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Author: Danny

Little girl on the swing

She must of been like 10 or so. I was walking through the park seen this little thing on the swing set she was giggling I looked over and when she swung higher i could see she had no... #

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XXX Video store in Minnesota

St.Cloud 24hr Adult store.. I finally went there thinking I could get a blow job on my way home. I was disappointed when I seen the booths had no doors thinking this will be like impossible... # #

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Rest stops

I love sucking strangers cocks in’s exciting scary dangerous illegal and rest stops at night is the perfect place to cruise for a cocksucking cumloving slut like me.. This... # #

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My dad and then mom

I was the 3 child I I had a brother and older sister and a younger brother. When I was about 10 or so it all started It was not even a warning or any memory before this of any sexual... # # #

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I’m hot sexy pretty young cheap slutty looking in my panties short shorts my ass cheeks showing half cut t-shirt showing off my petite 5’5” 100lbs sexy body. I don’t care getting... # #

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