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Video sex store Minnesota …continues

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I’m the young (21) cocksucking cumloving slut at this Minnesota xxx video store I wear panties short shorts long shirt barely covering my ass cheeks

In two months I went looking for a blowjob never sucked a cock B4 and now I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers. It’s becum my addiction my cravings to be on my knees kissing licking sucking making love to cocks in this video store it’s sometimes scary dangerous illegal but thrilling and sooo fucking Exciting I love hot sweet cum filling my belly and I love when other guys cum in my booth seeing me on my knees sucking on a cock.

Last week I becum more bolder cheaper slutty.. wearing panties short shorts shirt half buttoned showing off my petite body. I love teasing n flirting licking my lips smiling as I walk around.
“ There he is that little Faggotboi who loves sucking cocks come here boy it seems everyone knows you come here late nights Friday just to suck cocks. You moan loudly in the booth like a little girl and now I think it’s time we turn you into the sissyboi that you need to be it’s time for you to get fucked like a girl”

I kinda freeze looking at him.. he’s big older belly on him I noticed that three other guys are by me. I’m confused shocked
“ I..I..I… I mean no I..I.. don’t do that I only..only..I..I.. only suck cocks” I whispered nervously damn I’m stuttering

Before I knew what was happening he picked me up like a rag doll and kissed me.. I tried to say something when he slipped his tongue was down my throat i tried to move away when I felt somebody’s hand pulling down my shorts a finger going inside me.
I’m in panties this guy is kissing me a finger is inside me.. in the middle of the hallway. I gasp and moan and start kissing him back swapping tongues i can’t believe how horny I am .. I’m being finger- fucked my ass is moving back n forth. I’m moaning loudly rubbing my body against him …

“ Good boy we knew you’d be easy cuz your so slutty pretty n cheap willingly ready to be our sissy our boi/girl now get on your knees bitch suck my cock and tell me how much you want my babies deep inside you” And don’t forget to look into my camera phone
With lust in my eyes I stare into the camera going to my knees

“ Oooh god yes oooh mister make me your girl your sissy your Faggotboi I always knew I wanted to lose my virginity to be fucked like a girl take me please I’m sooo fucking ready I want your babies inside me I want all you guys to fuck me breed me please oooh god oh my fucking god yes.. then like a demon possessed I crawled into the booth giggling “

SLAP!! WTF he’s bitch slapping my face with his cock..
“ Slow down bitch not here outside in my van Damn you’re so fucking willing submissively cheap slutty everything I love about you”
Him and his friends walk out i follow like a lost puppy dog licking my lips smiling.

His van is parked in the lot next door looking inside a mattress and like three video cameras. And before I could think I took my shirt off my shorts just in my pink panties outside by the van..
“Do you think I’m pretty girlish like slutty enough for you guys I want need your babies deep inside me in my belly and my boipussy I’ll be your girl your boi sissy slut anything just take me now “

I jump in the van spreading my legs opening my mouth falling in love just like a girl.

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  • Reply Torjus ID:bttcg09fid

    Mmm Danny boi.. Alexandria mn here I would love to run into you sometime. If you’re on squirt.org my name is Torjus hmu

  • Reply Paul ID:2px1ogph2qz

    Hi Danny I wish you can suck my cock

    • Danny ID:1cuh1ta8ccy6

      High Paul R U in Minnesota I could make your wish cum true
      [email protected] I’ll cum 2U secretly discreetly…publicly

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf20c

    Would love to be one of those guys fucking/raping your sweet little asshole, you dirty little whore!!

    • [email protected] ID:1db9dvo3nkuw

      Cum to Minnesota I’ll be your dirty little whore