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Finding out i knew her

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My wife was working a lot of hours and mostly after lunch time. I was so horny as Jen was tired when she got home so i was not getting sex.
I decided i would try the internet to find a female to talk . it was a couple of weeks later and i found a lady. the 1st time we chatted we were both clothed and chatted for a long time. She told me her name was Julie, was married and her husband worked a lot. I told her my situation and then logged off after we arranged another webcam chat.
The next chat was a week later but this time i had no shirt on but Julie was fully dressed. After chatting for a while the conversation turned to sex. Julie told me of her situation and was not getting any sex at all. I told her i only got sex once that week. We chatted about sex and what we liked. She asked me why i had my shirt off and i told her i love to be naked and she told me she had never been naked except infront of her husband. I told her she should try it sometime and not long later she said she had to go so we arranged to catch up a week later.
A week later Julie was already on line and when i logged on as usual all i could see was from her neck down and she had not top on – only her bra. We chatted a bit and then she asked me what i had on. I told her i was naked and she asked to see me. As i stood up i covered my cock and let her see me. I sat back down. I then asked her what she was wearing and she told me her bra and undies. I asked her to show me and after a bit she stood up. When she stood up she has brief undies on and i thought they were see threw. It was not long and she sat back down. We chatted for a bit and then she said she had to go. We arranged to catch up 2 weeks later and we logged off. I was really horny so i laid on the bed and jerked off. Two weeks later i logged on but Julie was there. I left it for a couple of hours and logged back on. This time she was there. I was surprised because she was topless – no bra – i could see she was nervous and her nipples were hard . We chatted for a bit and she asked to see my cock. I waited a bit and then stood up. My cock was hard and i stood for a couple of minuets so she got a good look. When i sat down she was playing with her nipples and i asked her if she liked. She told me it had been a long time since she had seen another cock except her husbands. I asked her if she had undies on and after a bit she said no. I then asked her if i could see. After a bit she stood up, great pussy and cleaned shaven. It made me so horny i stood up and started jerking my cock. Julie lowered her hand and started to finger herself. After we both cum we sat down – silent for a while before Julie told me she had never done anything like that. Over the next couple of months we would chat – talk dirty and end up masterbating. At the end of a conversation she asked if i would mind if one of her girlfriends would join us. I told her as long as it was ok with her. We arranged to catch up a week later and she told me about 3.00pm in the arvo.
We logged on but this time Julie had a shirt on. I was naked. She said her friend was in the bathroom and would not be long. When she came out she had a towel around her. When she sat down she let the towel drop and she had great tits and bit nipples. As we had no mic we had to use the key board.
I thought i would be game so i asked both of them when they had sex last. Julie said 3 weeks ago and then her friend said 2 nites ago. Her friend asked if i was naked and i said yes. everything went and then Julie asked to see me naked. I stood up and let them see my hard cock. Her friend stood up and she was naked with a small amount of ginger pussy hair. – first one i had seen. Julies friend lifted her shirt off and played with her tits. I had only seen both women from the neck down as well as me.
When Julie sat down her chair moved back and i was surprised. The person i saw was my stepdaughters friend – Kelly. Then her friend came into view and it was my stepdaughter – Bec. Bec had great tits and a lovely pussy. Just before i logged off Bec sucked Julies – Kelly – nipples and i saw her lower her hand and finger her. I have talked to Julie a couple of times but i have know told her i was going to stop. Both women are 27-28 years old.

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