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I didn’t know I was a prostitute — Now I know that I am

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I was making a lot of money as a prostitute. Then I got a better offer to be in porn videos.

If you read the first part of my story, you know that my name is Amber and that my father started fucking me when I was thirteen, after my mother left to live with another man. Then he started letting other men fuck me. He never told me, but eventually I found out that they were paying him to fuck me because I was only thirteen.

Well, I’m fourteen now and I know I am a prostitute, and I am willingly letting many men have their way with me. It is amazing how many adult men are excited to be able to fuck a young teen girl. My father finds most of the men and now we share the money. My rates are higher now because I have learned to do more things with all the men. Oh yeah, Dad still frequently fucks me. Now his favorite is to fuck my ass after it has one or more loads of cum in it. Then he has me deepthroat him till he comes in my mouth and on my face.

Tonight, I had just finished a gangbang bachelor party with the groom-to-be and six of his guy friends. They paid $1200 for me to be there. I stripped for them, and then played with myself in front of them. One of them gave me an empty beer bottle and I used it as a dildo, shoving the big end in my cunt and fucking myself with it. When the show was over, they pounced on me. Eventually Dad put an end to it, but not before all three of my holes had been filled with cum, multiple times.

I fell asleep in the car as Dad drove us home. When we got home, I was hoping Roger (Dad) would leave me alone, but watching me service those six horny, drunk guys, had his turned on. He fucked my cum filled ass and added his offering to it. Then he had me suck him clean before we went to sleep at three am.

At ten, Roger shook me and woke me. “Suck me.” Without much enthusiasm. I took his cock in my throat, over and over, till he emptied his balls. Then I went and made breakfast.

“Roger, am I going to have to fuck anybody today?”

“No Honey, it looks like you have a day off.”

“Good. I need it after last night.”

Five days, and two more customers later, Roger said he had something to talk to me about. We sat in the living room, and he told me about a man he had just talked to.

I met a man at the bar this afternoon. I brought the conversation around to sex and set him up to come fuck you this evening. The interesting thing was that he told me about another man he knew, that makes porn videos that were only sold to special clients. He called the man and I spoke with him. We are going to meet with him in two days so he can meet you and see if we want to make some fuck videos for him.

After school on Tuesday, Roger and I went to meet Mr. Smith. On the door, it said, “F&S Studios” Mr. Smith was in his fifties, with what hair he still had, turning gray. He was dressed in an expensive suit and was sitting behind a large desk. The office also had two overstuffed leather chairs and a large matching couch. We sat in the chairs. On the walls were large photos of people doing all kinds of sex acts. Each one had what looked like a different movie title printed on it.

Mr. Smith soon told us the F&S stood for fuck and suck. He told us that he made professional sex videos, and that he had a clientele of hundreds of rich and important customers who like things that you can’t just find on the computer search engines. One of them owns a private pleasure island. You might be invited to visit it. If you do, you will probably meet some important people that you will always remember but never be allowed to talk about.

He said that the best-selling videos were of attractive young girls being inter-racially gangbanged by groups of guys with big cocks. Sometimes they get pretty rough. You will eat your share of cunt, too. Guys like watching that. So do some women. He said he had a number of young girls and a few older women under contract, along with a larger number of guys. “Are you willing to make that kind of videos?”

By now, I had been with a number of black guys and guys with big cocks. “I’m good with all of that. I have never been with another girl, but I would not have a problem with it.”

Roger spoke up. “She’s got a fantastic body. She stays out of the sun most of the time, so her skin is really white. It would be perfect for interracial. She loved taking cock deep in all three holes.” Dad was doing his best to sell me.

“Are you willing to audition for me now?”

“Yes she is.”

“Amber, I asked you.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll do anything you want.”

Mr. Smith put on some music. “Do a sexy strip for me. Let me have a good look at your body and see if it is as good as your father says it is.”

I stood up and started swaying as I slowly removed all of my clothes. I pinched my nipples to make them stand up on my 32-B tits. I was proud that they were high and firm. I put one hand between my legs and rubbed my freshly shaved pussy. I moaned, to show that I liked what I was doing.

Then Mr. Smith stood up and walked over to the couch. Before he sat down, he removed his pants. His cock was average sized and half hard. “Are you a good cocksucker?” I nodded my head and moved between his legs and dropped down.

“Lex, come in here.” A very attractive naked black guy, in his twenties walked into the room, following and stroking his ten-inch erection. He got on his knees behind me and lifted my butt up, so I was on my knees.

“She’s cute, Mr. Smith. Which hole to you want it in, Honey?”

“Whichever one you want.”

I started licking and kissing the head of Mr. Smith’s manhood. I saw Lex wipe some lube on the end of his prick. He moved to me. He picked my asshole. I felt his cock head touch my sphincter. Then he held my hips and thrust, balls deep in one motion, into my ass. “Oh fuck yes. Give it to me. Fuck my ass.” I had planned what I would say, depending on which hole was picked. I quickly went down on Mr. Smith and took him onto my throat. He was finished in just a couple minutes and my stomach was filled with his man sauce. But it seemed like Lex lasted forever. My first orgasm was faked but soon I was having a chain of real ones. I kept moaning around Mr. Smith’s cock as I continued sucking it.

Mr. Smith saw Dad rubbing his package as he watched me with these two men. “Come over here to the couch and let your daughter give you some relief. He quickly moved over, and I blew him to completion, too. Lex was still going at it. He pounded my ass as hard and fast as he could. They wanted to know that I could take it without complaining. Then he groaned and blew a big load of black man’s seed up my ass. “Suck him clean, Amber.” I quickly followed instructions.

“She’s got a great ass hole, Mr. Smith. You should put her under contract.”

Lex left and Mr. Smith went back behind his desk. “Amber, I think you would be a good fit in my stable of girls. Let me tell you more about my organization. You would not have a staring roll in your first video and will only get half pay and no sales bonus. If you catch people’s eye, you could move up quickly.”

“If you do become one of the primary crew, you will get $3000 per video, plus a small part of the sales, which could add as much as another $1000. We try to make one video every month. You will need to do two things. First you will need to see the person I give you the information for, to get a birth certificate saying you are 18. That protects me if you get busted. I can say that I tried to prove your age. Second, before each video, you will have a VD/AIDS test.

“Roger, many of my clients love incest, and I have assured them that if there is incest in any of my videos, it is real incest. If you want to be part, you would be paid a flat $1500 per video that you are in. When we select your stage names, you will have the same last name to show that you are father and daughter.”

I looked at Dad and he looked at me. We both smiled and looked back at Mr. Smith. “Count us in. Where do we sign?”

He produced two contracts. They were independent contractor contracts, stating that we would get our full pay at the end of each video shoot. No taxes would be taken out but at the end of the year we would get 1099 forms and have to pay our own taxes. There was also a clause that said we could not work for any other studio while under contract with F&S Studios. “Take them to a lawyer if you want.”

Dad quickly said, “We don’t think we need to.” We each signed our contracts. Dad wrote down the information for where to go for the birth certificate and the VD tests. Then we left. As we got in the car we high fived and kissed like lovers.

A week later, Mr. Smith called. They were ready to shoot a new video and wanted me to be in it as a secondary actor. Dad was not going to be part of it. Two days later we arrived at the studio. We were shown around. The indoor studio was set up as a bedroom. There were many lights and four large cameras that the camera men would be using. The first scene was to be a party around a swimming pool.

The lead star was in the foreground with the pool in the shot behind them. She was a petite, young black girl, on her hands and knees being spit-roasted by two very muscular white men with big cocks. Other people were around the pool doing various sexual things. I was standing, naked, in shallow water, sucking the cock of an older but attractive man who was sitting on the edge of the pool. My tits were out of the water, and he was fondling them as I blew his dick.

When he was about to come, he gave a little signal and one of the camera men came over and videoed the end, close up. Just as his ball sack tightened, he pulled out of my mouth. He gave his erection a couple final strokes. Cum flew out and splashed over my face and into my wide-open mouth. Then I put my mouth back on his prick and sucked out the last few drops. The camera man moved away to shoot something else.

The next scene I was in was a couple hours later. I was cleaned up and the makeup girl got me ready. This scene was indoors. The set looked like a large living room. Again, I was playing my part in the background. It was me, a man and another woman. I was on the bottom, on my back in the 69 position with the other woman. She was probably about thirty. He was a little younger than her. I was licking her clit while he fucked her with his long, but not too thick cock. She was being very loud in her enjoyment. The director held his finger up in front of his lips, to tell her to quiet down. They did not want us to upstage the action close to the camera. She held it in as well as she could.

Again, when he was about to cum, a camera man came over for a close up. He held the tip of his cock just slightly in her fuck hole as he emptied his balls. Then he pulled away. Because he was barely inside her cunt, most of his cum quickly started to drain out of her. It was my part to hungrily lick it up as it ran out of her. She either had, or faked, another hard orgasm as I ate her pussy and licked her clean. She pushed and made more of his cum dribble out of her cunt. The camera man left us. That was something very different, that I had never done, but I kind of liked it. After the scene ended, she came to me and kissed me. “You really made me come. Nice work. We should get together some time.”

The next day Roger and I were at the studio as they finished the video, but I was not in any scene that day. At the end of the day, there was a fancy buffet dinner for everyone involved. Then envelopes were given to everyone, containing the pay for the shoot. We enjoyed seeing the $1500 check for less than an hour of sucking cock and licking cunt. That night my father ate me out till I came. It was something that he almost never did.

Two weeks later, Mr. Smith called and said that the video was finished and sent to all the buyers. He said that I had done my part very well. In fact, I was so good that one of his richest customers, who lived in the Middle East, had contacted him and asked to have me do a video that would be only for him. He had agreed to pay all production costs, salaries and a good profit for Mr. Smith.

The client’s son wanted to be in a porn video, and he had seen me when he watched my video, with his father. He wanted me to be in it with him. Mr. Smith and I and a couple other people went to meet the private jet that the son arrived on. He stepped off the plane. He was dressed in western clothing but the three men with him wore thobes and keffiyehs. We were in shock. His name was Ahmad. He was a 5’5”, 115 pound, eleven-year-old boy with deep olive colored skin. Three men were with him and exited the plane behind him. Two of them had olive skin also, but one was the blackest man I had ever seen. I stood next to him. I am 5’3” and weigh 113 pounds. I was wearing a very sexy outfit with a sheer, see thru top that plainly showed my tits. One of the men handed Mr. Smith two envelopes. One was full of cash and the other had a script that he wanted to be how the video would be shot.

The script notes were only two pages. On the outside of the envelope was written that this will be a closed set. No-one not essential will be allowed to be on the set. The first page said that Ahmad will establish that he is in full control. Then he will fuck and be sucked until he has filled her cunt and throat with his seed. Page two said that after Ahmad was finished with her, my three men will enter the room and take her away to another room where they will subject her to rough sex. They will not break anything or leave any permanent marks. However, they will not be pleasant to her. The second scene will not be disclosed to her ahead of it taking place. Mr. Smith closed his eyes briefly as he made mental pictures of what might happen.

Ahmad spent the night in the penthouse of the city’s finest hotel. The next morning at ten, a limo rook him to the studio. This time he was dressed in his thobe and keffiyeh. His was also white but it was decorated with much gold trim from real gold thread. His men escorted him into Mr. Smith’s office. He was shown the set, which was made to look like a lavish hotel room. He instructed Mr. Smith to have the crew make some changes.

Then I was brought into the room. I was dressed like a Catholic school girl, with a short plaid skirt, a front buttoning white blouse, saddle shoes and white ankle socks. My hair was done in twin ponytails. I had a chain necklace with a cross.

I stood in front of Ahmad. He had practiced what he would say to the microphone. “You are a white American slut, and you are here to please me. That is the only reason you are here. When I instruct you to do something, you will promptly do it and be sure to show me that you are happily doing it. Whenever you speak to me, you will call me Sir. Is that understood?” I did not know if he was acting, or if that was an honest statement of what he expected. “If you do not follow my instructions precisely, my father will see that you regret it for the rest of your life.” I wasn’t about to find out if he was serious or not. “I asked you if you understand. Can’t you talk?”

“Yes Sir. I understand and I will please you any way you want.”

The first thing Ahmad was to reach out and rip the cross off of my neck. “Allah be praised, you American whore. Put on a show for me as you undress.”

I danced around as I removed my clothes. As soon as I was naked, he told me to get on the bed and rub my pussy and put my fingers in myself till I came. “Yes Sir.” It felt good but but I had to fake the orgasm. I did a convincing job.

“Now remove my garb. Fold it neatly and place it on the chair.”

I removed his head wrap and then his robe. He had nothing on under it. His cock was rock hard and pointing straight out. I almost laughed. He was only about four inches and no bigger around than a broom handle.

I dropped down on my knees in front of him and took his entire manhood in my mouth without it entering my throat. I would not be able to deepthroat him, because he couldn’t reach my throat. I blew his little black cock till he sprayed his first load down my throat. He stayed hard and told me to get on the bed so he could fuck my cunt.

He fucked me hard and fast, but I hardly felt him. I faked two orgasms before he finished in about two minutes. Then he instructed me to suck him again.

He clapped his hands, and his three guards entered the room thru an adjoining door. “Take her away and do what you will with her.” Now, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. All I knew was that the next room was also set up for recording. The big black guy scooped me up like I weighed nothing and carried me, still naked, into the next room and threw me on the bed.

My hands and feet were tied with my hands behind me. Then I was put on my knees and my tied hands were pulled down till they were touching my feet, and then they were tired together. In this position, my tits were thrust forward. The three men removed their robes and head wraps. One of the olive men got in front of me and started slapping my breasts. It hurt and soon they were bright red. He grabbed my nipples and pinched and pulled them. I saw Ahmed walk into the room and sit in a chair. He watched and smiled.

When my nipples became enlarged, the second olive man attached clamps to them and heavy weights to the clamps, painfully pulling them down. A ball gag was shoved in my mouth and strapped behind my head. I was left like this for nearly ten minutes before they made a change. The weights were removed, and the chain was linked together, behind my head, and tightened till my nipples were again stretched again, and my tits were pulled up to my chin.

The ball gag was removed, and a cock was pressed against my lips. I knew I had no choice, so I opened my mouth. The first man pushed himself in my mouth. Because of his size, my jaw was stretched till it hurt. He pumped his prick in and out of my mouth till he came. He was quickly replaced by the second man, who did the same. The third man was the black man. The first two were big, but this guy was huge. I heard Ahmad say, “My father selected these three of his men because he felt they would please you with the size of their manhoods.”

I couldn’t get this huge black cock in my mouth. He laid on his back and placed me between his legs. I took the tip of his ebony cockhead in my mouth. I slurped on it and licked the bottom of the head, while I stroked his shaft with my hand. It worked. It took several minutes but I got him off. I didn’t think any man could produce so much cum. I thought he was going to drown me. My mouth was overflowing, and I had cum all over my face. After he had finished, one of them brought a washcloth and wiped my face after pushing as much cum as possible into my mouth.

My feet were untied, and my legs were spread wide. One of the men brought a long neck beer bottle from the freezer part of the refrigerator and worked it, big end first into my cunt. Both the size and the coldness were very uncomfortable. After he got it in, he held the neck and fucked me with the bottle.

After that, my hands remained tied behind me, and I was on put my stomach. For almost an hour the three-man pleasured themselves in my two bottom holes. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. When the huge black cock penetrated my ass, I felt like I was being ripped apart. I screamed with pain, but he did not stop. Before he finished, he was balls deep up my shit tube. I almost passed out. I was sure glad that the first two had gotten me opened up and lubed with their cum before I had to take that black monster. When he finished and pulled out, I could see a small amount of blood on his cock.

I was untied and sat with my back against the wall. Ahmad got out of the chair and got on the bed. “My father is going to very much like this video. I feel that he will want to reward you.” Then he put his small dick to my lips. He held my head and fucked my face for one final time. He did not last long. His cum was thin, but it came out with strong force.

The four men dressed and left the room. I did not see them again. The crew helped me recover from what had just happened. My father was called to come and take me home. He insisted that I tell him every detail of my day, which I did. I could see the bulge grow in his pants, but he left me alone that night.

A week later, Mr. Smith called, and we went to his office. “I was not allowed to watch the filming, but I saw the editing of the video. You were a real trooper. You did great under the circumstances. I sent the only finished copy to my client, on a memory stick. All the outtakes were deleted. He has the only copy. Today he told me I could release your payment to you.” I was handed an envelope full of cash. No taxes to pay on this one. “He also sent a box to you via the courier.”

I did not open the box till we returned home. “Dad, look at this, it’s a necklace.” There was also a small recording device with a sticker that said play. I pushed the button.

“Allah be with you. I saw that my son damaged your necklace, so here is one to replace it. You treated my son wonderfully and filled his fantasy completely. He and I have enjoyed watching the video many times. I hope that you enjoyed that I sent my three men with him, to give you the pleasure that I know Ahmad’s still small penis could not give you.”

“As an additional thank you, I would like to invite you to come to my country for a visit. You will be an honored guest. My wives will treat you like a princess. My youngest wife is your age. I know you will be close friends. She very much enjoys licking the cunts of my other four wives. Yes, I can assure you that, you will be supplied with a large amount of fucking while you are here. I even have several large dogs that are well trained in pleasing a woman, if you would enjoy that. Just let me know, and I will send my plane to get you. Thank you again and Allah be with you throughout your life.”

I am not going to accept his invitation. I would worry that once I was there, I would not be allowed to leave. If he has five wives, he might want a sixth.

Dad and I took the necklace to a jeweler. The jeweler said that the stones are real diamonds and that the necklace has a value of $20,000.

Mr. Smith called us and asked us to come to his office. “We will be starting our next video soon. I was so impressed with how you handled the special one, that I want to make you the staring lead in it. You can even help me think of the script.”

I didn’t have to think for long. “I want to relive something from when I was younger. My dad had a poker game with three of his friends. At the end he bet my body, so he had enough to make the pot. Then he intentionally lost, even though he had a winning hand. It was my first gangbang. I want to relive it.”

“That sounds like a great idea. We will shoot it next week.”

Dad and I went home. That night he fucked my cunt, ass and throat before we cuddled up and got a good night’s sleep.
Maybe someday I’ll tell you what happened when I went to visit my mother and the guys she was living with.

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