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Molested by my Brother

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When I was eight and my brother was twelve, he would lure me into his room and fuxk my thighs.

When I was around eight-ish and my brother was twelve-ish, He would lure me into his room and bribe me into letting him fuck my thighs. I’m going to describe, in detail one of those times, for your viewing pleasure.

It was summer 2015 and most of my siblings were playing around the neighborhood with their friends. My brother didn’t have any so he was playing Xbox and I much preferred books to playing outside. While my mother wasn’t looking I snuck into his room and sat on his bed.
“Can I watch you play?” I asked, or something like that.

Eventually he got bored of playing Halo and set his controller down. He turned over to me.
“Do you want to have some fun?”
I knew what fun meant, we had done this before. “Okay, but I want Takis after.”

The door to his room couldn’t lock and our siblings had a nasty habit of barging in whenever they felt like, so he would lead me behind the door so we could keep the door closed if someone tried. He had me go down on my hands and knees in doggy style and would peel down my my little pony underwear. Then he would position himself behind me, he was big for a twelve year old six and a half inches. He would push his dick between my legs and instruct me to keep them closed. He would hump my Fourth grade body until he stopped, pulled off, jerked it for a little and came on my back. I would wipe it off with a towel and go back to watching him play Halo.

He never offered to touch me, and wouldn’t do it when I asked. I never got anything out of being molested other than incredibly sexually frustrated and candy.

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  • Reply Richard McKinnon ID:1cqkkcl18y0g

    My first cousin who was a year older than me loved to get on top of me and fuck between my thighs until he spurted. He wanted both missionary and doggie. After a time I realized that I wasn’t really getting anything in return except to jerk my little cock the best that I could. One day I talked him into giving me a handjob with some lotion. I lay on the bed and he began to stroke my little dick which was absolutely throbbing. I was loving it, but he was getting bored with it and wanted to stop. I was so desperate to cum that I blurted out if he would make me cum then I would let him really fuck me. He continued until I shot my wad halfway to the ceiling. I only had to wait until the next day and he was ready for his “payment.” I got a jar of Vaseline from the bathroom and stripped and slathered it all over his hard dick (quite a bit longer than mine). Then I bent over the bed and allowed him to penetrate me. He was tentative at first, but once he got it in me, he began to fuck me in earnest. To be honest, it hurt, but it also felt very sexy and very right at the same time. From that day onward, I was hooked on having my boi-pussy fucked by just about anyone who needed to get off.

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    I would love to hear more

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    Let’s chat [email protected]. I’m into it big time share some info

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      I also am into sharing with you if you want [email protected]

  • Reply Aj ID:1dja1xftdh60

    I love this, wish it was longer, I had an older male friend that would make me do stuff for him all the time

    • Lynn ID:pa1a90noic

      Still looking?

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Your brother should’ve definitely put his cock inside you. I definitely know I would’ve.