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Angela 2

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Payment for viewing Angela’s cunt and wanking

I kept stroking her nipples as we chatted and she loved it, we hadn’t moved and I noticed her hands had gone to her pussy, just covering it. “Let’s lay on the floor Angela then we can touch each other”.
So we got up and I said we should get undressed and then got on the floor and I made sure she was on the towel, just in case. Naked she was gorgeous, no tits really but very slim and a gorgeous cunt. I was up on one elbow kissing her as my hand roamed over her body. “play with my cock and balls babe, just stroke them slowly”. She was still unsure of this but I let her do what she wanted as I kept teasing her nipples and pussy. Then I got on my knees and started moving down her body with my kisses spending plenty of time on her nipples, which she loved.
I wanted to go for her pussy but had never done that so was a bit wary as I moved lower. When I got to her belly button she said “Sandy what are you doing?” I didn’t answer but kept going until she stopped stroking my cock and held my head telling me to stop. But having got this far I was determined to try it out and kept going down despite her struggles and telling me to stop. I was there and thought now what? I pushed her legs apart and planted my mouth over her pussy, covering it completely and then darted my tongue out as I sucked on it. She shrieked and told me to stop but I was there now and was going to do what I could. I spread her lips with my thumbs and stuck my tongue in causing her to shriek and thrust her hips against my mouth all the time telling me to stop.
But her hips were moving now and I knew she was enjoying it, her pussy was betraying her words. I found her clit with my tongue and eased a finger in and that did it, she nearly threw me off as her hips thrust up.
I held her down and knowing I was doing the right thing I kept at it and she soon stopped telling me to stop and was begging me to ‘do it’. I kept 2 fingers in moving gently as I moved up her body kissing all the way and obviously as I got nearer her head my cock got nearer her cunt. I was kissing her neck as I lodged my cock at the entrance to her throbbing pussy and eased the tip in. She suddenly realised that both my hands were next to her head and something was in her pussy. “Stop it, don’t do that, take it out, please Sandy I’m begging you take it out”. I didn’t move but whispered that I wasn’t going to hurt her and I wouldn’t cum inside her, that I loved her and it was OK. She wasn’t having it and tried to wriggle away but with my weight on her that only served to make it slide in a bit more.
Now she was begging me but keeping still as I lay still and she gradually calmed down telling me she was petrified of pregnancy as her dad would kill her if she was. I lay still and whispered to her that she wasn’t going to get pregnant but that it felt so good having my cock in her pussy, and it was, I didn’t dare move or I would have blown my lot in her. After a while I took it out and laid with it on her belly, my balls on her pussy and began grinding against her. It didn’t take long and I shot my load between our bellies and it felt amazing, almost like a fuck I thought. We showered together with a lot more heavy petting in the shower and got out and dried off before I took her home.
I was still keen to show her off to my mates and soon hatched another plan with Ernie for the next time we would be alone in the house.
A week or so later we had the chance and I invited her round but she insisted she would only come if I promised not to put it inside her again. Of course I agreed knowing that given the opportunity I would do it. So she turned up and no preliminaries, we stripped off and laid on a towel in the lounge. I went through the usual kissing and going down on her which she now readily accepted and with a bit of licking and fingering soon had her to her first climax of the day. I’d told Ernie to come round again and knew they’d soon be here so I straddled her body, knees each side of her hips and my cock on her belly as I kissed her. When she heard the door opening she tried to move but I held her down and told her it was only Ernie coming in for wank.
She begged me not to do this again but I told her how much they loved seeing her pussy and they’d agreed to give me £1 each for a look again. “You can’t do that, I’m not having boys pay to look at my private bits”. But she had no choice, the same 3 were there dumbstruck by her hairy pussy. “Can we take a picture Sandy”. Angela shrieked “of course you can’t don’t be such a pervert”. But I told them they’d have to pay more for that and whispered to Angela that it would be OK because they couldn’t see who she was as I was kneeling over her. She still didn’t want to but I said they could but it was a fiver each.
They took a few shots and then said she had her legs closed so I whispered to her to open her legs so they could see more. There were tears in her eyes as she said no but I told her that I’d go down on her again if she would. I heard and “Oh yes” behind me and knew she was doing as I asked. “She’s wet, this is turning her on as much as us, what sexy babe, she’s so fucking hot”. I held her close and told her what a gorgeous babe she was and how they were all jealous of me. Then I could hear some grunting behind me and turned to see the 3 of them wanking hard. They didn’t last long, I heard one groan after another as they each came.
I turned around then still kneeling over her and lifted her legs up and apart so they could see her pink lips and I motioned to them that they had to kiss it to say thank you. They looked a bit shocked but I told them it was that or double the price. Angela, of course, had no idea what was going until Ernie knelt down, leaned in and kissed her lips. She shrieked, of course she did, wasn’t expecting that. “That wasn’t much of a kiss, you can do better than that Tony” and he did, not much but held it a bit longer. Brian was last and I told him to imagine he was kissing his girlfriend. He did a lot better and even got Angela groaning. They paid their money and left then leaving us £15 better off. I’d sold my girlfriend.

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    You should fuck her bareback and get her pregnant