Left home alone with my sister

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We come from a wealthy strict family and we where given the chance to be free.

My sister and I come from A wealthy family we live in a big home but with very strict religious and overbearing parents they travel a lot for their business but usually not more than a day or two one day they got an emergency call and had to leave for Florida just a sidenote we live in Boston my sister is 18 and I am 16 My sister is very tall with long very dark here very thin small breast with amazing large nipples and a beautiful ass I am 6 foot thin build in very well endowed been blessed with a 8 1/2 inch cock and very sick the first day that our parents were away it started to snow and school is canceled and we’re both home with nothing to do we were both watching TV I’m just joking with each other I kept telling her how all my friends wanted to fuck her it never bothered me that they would say such things because she is very beautiful And I always thought if she wasn’t my sister I would feel the same way actually I kind a did. During the day the snow kept getting Heavier and where we lived the closest neighbor was about a good mile we felt that we were going to be snowed in for a bit without missing a beat my sister said I’m taking some of dad‘s wine out of the cellar My father always keeps a large amount of wine and what he calls a wine cellar she brought up two bottles of wine we had court them and started drinking we sat on the couch Both of us on the far side we had some movie on not paying attention to it and we just kept talking as we drank both of us drinking out a bottle. I could tell my sister was starting to feel it a lot quicker than me but I was not far behind she said she wanted to get change for the night got up went to her room and next thing I know she came back and a long T-shirt and a little Panties. Myself was just wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt as she walked in I couldn’t help but stare at her nipples were poking through the Shirt I know she New I was looking She sat down on the couch picked up her bottle of wine and put her legs on top off mine It was hard to not look at those long legs we both kept drinking and once again our conversation turned to sex she told me that she had watch me masturbate and that she knew I had a very large dick. I had no idea of what to say except that I have done the same to her she said she already knew with that she let her legs spread a little open right away my dick up very hard I took a big drink from the bottle and try to be cool she kept rubbing her hands around her chest and her thighs my eyes glued to her she would toss back her head and then bring her head forward and just stare at me she open her legs a little more exposing that she was wearing nothing underneath this beautiful beautiful pussy with just a little hair over the top made me extremely hard she took her feet and started rubbing my dick through my shorts she told me it was OK took her top off and told me to get undressed of course I did she said I wanna watch you jerk off as you let one leg fall to the side of the couch now her pussy totally exposed and his little breasts but his large nipples right in front of me watching her run her hands all over her body I kept stroking my dick harder and harder her eyes focused right on my dick she pulled her legs back set someone up spread her legs and started fingering her pussy I think my mouth just fell open I could not believe this was happening but at the same time I always felt it would I kept jerking off wanting her to look at me cutting my balls I’m stroking my large cock faster than slower and then stopping just so she could look at it she did the same with her pussy would rub it then finger herself and just pull her hands away and let me look. She told me she wanted to see Nico but with her hand wrapped around my dick she’s going forward took my large dick in her hand and started jerking off as she was doing that she came More forward and Started kissing my neck I took my one hand and reached over and started sliding up towards her pussy when I reached out I just started rubbing it and she laid out this late moans and then whispered in my ear how she always wanted this to happen her pussy was so wet and felt so good on my fingers all I could think about was how taboo this was if our family found out we would be disowned I think the danger of it thrilled us more I was so hard and excited I couldn’t believe I wasn’t coming and she slowly went down and put her beautiful mouth around my large dick I was in amazement of what was happening she kept rubbing my dick all over her face and kept looking at me I have never had anything like that happen to me she took my whole dick down her throat and told me that she had never had someone as large as me Of course they only added to my Excitement I told her that I want to lick her pussy and she kind a giggled and said come with me we went to her bedroom she laid back on her bed started playing with her pussy as I stood there jerking off I took one of her legs and started kissing down it till I reached her beautiful pussy I slowly started to look not having much experience except for watching porn I did just what came natural she started to wiggle around so I felt I was doing good Her legs start to wrap around my head to the point where all I could do was suck on her pussy when her legs eventually wide open again I stood up and start jerking off over top of her and I told her I want to fuck her she said not yet we have to save something for the next day I really didn’t mind I actually liked jerking off over top of her while she watched me and I watched her play with her pussy her hard nipples she kept saying to come all over her and with seconds I did shot all over her stomach and chest even her neck she removed her hand from her breast Took some I come and put it in her mouth not more than that happened that night we embraced got into her bed and kissed a lot my dick got hard again very quickly she had her hand wrapped around my dick and I have my hand on her beautiful Small tits. We fell asleep in each others arms and I woke the next day smile in each other Part two will be coming soon

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    I hope you have fun haveing sex with your sister and not to be rude but what is your little sister’s bra and panty sizes?

  • Reply Jeffrey

    Really feel there isn’t anything wrong with having sex with my sister. I’m 17 she is 14.
    We are home alone a lot and having great sex

    • AP

      Sex with your younger sister can be a great thing if you can have a good relationship. A lot of times it makes your relationship is brother and sister even better as you get older. It lets both of you safely explore sex and try thing with each other that you often wouldn’t do with someone else. Also being that you are her older brother your cock is bigger than her 14 year old classmates so you can fill every hole deeper and give her much for pleasure. Keep experimenting with new things with each other to keep the sex exciting and tell us how it goes for you both.

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    can u please repost it but this time whit paragraph.

    • e85sergio

      i agree