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Kindergarten fun

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I’m a 21 year old girl. I’m still in college, but decided to get a job to help me cover some of my loans. I’m very athletic and I have an amazing body. I’m 176cm tall, I’m blessed with 32 DD natural breasts and amazing bubble butt. I don’t have any problem with boys nor the girls.

I decided to get a job at the kindergarten because I absolutely love kids, maybe little too much and most importantly it doesn’t feel like a job to me, it feels like spending quality time with some cute angels. Ok I’ll say it. I kinda have a thing for young girls. I’ve always fantasized about being with the youngest girl possible, the younger the better. I have some experience with little girls. The first time happened with my younger cousin. She was staying with us for the weekend and we shared a bed. She was 7 years old at the time and I 19 years old. When it was time for bed I would always get naked before going to bed and I told her that she should get naked too, it’s better to sleep that way I said. She listened, that was the first time I saw pussy that young and innocent, but not for long. We went to sleep, immediately I placed my hand on her smooth pussy and started to lick her on the neck. She was confused. She asked me what was I doing and I just told her to enjoy and not to resist. I started playing with her pussy and before you know it I was super wet. She was starting to moan I told her to keep it quiet if she didn’t want to get caught, she was definitely scared and nervous, but I wasn’t done. I wanted to lick her pussy. I started slow, but eventually my thong was inside her tight pussy and butt hole, she was enjoying it I could fell it. After maybe 10 minutes she came I didn’t think that she was able of having an orgasam, but now was my turn. I pulled her down and I sat on her face. She started eating my pussy while grabbing my big ass, I wasn’t thinking about anything except how was I living my dream and hoping to continue and before you know it I came on her face. We made out for a couple of minutes and made a promise to never tell to anyone what we did that night. Our sexual relationship is still active till this day.

Starting with my cousin was amazing, but I wanted more, I wanted younger. I mean I had some interesting encounters with some quite girls, but nothing stable and permanent. One time I was at my friend’s house and she had a pretty cute sister. She was 6yo with long blond hair and hazel eyes. I didn’t get a lot of alone time with her. I hope that some day I get the chance to play with her. And there I was craving young pussy with no way to get some. And then I thought about a brilliant idea.

I had the idea of joining the kindergarten and working there. I was young, attractive, good with kids, so I decided to give it a shot. I went there spoke with the lady in charged and went really well for a first interview. She told me that they were short on staff and needed a girl who would take care of the age group 3-4. That was perfect for me, little girls running all around me was the dream. I told her that if they needed someone to fill some positions I would be thrilled to work there. And now I was waiting on their call. After 5 days I got it, they called me and asked me if I was still interested in the job. Without any hesitation I said yes, but she was quick to explain the situation to me. If I were to work there I had to take the all-nigh shift. That shift was specifically added for those kids who were left there to stay for couple of days when the parents weren’t able to pick them up. Usually it was a small group. That sounded perfect to me, having fun with kids in late night ahhhh yes please. I accepted. I was starting the next day. I was little nervous not gonna lie. My shift was starting at 21 o’clock but the first day I got there an hour earlier so I can meet the staff and the group that I was going to be looking after. Everyone was so nice to me, they explained everything to me and introduced me to the kids. There were 13 in the group which 8 of them were girls. From the start 6 of the girls caught my eye and I was immediately interested in them. The first couple of nights I didn’t do anything to them, I just showed them love and made them trust me. I always gave the extra candy, toys and I was closer to them. After couple of nights preparing them I was ready to make my first move.

I thought the best place to abuse them would be the bathroom, so the next time someone would go I’ll go with them. I was waiting impatiently. Then this girl called Lilly told me that she had to go pee-pee. I had the biggest smile on my face, Lilly is one of the most adorable girls in the group and I couldn’t wait to tast her young pussy.
I went with her and before she started to pee I told her to get naked that way she is more comfortable. She listened and got undressed, I couldn’t believe that this is happening, I was looking at 4 yo naked girl. Moments after I got naked too. She looked at me but didn’t say anything, I started grabbing my boobs and fingering my pussy in front of her. Once she finished she wanted to leave and play with her toys, but I told her that we’ll be playing here together. I started by telling her that she must lick my pussy and then we would switch. She did exactly what I told her. She was eating me out i was really happy and felt satisfied, I was pushing and moving her head around my pussy and before you know it I came all over her face, I climaxed so hard, but I wasn’t done. Next it was my turn. I placed her on the toilet seat spread her legs and started licking her soft pussy. She was moving quite a bit but I was telling her over and over that this is the part of the game. I wanted to finger her pussy but it was basically impossible she was too tight, and when I tried she said that it was hurting her. I tried a couple of times but no luck.

After an hour of licking each other I told her the game is over and that she won, she was happy not knowing what just happened to her. We got dressed and went to play with the other kids. This was only the beginning.

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