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Dear sister

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A short story about last weeks gang bang with my sister and friends! It was wild and amazing!

I’m going to keep this story short

Last week Wednesday I came back home tired from work.. i took a hot shower and get my cock sucked by my girlfriend.. she was good at it but she wasn’t as Amazing as my 14 yr old sister.

Lately me and my sister have been fucking alot and she has brought up the subject of me impregnating her… honestly it was a crazy and stupid idea but.. when I see her fat plump ass MAN is it hard to fight the urge to say no.

I look at her and say “are you fucking crazy?? You’re 14 you’re too young to have a baby” she was a smart ass.. she was a real bitch. She said back to me “yet you fuck me like I was your lover.. what’s wrong with wanting your cum inside me ? So what if people call me a slut for getting pregnant at a young age”

I knew she had a point.. we have been fucking many many times.. in many positions.. I told her I was going to think about it. Mostly my answer would be a maybe.. and I say maybe because she broke up with her bf Alex. My gf and our parents know she spends a lot of time with me.. and they think it’s “sibling bonding” but if they call me fucking my sisters tight pussy “sibling bonding” then i guess I am bonding with her.

Thursday came and I didn’t have any work.. due to the weather.. my gf was going to her parents house to celebrate her father’s birthday.. I had the house all to myself… I call my sister and tell her my gf is gone and she says “perfect I’m gonna tell mom and dad that im going to Stacy’s I’ll see you in 10 mins” FINALLY I said… I was going to be balls deep inside her. I was excited at the thought of me penetrating my sisters womb but then another idea came to mind.

David, Shawn and Miguel.. all 3 of them fucked my sister.. i enjoy seeing my partners get fucked by other people.. the thought of my friends drilling their cocks inside her.. got me hard.. so I decided to give them a call and I told them that I have the house to myself and that my sister is coming over.. all 3 chuckled and they knew what was going down.. nothing less they agreed. But this time.. things were going to be different.

20 mins later I hear a knock on my door.. I open it and it’s my sister.. she was wearing a pink shirt with twin pony tails and blue skirt that was above her knees. She looked hot ass fuck ! I couldn’t hold back. I pulled her in and kissed her.. we were making out infront of the door. As I close the door, she walks upstairs and turns around and says “you coming up handsome?” She lifted her skirt up revealing a white thong. My cock was throbbing I COULDNT WAIT to be inside her.

We go upstairs and before we got undress I told her.. “ (G) David Shawn and Miguel are gonna come over.. is it fine with you ?” She replied “ why? You really enjoy seeing your sister getting fucked by other dudes ?” I said to her “honestly… yea lol..it turns me on” she says “ you’re weird brother.. how do you not get jealous of other dudes fucking me ?” I say to her “when I see my friends fuck you the faces they make are just wonderful.. when I see them it’s like they understand how I feel whenever I’m inside you.. plus I know you fucking like it.. you put slutty faces whenever you receive cock” she laughed and didn’t deny it.. at last she says “okay.. they can join.. but only cause it’s for you, your cock is the only thing I want”

10 mins later my friends give me a call to say they are hear. I open the door and greet them and say “well boys… let’s have some fun!” We go upstairs and I noticed David had a bag.. I didn’t know at the time what was inside but soon I would find out. David Shawn and Miguel kiss my sister and greet her.. we talked for 15 mins until Shawn began to rub his cock. That’s when my sister looked at me asking permission if she should help out. I simply said “Go for it” she crawls up to Shawn and begins to make out with him while she rubs his cock. Me David and Miguel were watching both my sister and Shawn making out like it was a porn movie.. we took our pants off and began to jerk off.. my sister takes Shawn pants off revealing his 6 inch cock.. she begins to stroke it and suck it.. the face Shawn made when she sucked the tip of his dick was amazing.

David and Miguel moved on over to where my sister was putting their cocks on her face.. she began to stroke both David and Miguel while still having Shawn’s cock in her mouth. There I realized.. I really like guys fucking my sister.. I don’t know what came over me but I moved to where they were at and grabbed David’s cock and began to suck it.. David looked down and said “Woah ! What the fuck (C) what are you doing” I have never sucked a cock before in my life.. i look up at him and say “ sorry man.. but I wanted to join on the fun and I wanted to try how dick tasted like.. I know your straight and I’m straight as well but I don’t know man I’m confused” my sister stopped sucking Shawn off and said to me “Eww did you just really put your mouth on another guys dick !” I was embarrassed but both Shawn and Miguel said “ I don’t know guys.. that was kinda hot” my sister looked at them and started to think.. she finally said “ on second thought.. it is hot.. my pussy is dripping after watching that”.

David still wasn’t sure if he enjoyed it but without asking permission i immediately put his cock back in my mouth and began to suck on it. He was looking down at me while his mouth open.. he was moaning like crazy.. for my first time sucking dick.. I gotta say.. I was doing pretty good!. He grabs my head and begins to face fuck me.. at that moment I knew How the girls felt whenever I face fucked them.. I was gagging and slobbering all over his cock. I pushed him away and said “Shit man! You got a big fucking dick bro!” He grabs my head and opens my mouth and says “stick your tongue out bitch!” I stick my tongue out and he jams his cock down my throat and says “suck this fucking dick bitch suck my fucking cock like a good boy!” I was sucking the soul out of David. I turn to look at Shawn and Miguel and they were both fucking my sister.. Shawn was on the edge of the bed while my sister was on top of him and Miguel was standing fucking my sisters asshole.

I say to David.. “well they are having fun” David picks me up and pushes me on the bed.. I turn around and say “ yo wait up! I don’t know about getting fucked in the ass bro..” he replied “ what? You were just sucking me off and this is where you draw the line? Fuck that” he flips me over spreads my ass cheeks and spits on my ass and jams his cock inside me. It hurt like a mother fucker but when I felt every inch make it’s way deeper in my ass.. I rolled my ass back and said “Fuuucckkk.. that shit feels gooooddd” I turn around to look at his reaction and he was biting his lips.. I knew he was enjoying it.. he proceeds to fuck my ass while I watch my sis get fucked by my friends.

David was fucking me for 36 mins until
He came deep in my ass.. it was amazing.. I didn’t know cock could taste and feel good.. for 2 straight hours we were fucking.. Shawn and Miguel didn’t want to fuck me nor get their dicks sucked by me.. saying “not today bro” David was done fucking me.. I got on top of the bed and sat on my sisters face and told her “drink the cum that’s dripping from my asshole” without second guessing it she spreads my ass and tongue fuck my ass.. the feeling was out of this world.. she was licking the cum off my ass like ice cream.. at the end we all took turns fucking my sister and we all empty our balls inside her asshole, I gave David one last dick sucking before he left.

At the end we all showered and got ready Miguel and Shawn left first, David was last.. I walked him to the door, he grabs my ass and kisses me on the lips and says “that shit was fun.. can’t wait to have that mouth of yours wrapped around my cock
Again” I replied “ yea.. next time it’s your turn to suck me off you got that?” He just smiled and left.

Now I’m wondering if I’m going to be fucked by David again.

Let me know if you would rather

(A) let me suck your cock and have you fuck me

(B) fuck my 14 yr old sister while I watch and join

(C) All of the above (you get to fuck me and my 14 yr old sister)

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  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    I want C but would like you to fuck me too while your sister sucks my cock

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      As long as your fine if I empty my balls in your asshole I totally agree

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    All of the above

  • Reply hihiniunbue ID:cttjj2boh

    C, duh

  • Reply Neo ID:abug96id

    Definitely c

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      I will empty your balls clean.. won’t even leave a single drop of cum.

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    Yeah right.

  • Reply Kevin ID:jsb28vfmvfp

    C-would take both

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Thanks, I would suck the juices from my sister off your cock man.. im still new at the whole dick sucking but I know I can do pretty good job

  • Reply Master daddy ID:1des9ieet737

    I only want to fuck your little sister and maybe one of her younger friends

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      My anus and penis are at your disposal. I’m waiting for my Reddit. My username: Fantasy_lover000

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      I will let you fuck her as long as I can watch.. and I don’t know about a friend.. I doubt they would be okay with it but sex without consent feels amazing.

  • Reply Danny ID:1ddxlw93mg1p

    All the above