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Secret cocksucker

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I secretly go out sucking strangers in public

Can’t get caught mom n friends would freak if they knew my darkest deepest desires secrets.. that I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers. It all started three months ago ::

It was late Saturday night I was leaving a friend’s house after playing video games I lived over a mile away got on my bike started home when all of a sudden it started to rain hard thunder lightning I peddled by the park to take shelter by the restrooms. The place was empty so I just hung out by the outside doors waiting for the rain to stop.

I never seen him until he was like right next to me..
“ Hi I seen you hanging out what’s a pretty young looking thing like you doing here this late at night are you just cruising “
I jumped he kinda scared me I looked over at him he was old kinda fat and when I looked down his pants were down he was playing with himself showing me the biggest cock I ever saw.. way bigger than my 5” and anyone at gym class.

I was confused kinda scared but for some reason I couldn’t look away the more he played with himself the bigger it got. It was like I was in a trance frozen couldn’t move .
“ You like that boy see how big it’s getting just for you it’s ok nobody is around go ahead suck my cock you little queer boy “

WTF I was started to panic .. “ No oh no sorry mister I’m not a queer boy I’m..im..I’m.. not like that I..i.. I mean I..i.. never..i..i..I mean “
Damn I was stuttering getting nervous when all of a sudden he pushed me to my knees his cock was right next to my face he slapped his cock on my lips.

“ Suck it bitch suck your daddy’s cock like a good little faggot damn your so pretty young your lips look so sweet just like a little girls pussy suck it slut suck my cock”

I’m not sure what happened but all of a sudden I started to kiss it lick it and started to suck my first cock.. I was like I was falling in love with it amazed how good it tasted felt in my mouth I heard myself moaning loudly wanting more of him ..but damn it was so big I couldn’t even get like half in my mouth I kept bobbing my head up n down ..like I was possessed I wanted more.

“ Oooh fuck yes boy oooh your a good cocksucker your lips are just like a girls pussy so soft so sweet oooh yes my new little cock slut daddy gonna turn you into my little sissy boy”

I kept sucking madly falling in love sucking his beautiful cock.. I heard him tell me he was cummming.. it tasted sweet warm in my mouth i didn’t swallow savoring the taste when he pulled out splashing his cum all over my face his cum was leaking out my mouth his cum was all over my face.

I was so horny I pulled my shorts off started to jack myself off I was moaning so loud I never heard the other guy until he shoved his cock in my mouth.. i started to cum on my belly on the ground I was moaning shaking falling in love sucking another stranger.

And that’s how I became a cocksucking cumloving slut secretly cruising for cocks.

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  • Reply Ricky ID:1d1yxzwenku5

    Want the rest of the story..U sound hot sexy..

  • Reply James ID:1d1yxzwenku5

    I love little boys like you.. so innocent so sexy so pretty so naïve

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    I love cocks. Once you suck one you’re addicted

    • Paul ID:7ylvhgj6ia

      You welcome to suck mine, sissyboy

  • Reply Aries ID:1dvcc6d8j2go

    Reminds me of a hypersexual me, after I had been fucked by my 50 year old neighbor. I went around town in search of adult cock.

  • Reply Hot ID:1hr6fb9o6i9

    I love to shove my cock in your mouth and ass.

    • Danny ID:gxr830kfhyg

      Mmmm hi Hot U sound HOT I’d love 4U 2 shove your cock in my mouth seeding my belly with ur hot sweet cum.. I do fantasize about having a real cock deep inside me instead of my dildo but If U R Dfree Maybe U could Breed me take my virginity your Babies filling my sweet ass cummming deep inside me. I’m so serious.. it’ll have 2B secretly discreetly somewhere if U want 2 da[email protected] ..god I can’t believe I’m going 2 do this I’m so horny right now I need someone who doesn’t know who I am or my family/friends I can get away 4 a night or just maybe motel weekend

  • Reply scott ID:1djqi9fr8xxu

    Thats so cool there’s is nothing better than a cock you let them fuck your ass you will love it do you snap chat id love to chat with you

    • Danny ID:gxr830kfhyg

      Hi Scott sorry no snap-chat n no I never been fucked I just love sucking cocks so much it’s like addictive it’s a high I can’t really explain U got email..