squirted love juice all over my ass crack and my ass cheeks. I giggled cause it felt kind of gooey but strangely I liked it. Grandpa said he was gonna clean it up and slid down under the covers. I thought he was gonna wipe me with a towel again but instead he began to lick the juices off my ass cheeks and spread my cheeks apart and lick in between. His tounge found my little rose bud and it scared me a little but after a bit it felt really good. He licked and kissed all over and in my bum until it was all clean then he asked me if I liked what he had done and I said oh yes I sure did. He smiled at me and once again he told me that I could never tell anyone ever ever and I promised I never would. Grandpa got out of bed and went back to his room.
Grandpa has come to my room and I have stroked his love rod every night for a week and he said next time I could see it. I am so happy he loves me and I can stroke his rod until it squirts

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    fuck me grandpa please

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    I miss my grandpa.

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    Good girl, keep making grandpa happy, you have to give your body to him, and you’ll see that he will make you happy

  • Reply Baby girl ID:1zfu51ev9a

    WOW that is so cool. I wonder if my Grandpa would do that to me

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    I wish I was your grandpa

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    Great story

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    Take Grandpa’s love bar up your bum next time!

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