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Watching Mom and Dad 2

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My wildest dreams comes true to my surprise.

I couldn’t believe what my mom just said to me. It was like a dream. I didn’t know what to say or do. Was this actually happening? Finally I sputtered out, “Mom, you want us to have sex?” Mom replied, “Yes I think we should. I know you want to screw me sweetheart. And it’s not nice for your dad and I to have sex in front of you and not let you have some sexual release with me. Plus having sex with a horny young teenager is exciting to me. Sweetie I desperately want you inside me. Please give me your cock”

I looked toward dad and asked, “You actually don’t care if I fuck mom?” Dad replied very calmly, “You’re mom wants to experience sex with other men. She thinks it should start with you. Our bedroom door was open for a reason while you’re mom was getting dressed earlier.”

I was flabbergasted. My fantasy was about to come true.

“Sweetie, come to me now and put your hot cock inside me. I want you to make love to me.” I slowly lowered my pajamas and freed my super hard dick. It stood at attention for mom. Mom said it looked beautiful and her favorite size. I got on my knees between her legs. I was trembling with excitement. My penis was leaking precum and dripping on mom’s tummy. She took hold of me and guided it to her pussy opening. I was so excited I was shaking. My god my cock was about to go inside my mother. “Push yourself into me sweetie.” Mom said reassuringly.

I pushed gently and in a second I slipped completely inside my mother. The feeling was indescribable. I couldn’t control myself. I started ejaculating immediately. I was just so horny and sexually excited. Then as soon as my first orgasm was over I had another. I was so incredibly turned on and overwhelmed. I pumped my sperm inside my mother twice in a row. In a few seconds my first real sexual experience was over. I had just fucked my incredibly sexy mom and filled her with my sperm.

I never wanted to take my dick out of her. My cock was in a place it dreamed of being as I laid on my mom and buried my face in her girdle she was holding to her breast. The spandex and nylon felt wonderful against my face. It smelled so sexy and feminine.

I raised up enough to kiss my mom’s lips and look into her beautiful eyes. “Oh my god mom that was so incredible. It feels so wonderful inside you. I can’t believe I’m really having sex with you.” ” Oh sweetheart,” mom replied as she caught her breath. ” You are definitely inside me. You’re hard young cock is filling me perfectly. It felt so nice when you orgasmed twice in a row. My feeling your cock swell, and then pulsating while squirting your sperm into me was the sweetest thing you could ever do for me.”

I looked over to see my dad’s reaction to what I had just done. He was gone, no longer in the room. “Mom, where did dad go?” I asked. “Don’t worry about your dad honey, he’s just having a hard time seeing me being pleasured by someone else.

By this time my dick had gone soft and slipped out of my mom. I was hooked. I couldn’t imagine never slipping my dick inside mom ever again. I couldn’t imagine not feeling the most wonderful feeling in the world. I desperately needed to fuck mom again. I’d go crazy if I can’t. I was terrified that this was meant to be a one time thing so mom could just experience a different cock fucking her. I had to ask.

Mom? Yes, what is it sweetie………..Could we maybe do it again sometime? Oh of course we can. It would be cruel for me to let you fuck me only once. In fact, how about as soon as your hard again. This time I’m sure you’ll be able to stay in me much longer before you get to excited. I want you to come to me anytime your horny. I love being with you sweetheart.

I kissed mom again but this time she put her tongue in my mouth. I did the same. It felt strange but nice at the same time. She then reached down and took my soft penis in her hand and started playing with it. “Let’s see if we can get you hard again. I’m still so horny for your perfect cock.” She whispered in my ear.

As she played with my semi soft penis I took her girdle and fondled it gently. I held it up and looked at it with curious eyes. I thought it looked so cool with its shinny black parts in the front and back. It even had some sexy lace in a couple places. It looked much to small for mom to wear but I knew it stretched when mom was wearing it. Must be really tight on her I thought. As I looked at it I felt myself start to get hard again.

Mom noticed as well. “Honey do you like my girdle?” She asked as she felt some hardness returning to my dick. “Awww yeah I guess I do mom. I think you really look hot in it.” Mom stood up, took her girdle from me and stepped into it. She struggled a bit as she pulled it up her very sexual body till it was firmly in place.

She then took my hand, laid on the couch, and pulled me on top of her. My cock felt nice against mom’s girdle. I ran my hand over the girdle and between her legs. Her pussy was being held very tightly. “Mom, you look so sexy in your girdle but isn’t it awfully tight?” Oh honey your such a sweetheart. Yes it’s tight but that’s the way a girdle is supposed to fit. Then mom took my head in her hands and kissed me deeply. Then she asked, “Would you like to try it on sometime? Just to see what it’s like?”

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  • Reply Robert

    I honestly don’t know what direction this story should go. Any suggestions.

    • AP

      You have many options, maybe too many. Choose just one then tell that well. Write what interests you. Too many writers try to get everything in a short story. Wrap this and make your next about one theme, then your next story about another. Even practiced writers like Psiberzerker keep it simple in this short format.

  • Reply AP

    Very good! Keep going! Reread your story out loud and re-edit it before you post it. Give it a more ‘natural’ feel and use more evocative descriptions to describe things. Mom didn’t put her tongue in his mouth, she probed, pressed against his lips, tben slid her tongue in, exploring his mouth. He didn’t cum twice in a row, he was so driven by lust, feeling his cock buried all the way in his mom he came almost at once. Then, still hard, as his vision floated he realized his bare cock was pressed agaist his mother’s unprotected cervix and that thought made his bare, young, hard, uncut teen cock spasm uncontrolably, blowing another thick load into his father’s wife.
    Robert, you write well, may I suggest you write more, write deeper, use charged langage.
    Thanks for the work you share & I realy hope to see more!

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