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Amy Tale/s – Gentlemen’s Club

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She tipped one girl to motorboat my face with her tits, and she sat in my lap and pulled me into her tits. This girl was hot and smelled so good.

Janet whisked me away (decidedly through Ken and the manager), from work right before 3pm on a Friday. We went to my apartment and she washed and douched the hell out of us in the shower and we went to a hair appointment. We came back, put-on makeup, we dressed to impress in short dresses (Janet no bra and both of us no panties), and Janet jeweled and perfumed us up and she had a limo service waiting. Janet just kept telling me, we are going out to eat.

Janet took me to a gentlemen’s club. It was not what I was expecting, and the only time I had ever been to a strip club prior to this was the male strip club Janet took me too. [see Amy Tale/s – Girls Night Out Pt. 1 for details]. This place was nice. I guess they were bouncers at the door and all over, but they were dressed in tuxedos. The guests were in suits and ties, and there were other women customers in dresses. Janet had a reservation, and they sat us at a nice booth, fairly secluded, but you could see the stage. A girl came to our table, topless wearing a g-string and high heels. I am not going to describe each woman or dancer unless it is pertinent, but these women were gorgeous, with hot bodies, really nice hair, nails, great makeup, and they smelled good too.

I guess I can call the girl the waitress, but Janet ordered our food and flirted with her, and then we watched the stage for a bit. There were areas where you could get private dances because I would see strippers lead guys off. Some dancers roamed around the tables and performed for tips too. It was different from the male strip club, because you cannot touch the strippers, but I did notice some of the guys putting hands on girl’s hips and brushing with their fingers when they would tip. They brought us our food and it was good, and I don’t mean paper plates and baskets, but nice tableware too. After we ate Janet started tipping strippers to do things for us. I was scared of the no touch rule, but I saw Janet kiss one, suck on one’s nipple, and run her fingers inside her g-sting.

I don’t think it was allowed, but the bouncers saw Janet, but Janet is a hot girl too, and they just let it slide. Janet made me do it too. She tipped one girl to motorboat my face with her tits, and she sat in my lap and pulled me into her tits. This girl was hot and smelled so good. This happened with a few of the strippers, and I even kissed one. Janet paid for a private room, and her favorite girl from her sampling, and we went in. This girl got totally naked and danced around and on us. None of them had tits as big as mine and barely close to Janet’s size, but as a total package, they were perfect. Janet pulled her body conform dress up and her pussy was showing, and she made me do it to.

This gorgeous girl dancer would sit in our laps and rub her tits in our face and finger our pussy. I was getting hot, shit, this girl was a knockout and I wanted to fuck her. Janet coaxed her with tips, and she licked our pussies, and stood over us, and we licked hers. It was not to get us off, so it was brief. I guess the time expired and we went out of the private room and I asked Janet, can you not tip these girls to come home? Janet laughed at me. She said, this is not like a strip club. These women are top dollar, and their reputations here is more important than risking prostitution and their job for extra cash.

We left in a limo and went back to the apartment and Janet and I took a long bath, and then made out. Janet spent the night, and I was awakened by my phone. It was Sophia, and this would make the third Saturday since I last heard from her when she was at my apartment (when Tony found her). I know this tale was brief, but it was a new experience for me. I also wanted to share it because of the reason why Janet was here on Saturday morning. So, check out the next tale which is, Amy Tale/s – Sexual Fantasy…

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