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Im 12 years old real life experience that i love i have dislyxia sorry for wrong spelling and period.

Yesterday i was at my grandfather house. I was helping him to close his pool . I was sad because we can use tge pool till next summer. But its ok grandfather needed to close it its getting cold out . Me and grandfather are getting ready to start on tge pool . Im in bikini bottoms and a thin white tank top. When my shirt gets wet it become trasparente. My grandfather jus swim shorts . We go out to tge pool my grandfather gets all tge stuff we need to clean and drain the pool .we start cleaning tge outside of it . My grandfather as if I can get in to vacuum the pool . I said yes because I like doing it for him . I get in and the water cold . Im slowly vacuuming the pool my grandfather skimming the leafs out. Then I turn towards my grandfather. My grandfather says your cold aren’t you . I said yes the water cold . My grandfather saidi can tell your nipples all scruntch up and sticking out . The tops of your nipples are white. I can see them they look beautiful . You are Beautiful as well . Then grandfather said you almost done . And your lips,are turning blue . . I finished vacuuming the pool . . I get out walk over to my grandfather im shivering. My grandfather put a big towl around me . . He rund his hand ove my boob. I says ouch my nipple sore . My grandfather said it because they been hard for so long . My grandfather takes a chair puts it in the sun i sit down my grandfather finish the pool . He put the some stuff in it and put the cover on it . We go in the house. I wake a warm shower . Come out in just my towel. I sit on my grandfather lap . My grandfather says thank you for helping me with the pool . Your welcome grandfather any time . Then my grandfather as how i liked when him and daddy were both having sex with me at the same time . I said I really liked it wish it could happen more with you and daddy . My grandfather said you are your mother daughter. Your mom like when we did thst to her to.. my grandfather open my towel he,asked if my nipples still hurt . I touched them say no not now . Then my grandfather started to play with my private. His finger goes in my private. His finger going in and out slowly. I spread my legs more and moaning. Then I feel a finger at my butt it slowly goes in . Now my grandfather got a finger in my private and butt . Im moaning more says it feels good . Then my grandfather starts to suck my boob. His fingers get faster.. then I moand say im going to come grandfather. I grad his his hand i start moving my hips I start to come . Gushing come on his fingers . I stop moving i leave his hand there. I said that was good grandfather i really liked that. Then I said grandfather i need a boyfriend your age . Or daddy age. My grandfather said my friend bill would be perfect for you . He 2 years older then me and,a really nice guy . Ok grandfather . Then I say grandfather you want me to play with you . . My grandfather said no that was for you . Thants my thank you to you for helping me with the pool. Ok grandfather i love you . Love you to jen .

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  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Jen honey !! it’s mom ! my dad wants the both of us to wear green stockings and red skirts and stiletto heels with gold ankle bracelets ! he will put us up on his bed, then he will put our legs all the way back on to the bed headboard, then he will rip our green tights and fuck the both of us back and fourth so hard that we will see our legs rocking violently back and fourth as he fucks us ! we will be moaning and squealing as the both of us cum all over dad’s big cock ! then dad cums into our pussy’s fertilizing our eggs and possibly impregnating the both of us ! just think jen honey ! we both could be mom’s and family ! that sounds so cool ! mommy tara !!

    • Jen ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      MOMMY TARA i would love for us to be pregnant at tge same time by daddy your daughter jen

  • Reply John ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Keep them coming your number one fan

  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    It is good that you’re looking after your grandfather. Your stories are quite good Jen keep it up. Too bad you’re not in Australia.

  • Reply Family fun ID:1e6tcqdbwl0j

    Jen I love your stories!!I would love to hear more!!If you want to play with an older guy add me on Snapchat. Daddyisback11