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Teen sex addict-step father seduction

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How I seduced my step father and made him my slave……..

This is a true story about how I seduced my step dad ( now ex-step dad), I am ELLA teen sex addict and am always horny…..and I quite disliked my new stepdad for numeruos reasons but my mom adored him. I just could not bear to hear her moan every night from all the fucking with him, maybe I was just jealous of my mom. Me and my mom are basically nude all day long at home the most we might have on was a spaghetti string top which barely covered our ass and pussy and since I have a round butt and big boobs………..everything just kind of spills out. And when we go out, both of us will dress boldly and show off our tits and butt for everyone to see, we never care about their assumption or thinking. My stepdad did not like my dressing sense but he was okay in my mom showing off. To irritate him further, whenever my mom was not home ….I started roaming around the house in nude, I would swim in our pool nude and also masturbate and moan loudly in my room with the door wide open, sort of exhibiting my assets for his views and action. I even took my showers nude with the door opened and would always call him out to pass me my towel. When my mom returns he will inform her of all my doings and to appease him my mom would lecture me…..blah, blah blaaah.

So one fine morning after my mom had left for work, walked out nude to the kitchen for some coffee and my step dad came out from the shower with a towel around his waist….so I asked him if he wanted to have coffee and he said okay…………..black coffee no milk. I said yes master as you wish and prepared the coffee and set it on the dining table then I went into his room to call him without knocking and my GOD he was standing in front of the dressing table nude with a 12 inch humongous dick hanging between his legs. Shocked he shouted at me…..don t you know how to knock before entering….I was dumbfounded by the size of his dick and now I knew why my mom moans so loudly every night…..I just babbled ….SORRY my mistake. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist again and came out of his room. We sat at the dining table and had our coffee and me some toast then he left to his room saying that he was getting late for work. Hope it works, I thought……for I had smashed some sleeping pills and mixed it with the coffee. I gave it some time to work and I took a shower to freshen up before my endeavour.
I applied some make up and my moms perfume and red lipstick, walked to his room with my camcorder and set it up. He was looking like a pornstar lying nude on his bed with his long huge dick swung to the left of his leg. Myyyyy it was big and long and it was not even hard yet…..I measured it….God at least 13 inches long. I am going to enjoy this fucking dick whether my stepdad likes it or not.
I started by pushing his dick onto his stomach and used my fingers to play with his pendulum like big hanging balls and his dick reacted instantly by jerking and growing…..I liked it. Then I brought my mouth to his large balls and started licking and sucking them into my mouth….his dick grewwww I mean really lengthening and his girth expanded…. my …ooohhh ….my….what a splendid looking dick. I could not stop myself from putting my mouth to his enlarged dick now so I pulled his dick to me….the head was soo ssooo big and could hardly enter my mouth. By now I could hear some murmurs coming from my stepdad. I came while sucking his dick because it was so awesome and delicous , after making his dick really wet with my saliva I mounted him. I rubbed his dick against my clit and labia and tried to push it into my tight pussy. Eventually the whole fucking cock was imbedded in my pussy after much effort and adjusting by me. I sat there motionless in reverse cowgirl position to allow my pussy to adjust to the length and girth of my stepdad s mandingo dick. I have never experienced such a huge dick ever before though I am not a virgin and I fuck often enough…but my stepdad was huge, and I was loving his dick all the more.
Then I started moving side ways and started a slow bouncing motion on his dick, it was lovely…then I heard my stepdad murmur again….Honey, why are you back early today, I just kept quiet and continued bouncing on his big dick. Then he brought his hands to my hips and held them firmly and started a faster momentum which I loved. I came once more but I dare not make a sound or he might awake and stop fucking me. I could not let that happen when I was really enjoying it. Then he said, Honey your pussy is a lot tighter than last night and it is gripping my cock like a vice, I love it and I might not be able to last that long if you grip me like that anymore further…Then he started moving his hips up towards my pussy and I reciprocated by bouncing even harder on his cock using my pussy muscles to tighten my grip on his cock. I was having orgasm after orgasm at this point it was awesome feeling, my whole body trembled and shook on every orgasm….so blissfull i felt. then my stepdad gripped my hips more firmly and started moving faster…and faster. I knew he was going to cum. Yes he came and shot glob after glob of sperm into my cervices, I felt his cock jerk and tremble…I felt the volume and heat of his cum into me.. I loved it. What a fuck that was……I felt both our cum oozing out of my pussy so I pulled of his dick and moved backwards towards his head. Then I placed my overflowing pussy on my stepdad s mouth and took his splendid cock into my mouth. I started sucking on his wet dick and automatically i felt my stepdad licking my soppy swollen pussy oozing both our cum. A short while later when I did not feel any reaction from my stepdad, I got off my stepdad and saw that he was back to his induced slumber. I giggled to myself and left a thank you note on my stepdad s chest using my mom s red lipstick….yeah just…T.Q, collected my camcorder and left his room.

My pussy was really sensitive when I walked so I just opened up my legs and plopped onto my bed with my camcorder. While laying on bed, I watched the recordings and it got all the action in it, this was more than enough for now i thought and I had a shower to clean myself and freshened up.

I when back to my room and backed up the recordings onto my laptop, edited it and forwarded some highlights to my stepdad s mobile phone and took a snooze.

Suddenly I hear a loud voice calling me…it was my stepdad…so I walked to his room and he asks me what I meant by this….T.Q written on his chest..I nonchallantly tell him that it is for a mighty good fuck that he gave me and that I am willing and ready for more alike soon. I just picked up his phone and passed it him…….read what I sent you….I said to my stepdad and I left his room.
A few minutes later, my stepdad walks nude into my room angrilly and said that I was akin to blackmailling him for something that he did not do. I pacified him to cool down and think wisely, if mom finds out then he will be out of this house soon. I left the choice to him………, satisfy me and nobody needs to know anything. And by the way, I need to have my pussy clean shaved for my next adventure, so please do it now. My stepdad bowed his head down and left my room.
In no time he was back in again with the shaver and some wet tissues, so I lay on my bed while my stepdad shave me clean and smooth. When he stood up upon finishing I saw that he had a mighty erection. Wow that is because of me….I asked. Yes mighty long time I had been holding back, my stepdad said. Then he went back down started licking my pussy and asshole, gave me a pussy shattering fuck where I think I orgasm about 10 times and my stepdad came mighty big in my mouth which I swallowed all that I could and rubbed the rest on my boobs. We showered together and now there are no more complaints about me to mom which surprised mom a lot. My stepdad took care of both my mom and me and also some of my equally horny friends who did not believe that I fuck my stepdad and that he has got a mighty big dick. Some of them used to come over often when my mom was not around and fuck with my stepdad.

Well I got no complaints against anybody fucking my stepdad as long as I get my fair share of fucks and my horny needs are always fulfilled…..which is almost everyday…HAPPY FUCKING.

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