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Watching Mom and Dad

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Actually seeing mom and dad having intercourse was amazing.

walked past my mom and dad’s bedroom while they were getting dressed for a dinner party at a neighbor’s house. Mom already had her girdle and bra on and was pulling her stockings up her legs and connecting them to the girdles garters.

Mom is a very beautiful woman. Dad is lucky to been fucking her all these years. Seeing my mom in just her underwear was causing my cock to inflate. I fantasized many times what it would be like to put my stiff penis inside her. To have those long legs wrapped around me pulling me completely inside. It was very frustrating to know it was just a fantasy and would never actually happen. Even if she agreed to have sex with me I wouldn’t dare. What if I got her pregnant. My parents have been hinting about having another baby so I don’t think she’s on any kind of birth control. Anyway it’s just all a crazy fantasy that’s just in my head.

In a few minutes they left the house and made the short walk to the party. Mom looked so hot in her blue cocktail dress, dark stockings, and her hair all done up. Her little butt and long legs are just so sexy. My god I’d love to fuck her. Just once.

After a few minutes fantasizing about my mom I settled in and watched television to pass time till my parents returned home. As it got later I could’ve went to bed but I wanted to see mom while she was still dressed up. Plus I figured that they would probably be drinking more tonight than usual since they didn’t have to drive. That ment they would likely be much more vocal while having sex. They always have sex after going out for the evening. Probably due to the drinking and mom looking so damn sexy. Dad would be a fool to not have intercourse with mom given the opportunity.

Finally I saw them walking up the sidewalk towards our house. My suspicions were correct about the extra drinking. They both looked a little tipsy. Especially mom. She was carrying her heels and hanging onto dad to keep from falling.

Then halfway up our driveway they stopped and started kissing and groping at each other. There obviously very horny for one another. Dad pulled mom’s dress up like he was going to try and fuck her right in the driveway. He had her dress pulled up to her waist and was trying to pull her girdle down. I thought mom was going to go along with it but before dad could get a hold of her girdles waist band she swatted his hands away and pulled her dress down.

When they got to the front door I ran up to the top of the stairway. Then stopped to watch what might happen when they entered the house. My penis was super hard knowing I was going to possibly get to watch dad actually putting his cock inside mom. Oh that would be so awesome seeing mom’s long legs wrapped around dad’s waist pulling his hard penis inside herself.

I wondered how long dad would last till he orgasms his sperm into mom’s pussy. I’m guessing not very long.

After dad struggled to get the door unlocked they both entered the living room with dad trying to lift mom’s dress again. This time she didn’t resist and jumped up a wrapped her legs around dad’s waist. He carried her to the couch and laid her gently on her back.

Seeing mom laying there in her underwear about to be bred by her husband was making me so horny. She looked so sexual in her girdle and stockings. Dad quickly got undressed. His cock was hard and standing straight up. I’m going to watch mom getting inseminated by my dad. See him orgasm into mom’s sexy pussy. I started breathing heavy and masturbating my excited penis. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Dad knelt next to the couch and kissed mom passionately while rubbing her pussy through her tight underwear. She was obviously enjoying his attention. She then rolled off the couch on top of her husband. She rubbed her crotch against his hard dick a few strokes then stood a pulled her girdle and stockings down in one motion. After tossing them aside she sat guiding dad’s penis inside her pussy. He slid in her easily then mom just sat on dad with his cock completely inside herself. In a few seconds mom pumped herself up and down on dad’s stiff shaft. Slowly at first then faster.

I was so fucking hot to actually see them having intercourse. I was horny as hell wanting it to be me inside mom about to squirt my sperm into her. I needed to fuck her so bad I couldn’t stand it. I was in pure agony. My cock was so hard it hurt. I thought it might burst.

Just then dad began grunting with every stroke as he was ejaculating inside mom’s pussy. Mom responded by having her own orgasm as he filled her with every drop of sperm he could muster up for his wife.

Then things calmed down quickly. They laid joined together for a few minutes basking in the afterglow. Dad’s penis slowly deflated and slipped from mom’s well bred pussy.

Dad stood and sat in a recliner then mom returned to the couch with her girdle and stockings in her hand. She was gently rubbing her clit while holding her girdle against her breasts. Mom continued to look at my dad as she slowly masturbated. Mom said something to dad that I couldn’t make out then he nodded yes.

After a few moments she looked over her shoulder directly at me hiding at the top of the stairway then motioned for me to come to her. My heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do. Run to my room or go downstairs. I slowly started going down the steps one by one. My cock was still hard and pushing against the front of my pajamas. I was so embarrassed.

After what seemed like forever I was standing in front of my nearly naked mom. My mouth was dry as I looked at her perfect female shape. Then she said the words I never ever expected. “Take your pajamas off sweetheart and put that horny penis inside me.”

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  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Pics or it didn’t happen? Lmao idk. Just send a pick of your mom on instagram in dms

  • Reply AP

    Robert, this is a great story and you told it well. Your pacing is really nice and helps add to the story excitement. I don’t know if you are a native English speaker but your use a lot of times of the clinical, biological terms kind of throws things off just a little. Can I suggest when doing a read-through in your story before you uploaded see if you can use more evocative words & language. Your dad, when he’s wound up probably doesn’t refer to his penis but more likely his cock or his dick. He doesn’t put his penis in your mom he might slide it in, shove it in, or glide her on to it… it would be more seductive in your ending instead, to convey her state of lust, say it more naturally like, ” get your pajamas off and use that big teenage dick to fuck me now! ”
    Your story is a great story and I really appreciate you sharing it. My comments are just suggestions not complaints and I eagerly look forward to your next part.

    • Robert

      Thanks AP I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I appreciate your feedback. Makes good sense. I hope part 2 doesn’t disappoint.

  • Reply Mr Beast

    I like it bro

  • Reply Robert

    I’m working on writing part two if anyone is interested in hearing how this all played out.

    • Jay

      Yes definitely