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My birthday

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On my 53rd birthday I was on my home from Oklahoma, I live just south of Dallas . I am a still n the closet gay man,. Any way after checking out a couple of bookstores looking for some cock I wasn’t very lucky in my usual places I sucked a couple of men off but nothing special.One white guy with a average cut cock and a black guy with a decent sized dick. I wound up at a place that I hadn’t been to in a few years. There were several men hanging around the video rooms, this place doesn’t have booths rather small rooms with loveseats.
After wandering around checking out the men hanging around I went in a room and put money the machine I looked around and I saw that there was a peephole to the next room, what the hell I like to be watched have sex. I left the door ajar and very soon a man was there wanting to come in I motioned him to come in, he was Latino around 50 yrs old. He came around in front of me and I reached out and started undoing his jeans I pulled out his 8 inch uncut already hard dick.
I glanced over to the peep hole and could see someone was there watching, I cupped his heavy balls in one hand as I stroked the under side of his beautiful brown cock, I licked the head and flicked his pee hole with my tongue, I stood and still stroking his cock with one hand I kissed him hard on the mouth he resisted a bit and then started kissing me back We kissed long and hard for a bit and then I undid my jeans an pulled my jeans down, I sat down on the loveseat and slipped my dentures out then took his big ol cock all the way into my mouth. I was so turned on as I sucked his dick and stroked his balls,
I saw a movement and looked to the door and saw a man peeking in watching this hot Mexican man fuck my face. The money ran uot and he turned put some more in, when he turned I saw him standing in profile with his cock poking out , my lust spilled over and I grabbed him and as I did I told him much I love to suck dick and eat cum, and stuck his hard cock back in my mouth I was sucking and stroking his balls. bobbing my head up and down on this hard cock wanting so much to make him cum. After what seemed a long time his cock began to swell up and his body tensed up and he paused and shot his cum into my mouth cumming so fast it was a steady steam of his cum in my mouth, I gulped and swallowed all of his sperm . I pulled back and licked the head until he made me stop did up his pants and left leaving the room door open, I sat there stoking my dick when a older white guy came in and closed the door, He already had his 6
and a half inch cut cock out and hard as he stuck his dick in to my mouth,
He pounded my mouth with his cock for just a couple minutes before he came in my mouth, turns he was the guy that was at the peep hole watching me suck off the first guy, At this time there was another guy at the door watching me suck cock. I was so turn on that I didn’t care I motioned him to come on in as I finished swallowed this last load of cum ,
This one was a Latino around 35 around 7 inches uncut I started to suck him but he had me standup and turn around and bend over arm of the loveseat and he stuck spit on his dick and spit on his fingers and lubed me up and eased his cock into my asshole gently until he was about halfway in and then started to stoke into my ass going deeper with every stroke until he was all the way in and was stroking me faster as I was loveing that cock fucking my and massaging my prostate AS this sexy man shot his load into my ass I came bucking back on the cock that was still spasming in my ass It was one hell of an orgasm . And nice birthday

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